You have set up the ecommerce store with the core functionality in place. Now is the time to enhance the features and functionalities to make it customer-friendly and increase overall sales.Best Magento 2 Extensions To Increase Sales

A Magento extension is a pre-built plugin for a particular functionality. It can be free or paid. There are thousands of extensions available on the Magento marketplace, making it challenging to find the right one. Thus, we have created this article, in which we have listed down the commonly used extensions by our experienced Magento developers.

How To Find The Right Magento Extension For Your Magento Store?

The Magento marketplace is very user-friendly. You can easily browse and filter many extensions, but still, it can be pretty daunting to evaluate the correct extension.

You can’t just depend on the ratings of an extension because even very highly popular extensions get a few ratings. And only choosing the free extensions is not a good choice. Here is a criterion to consider while choosing between extensions:

Free or Paid Extension

A free extension always attracts store owners. But many free extensions are available to use for a limited time and require a subscription for further use. Thus, it would be best to first calculate the total cost before deciding, including the expense for the time it takes your developer to integrate and maintain that extension. Sometimes an extension that ostensibly seems high priced is less expensive in the long run. However, in today’s article, we will be focusing on both free and paid solutions available in the Magento marketplace.

Future Support

Choose an extension with complete installation documentation and user guides, saving the developers’ time for installation. Check out its support information on the vendor’s website. Evaluate their customer support for how quickly they can resolve a query. These extra efforts will help the future.


Magento is consistent in releasing newer upgrades or versions. Thus, the extension should be able to upgrade to newer versions. Look for extensions with recent or regular updates for new Magento releases and additional features and bug fixes.

Best Magento Extensions To Use In Your Magento Store

We have divided the Magento extensions into different categories so that you can easily find what you need.

Best Magento Extensions For Payments

You can simplify and smoothen the complex payment process using Magento 2 payment or checkout extensions. A simplified checkout also increases the conversion rate and reduces the abandoned cart rates. The below-mentioned Magento 2 payment extensions deliver a safe, efficient, and speedy checkout.

a. One Step Checkout by Amasty

One Step Checkout by AmastyThe Amasty One Step Checkout extension can turn your ordinary checkout page into real eye candy. This extension will not just speed up the process but also satiate the customers with an improved UX.
Easy and fast checkout can turn the visitors to your store into regular patrons. The One Step Checkout extension by Amasty allows you to customize and optimize your checkout page design completely.

Major Features

  • Set default values for particular checkout fields
  • GEO IP tool for automatically detecting user’s location
  • Allows editing options of products (custom and configurable)
  • Supports Amazon Pay
  • 3-month free support
  • Money-back within 60 days
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • 100% Open-source – easy to customize

Price: Community Version: $249 | Enterprise Version: $549

b. Sage Pay Integration

Sage Pay IntegrationMagenest Sage Pay is a trendy and trusted Magento 2 extension for the payment process. It is quick, secure, and easy to install. It allows the Magento store owners to built multiple subscriptions plans for each product they wish. This gives more flexibility and offers variety to the customers.

Major Features

  • Extra security layer for credit/debit card transactions (3D security)
  • Process direct refunds
  • Free support for six months
  • Installation service is free
  • Updated to SagePay protocol 3.0
  • Multiple Subscription Plan

Price: Community Version: $149 | Enterprise Version: $349

c. Dominate One Page Checkout (IWD Checkout Suite)

IWD Checkout SuiteRetain your customers using a secure and flexible checkout process by IWD Checkout Suite for your Magento store. IWD is highly reputed for developing beneficial Magento 2 extensions.

Major Features

  • Supports Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, and other payment methods
  • Allows restricting certain payment methods for a customer group
  • Checkout Page A/B Testing
  • QuickPay buttons for a faster checkout

Price: Starts at Free | $25 per month

Best Shipping Magento Extensions

After the customer makes an online purchase, the shipping process comes into action. This last process also plays a crucial part in defining the customer experience. Delivery data, shipment managing, picking, packaging, etc., all come under the shipping process. But these Magento Shipping extensions will make the complete shipping process more manageable.

a. Owebia Advanced Shipping Extension

Owebia Advanced Shipping ExtensionOwebia Advanced Shipping Extension allows you to create a unique, easy, and clear shopping cart for your customers. You can configure shipping in a very flexible manner using this extension. The shipping page will have an immaculate layout to enhance the user experience.

This extension allows you to set all shipping options such as price, quantity, destination, date, weight, categories, coupon codes, Magento custom variables, etc.

Major Features

  • Manage Drop-shipping (One or unlimited shipping methods)
  • Manage shipping fees discount with coupon codes
  • Add flexible and variable attributes

Price: Free of Cost

b. AppJetty Delivery Date Scheduler

AppJetty Delivery Date SchedulerThis shipping extension is unique of its kind as it allows customers to select a delivery date at a time according to their convenience. The user interface of this extension is also quite pleasing. Users can choose any delivery schedule format: “Timeslot View” or “Calendar View” on a single checkout page.

Using this extension, you ensure easy, on-time delivery to meet your shoppers’ expectations.

Major Features

  • Customers can choose delivery date and time
  • Set intervals between order and delivery dates
  • Display scheduler on the shipping page
  • Customers can add comments for delivery
  • Orders Tracking
  • 90 Days Free Support

Price: $169 for Community Edition | $339 for Enterprise Edition

c. IWD Order Manager Suite

IWD Order Manager SuiteThe IWD also comes with a shipping extension which keeps your orders and delivery uncertainty away. This extension allows you to manage your entire order workflow easily. You can organize your multi-warehouses inventory sources, generate invoices, and modify the information of existing orders. The buyers can also apply coupons, add custom amounts and do much more.

Major Features

  • Security by Authorize.Net CIM
  • Better UI for order management
  • Manage sales representatives and commissions

Price: Free of Cost

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Best Magento SEO Extensions

We know the value of SEO for our ecommerce stores. It is the backbone of bringing sales to our ecommerce store. If you want to enhance the rankings of your ecommerce store on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), increase the traffic on your store, then these extensions are helpful for you.

a. Amasty SEO Toolkit

Amasty SEO ToolkitAmasty SEO Toolkit helps you improve your ecommerce store’s ranking by automating meta tags templates for products and categories. It also helps enrich snippets with price, stock status, and breadcrumbs.

You can also create unique product links, build automatic cross-links, and create sitemaps for an improved ranking.

Major Features

  • Redirects and Advanced Pagination
  • Rich Snippets
  • Automatically create meta tags
  • Automated internal and cross-links generation
  • HTML and XML sitemaps

Price: Community version: $249 | Enterprise Version: $549

b. SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

SEO Suite Ultimate by MageworxThis is an all-in-one Magento SEO extension that can make your Magento store stand out in Google Search and maximize the SEO efficiency of your store.

The advanced templates can help optimize meta values, descriptions, URL keys, SEO names, etc., for any product, page, category, or filter page.

Major Features

  • Optimize the URLs and metadata
  • XML & HTML sitemaps help in improving store crawling and indexation
  • Automated cross-linking
  • Boost CTR on your store and Rich Snippets improves visibility
  • Eliminate duplicate content
  • Set redirects and add breadcrumbs

Price: Community Version: $299 | Enterprise Version: $598

c. Apptrian Snippets Generator

Apptrian Snippets GeneratorYou can cover all your SEO practices using Apptrian Snippets Generator. It lets you create Rich Snippets, improve Click-through-rates and boost the visibility on search engines.

Major Features

  • Adds Facebook Open Graph
  • Rich Snippets ( JSON-LD)
  • Pinterest Rich Pins, and Twitter Cards

Price: $60 | $110 (with installation)

Note: Even the best extensions yield the best result when you follow the best SEO practices.

Some of the steps that you must take are:

  • Eliminate Duplicate Content by configuring Unique Product URL
  • Increase Store Visibility with automated generated XML Sitemap
  • Get More Organic Users by creating user-friendly HTML Sitemap
  • Improve Store Indexing by using Advanced Pagination
  • Stand Out from Competitors by adding Rich Snippets
  • Attract Relevant Traffic by creating Meta Tags Templates
  • Avoid Broken Links with 404 Page not Found Redirect
  • Improve Store Ranking with automated Cross-Linking

Magento Security Extensions

In ecommerce, security plays a vital role, as no customer will risk their financial data for an unsecured store. An ecommerce store should be secure to protect the site data and customers’ credit/debit card details, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. When it comes to security, every penny is worth spending. These are some extensions that can enhance the security of your Magento store:

a. Security Suite by Mageplaza

Security Suite by MageplazaMageplaza Security Suite solution protects your Magento store by preventing break-in attempts from hackers and lock them out. It offers a checklist to store admins which they can follow to eliminate any security risk. It mostly covers admin username, captcha, Magento version, and database prefix security.

Major Features

  • Warning E-mail Templates
  • Login Report
  • Blacklist/Whitelist IPs
  • Bruce-force protection
  • File change detection
  • Away mode to restrict any logins at specific time or days

Price: Community Version: $149 | Enterprise Edition: $349

b. Xtento Two Factor Authentication

Xtento Two Factor AuthenticationA strong password is not the ultimate solution to protect your Magento store. It would be best to use trusted Magento security extensions like Xtento Two Factor Authentication to enhance security.

It provides an additional layer of security by adding a field in the login feature. Apart from the username and password, a user needs to enter an OTP to log in. The OTP will be valid for just 30 seconds. Hackers or bots won’t be able to break into your website until and unless they access your smartphone.

Major Features

  • Create secret key feature to enhance store security
  • Free install service
  • Free updates and excellent support

Price: $79

c. Magefance Security Extension

Magefance Security ExtensionThis security extension protects the backend of your store from brute-force attacks, Malware, data sniffing, and unauthorized logins. Magefance security installation ensures safety against all digital threats.

Major Features

  • Security audit of your Magento store
  • Examine your site for Malware
  • Protection from Brute-force attacks

Price: Community Version: $159 | Enterprise Version: $509

Magento Optimization Extensions

Optimization refers to the performance or speed of the store. An un-optimized ecommerce performance is deficient, with low speed as well. A slow store doesn’t attract visitors to the site, and they start leaving after just 3 seconds. Even the search engine doesn’t rank a slow website on the top SERPs. Thus, it is essential to optimize the performance of your ecommerce store. The Magento Optimization extensions are a great tool for that.

a. Apptrian: Minify HTML CSS JS

Apptrian_ Minify HTML CSS JSApptrian Minify HTML CSS JS is an excellent extension that inlines CSS/JS and increases your store’s speed. It is small but quite efficient. You can minify HTML code, including inline CSS and JS code. Merge, and Minify CSS and JS is a built-in feature of Magento 2. This extension doesn’t influence this functionality in any way.

Major Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with FPC and Varnish Cache
  • Option to set maximum HTML minification

Price: Free | $49 with installation

b. Performance Optimization Tool by PotatoCommerce

Performance Optimization Tool by PotatoCommerceWe understand the importance of speed in ecommerce websites and how a fast website can rank in the SERPs. Using the performance optimization tool by PotatoCommerce, you can optimize JS, CSS, and minify HTML for better store performance.

Major Features

  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JS files
  • Load all images by a single HTTP request
  • JS parsing
  • Merge CSS and JS

Price: Community Version: $199 | Enterprise Version: $398

c. Amasty Full Page Cache Warmer

Amasty Full Page Cache WarmerCaching also plays a critical role in defining the speed of your store. This extension can automate the cache warming process timely and make it invisible to the customers. There’s also a debug option that works on the staging environment with native Magento cache. You can specify particular IP addresses to see their cache statuses.

Major Features

  • Warm all important pages first
  • Automate cache warming process
  • Exclude specific pages from warming
  • Auto-update cache

Price: Community Version: $299 | Enterprise Version: $499

Wrapping Up

This article has gone through many Magento extensions that can enhance your store’s security, speed, SEO, and payment mechanism. If you are looking to develop a custom extension, then we can help you. At Emizentech, the best Magento development company in India, we have expertise in creating custom extensions to enhance the features and functionalities of your store. Let us know your requirements.

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