The best way to get your products selling online is with the help of a Bigcommerce developer as it allows the sellers to manage all its sales, picture uploads and payments on a single platform. While this is an era of native and hybrid apps, which offer various benefits to the sellers, these are time consuming and might make the sellers wait for some time before their platform is finally developed and used for selling products online.

This is why Bigcommerce is a simple solution to small scale and medium sized retailers, who can easily start selling their products online without any hassle, or without wasting much of their time on an app or web based app development.

Understanding Bigcommerce

Looking for a one stop solution for on online sales platform? You must consider getting a platform made with the help of Bigcommerce, which helps you build an online store without any delay or hassle. The software has already been the name behind several online stores already and is operational in more than 150 countries.

The retailers get the ultimate access to its online functioning and do not have to depend on the developers or technical experts for adding new products, making changes to the online platform or uploading pictures of new products, as all this can be managed by themselves. You also have the access to monitor the drop panels and create discount coupons.

For a quick development of a business, the retailers turn to Bigcommerce for the creation of an ecommerce space. In a very short timeframe, you can create a fully functional
It encourages you to develop your expert online store in a brief timeframe. It allows you to sell your products on the web easily and create a space for your online presence.

Each item is properly displayed with all the information about each single product accompanying it. If a customer can get all the information about a single product in one place.

The theme of the online market can be chosen by the retailer and can be integrated into the web space by the software developers.

Features Of Bigcommerce

Retailers have benefitted a lot from using Bigcommerce as their platform. Listed below are some major benefits that one can draw from using Bigcommerce:

1. A retailer can sell his products in different marketplaces and platforms

bigcommerce sell in multiple marketplaces

A retailer can easily put up his products on sale on any platform including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, among others. They also are at the benefit of selling their products on sale on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Also, they do not have to enter the details of the product separately on each platform as the details are also picked from the retailer’s website and is displayed on all different platforms. The products can also be sold at physical stores like Springboard retail and ShopKeep. All orders placed through any of these platforms are displayed on the dashboard of Bigcommerce, allowing the retailers to get single access for various platforms saving them a lot of time and energy.

2. Reminders for abandoned cart

This feature enables the retailers to send out reminder emails for up to three times to users who added products to their carts and abandoned the cart for later. They get the details of the products in their cart and the total amount they have to pay. This mostly results in conversions as the users are reminded of the things they are willing to purchase. This feature has to be configured into the system just once. Here is why this feature has proved to be very beneficial:

  • Most of the customers or users like to add products to their carts and abandon them. There might be only 30 percent of them who actually make payments for the products, while the rest of them leave before checking out. This feature helps the retailers to get in touch with the users again and generate their interest in the shortlisted products.
  • While most of them might still not be interesting in making payment for the product in their cart, there are almost 15 percent of them who make the payment and get the products delivered to their doorstep.

3. Promoting your products according to your rules

Sellers can personalize their banners and promotional offers before displaying them on the native system. There are no specific rules laid down for them when it comes to promoting their products and brand. Bigcommerce also simplifies things for the sellers by allowing them to apply offers directly on the cart value, which reduces the time and complexity that they might otherwise face while applying a discount to each product they are selling. The sellers can deep target the consumers by showcasing all the offers they can avail, during the time of checkout.

4. Several integrated payment gateways and transaction fees

payment methods in bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is one platform that does not levy any charges or commission on a transaction fee. The platform is integrated with a lot of payment methods while staying up with the trend. The online marketplace has given rise to several payment options one can choose from, therefore, restricting themselves when it comes to making payment can be a major drawback for any retailer. Bigcommerce is integrated with payment options like PayPal, Stripe,, Square, Adyen, and Klarna. The mobile wallets such as Apple pay and Amazon Pay are also available on the platform.

5. Difficult tasks and calculations are automated

One of the best features that bring about transparency in all transactions and displays the correct amount including all taxes and fees, Bigcommerce has several tools that can automate the rate of shipping and tax on each transaction or amount. Here are some tools that make calculations easy:


avalara bigcommerce store

This tool is specifically for calculating the tax on each transaction that happens on Bigcommerce. Avalara has its own methodology of calculating the tax on each transaction and amount.


ShipperHQ in Bigcommerce

The tool ShipperHQ is used to calculate the cost one would have to pay for shipping on each order. It is calculated according to the rules laid down by you for your online store. There are three things that need to be taken into consideration while calculating the cost of shipping – shipping methods, rates according to each product and the carrier.

6. Selling your products worldwide

With the help of Bigcommerce, you can sell your products from one place to people in any city or country in the world. The taxes and shipping fees of the products would be calculated based on the location of the person ordering it.

Advantages Of Using Bigcommerce For Your eCommerce Store

1. Display Your Products On Different Marketplaces

It allows the retailers to put up their products for sale on various platforms including all social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram; online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and other physical stores. It improves the scalability of products and reaches masses.

2. Let’s The User Save Products In The Cart

Users can also save the products that are in their cart for future purposes. The products will remain in the cart until the users delete them. The admin can send user reminders of what they have in their cart so that they can be purchased when reminded of them.

3. Personalization Of Promotions And Marketing Campaigns

The platform enables retailers to put up advertisements for their products and offers and discounts according to their preferences without having to ask anyone.

4. No Transaction Fees

Retailers do not have to pay Bigcommerce a single penny or any sort of commission for the transactions made, as it is free of cost.

5. Simplifying Complex Tasks

It offers assistance to the users when it comes to calculating the tax on each product and the cart as a whole. It also calculates the shipping estimate on the cart total.

6. Scalability

Retailers enjoy several benefits, the biggest one being the reach of their products. Through this online medium, they can reach offshore customers as well.

Required  Skills to becoming Bigcommerce Developer

Although the Bigcommerce developers should have ample knowledge of how to use technology and follow instructions, it is not necessary for them to have app development or web app development skills. Bigcommerce is quite easy to use and anyone can use it following the instructions about its usage. They should know about the visual design of the platform and have some experience in designing on Bigcommerce.

They need to have a certain and basic skillset for using it. Take a look:

1. Good Knowledge Of Visual Design

bigcommerce Design CustomizationHe should have a complete understanding of the designs he can use while creating an online retail store with the help of Bigcommerce. He should know how to take the appearance of the website a notch higher and make it look attractive. The designers should also know how to use Photoshop and edit pictures using the software.

2. Perfection In UX Design

The designers should be able to use the best software to create a design that enhances the user experience and attracts them to stay on their website for long hours.

3. Theme Customization

BigCommerce visual design estore

Although Bigcommerce equips the developers with the already present themes, the designers should be able to customize these themes according to the preferences of the clients.

4. Should Know About Storefront APIs

An expert on Bigcommerce should know how to work on Storefront APIs as it helps them with the functioning of a website’s shopping cart and managing their checkouts. It helps in displaying the customer’s shopping cart to the admin so that they have the knowledge of the products a customer is looking for and the products that are highly in demand.

Technical Skills Sets of a  Bigcommerce Developer

  • Programming skills in PHP 5x and higher: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML and others.
  • Database skills: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQ Lite, and other No SQL databases including Mongo DB.
  • Expertise in third-party app integration.
  • Optimizing page speed of Bigcommerce site.
  • Perfection in a migration solution.
  • Deep understanding of server configuration.
  • Expertise in module development.

Soft Skills of A Bigcommerce Developer

Hiring Bigcommerce Developers

To become a Bigcommerce developer, one needs to be good in communication skills, have extensive knowledge about app and web development and should be able to have a very innovative approach towards making an ecommerce platform. You should have ample knowledge and information about the Bigcommerce developers you are approaching, check their work and their rating before hiring them for your app development work. Here are the top qualities required in a Bigcommerce developer:

Communication Skills

Bigcommerce developers should be able to communicate well with their customers and the information might be needed to passed to and fro from time to time. They should be able to address to all the needs of the customers and be clear while delivering the information.

Domain Knowledge

The developer should be well versed with creating an ecommerce store on Bigcommerce, which is one of the basic and most important requirements. Unless and until a Bigcommerce developer does not have the knowledge about the domain, he will not be able to develop any app or website.

Ability To Resolve Problems

Problems might arise in your product at any given time. The Bigcommerce developers should know how to deal with these issues and provide a solution for the same to their customers. It is therefore important to have the problem solving skills.

Specialisation In Various Streams

A Bigcommerce developer should possess extra skills that helps them stand out of the other developers. Therefore, they should be able to handle additional tasks with the help of that extra skills that they have.

How To Hire An Expert Bigcommerce Developer?

You should know what are you looking for in your application before you set out on a search of looking for an expert Bigcommerce developer. Talk to the app development agency and discuss your idea with them. Let them know the features you are looking for in an app and the design that you would want it to have. As soon as you start receiving the profiles of the developers, you should be able to select the right one for you that fits in the position and someone who has prior experience in developing the kind of application you want to develop for your organisation. Once you put your requirement online, you will start receiving profiles of the developers, out of which you have to finalise the ones that fit in the role best.

Take a look at some steps that you might want to follow while hiring an expert Bigcommerce developer:

Prepare A Requirement Brief

You should know what all features and functions you seek in your ecommerce application on website. Write down all the important points somewhere and make a list of your requirements. Make sure that all requirements are properly written in the document as you might have to share it with the developers each time.

Start Shortlisting Bigcommerce Developers

Once your brief is ready and you know the category and industry you are catering to, start your quest for the perfect Bigcommerce developers for your work. Each developer will have his distinct profile stating all his qualities and previous assignments. Also, you can get access to their cost and the ratings given to them by other clients, which will help you reach to a decision. You can hire someone with similar profile to what you are looking for.

Set A Budget

You might have set a budget for the platform development, so it is always good to keep a check on that. From amongst the shortlisted candidates, you should remove the ones that exceed your budget and the ones who will burn a hole in your pocket.

Get In Touch With Shortlisted Candidates

In this step, you will have to reach out to the developers who are in your shortlisted category and discuss your idea with them. You can question them about their expertise and the deliverables.

Finalise The Developer

Based on the telephonic or face to face conversation, it is about time to finalise one expert for building your ecommerce platform.

Where To Find Top Bigcommerce Developers?

There are several platforms where freelance developers can be found, such as –

On Freelance Portals like



The platform has a pool of talented and top rated Bigcommerce developers to choose from. You can simply enter the details of your requirements and a list will appear with the names and profiles of the developers you can consider for the role. The profile of each Bigcommerce developer will appear with a picture of the developer along with necessary details such as their rating, the number of jobs taken up and delivered by them, price per hour and their special skill set.



This is another platform that offers fresh and experienced Bigcommerce developers to the clients. Toptal also shows a list of Bigcommerce developers along with their years of experience, rating, and a brief about them as soon as you search for them.



Bigcommerce developers are mostly hired on freelance basis as they charge for each hour spent on the project they work on, hence, Freelancer is the best platform to turn to. This platform again provides the profiles of each developer along with their details and hourly rates.

On Social Media Platforms like



The social media platform helps you look up for a Bigcommerce developer by simply typing in the details along with the place you want to hire one from in the search bar, and the social networking platform will show you a list of the profiles of all those who develop ecommerce platforms on Bigcommerce. You can directly get in touch with them and ask them about their work experience and the projects they have worked on.



This is one of the biggest social networking platforms that gives you access to a pool of talent across different verticals and industries. A Bigcommerce developer can be easily looked up with entering the profile in the search bar. You will then get access to several developers, whose work experience and expertise can be learnt about by clicking on each one’s profile.



Like Facebook, this one too offers you a list of Bigcommerce developers and their experience when you enter in the details in the search bar.

Through Research Firms like



The website gives you access to the top Bigcommerce development companies. You can filter your search and requirements and look up only for those companies that fulfil your requirements. This helps you save time on your search. Also, the company listed in your search will have a brief description about them, followed by the written and video reviews and the portfolios.



One of the most sought after platforms for ranking and rating your work, this platform can be used to hire a Bigcommerce developer in case you are looking for one based on their ranking. You can get all the information pertaining to their monthly and hourly rates, city which they are based out of and their services on the same page. Like in the case of Goodfirms, Clutch too offers you assistance when it comes to ratings and reviews of the previous clients.



This website again gives you information about the leading Bigcommerce development companies along with their brief, location, pricing, contact information, etc.

Through 7-Star Rating Portals such as



This platform gives you access to the reviews and ratings of the Bigcommerce development companies you are considering for your work.



Like Trustpilot, this one too shares information on where the company stands which can further help you zero in on a particular Bigcommerce development company.


The Bigcommerce developers should be carefully chosen for designing your online presence and displaying the products carefully. They should be able to represent your store in an attractive way online. You must get in touch with a web development agency to get the most suitable personnel working on your project, if you are looking for experts on Bigcommerce. Only the expert programmers can help you make an online retail space that you are seeking and can assist you further with any additions and updates. We at Emizentech aim to give a unique experience to all our clients by delivering the most useful and competitive Bigcommerce development services. We offer free consultation and start by asking our clients if they have any queries after the discussion. Our staff is available on call, chat, and online assistance. The details of the project are then discussed with the analysts and then the time frame of developing and delivering the platform is decided. Although the clients can update and make additions to their platform themselves, our team thrives to provide support even after the final product is delivered.

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