Well, Salesforce Implementation demands technical expertise and active engagement. That’s why the organizations need the best Salesforce implementation partner to achieve this successfully. As per a report, 18% to 69% of CRM Implementation Projects just give up because of low-quality data issues, unrealistic anticipations, and off the wall project management.

When kick-starting your CRM project, there are a few obvious factors that need to be incorporated along with some that should be masked. Therefore, the organizations need to take the advantage of the skills of a Salesforce consulting partner to enhance the Salesforce investment. Moreover, the firms require to be sure about the pick of the right and best Salesforce partner from a plethora of options available on their table.

Today, we are here with top tips that will assist you to put the right step forward and choose a Salesforce Consultant.Best Salesforce Consulting Partner - How to Choose

#1. Research Properly

A great source of information, the Internet can be accessed for online research. You may shortlist some potential Salesforce Consulting Partner, next visit their websites, eBooks, case studies, vision statement, videos, and try to enquire, and more. You can approach them to know the time needed for learning the new invention and more. Also, research for seeking Salesforce implementation use cases relevant to your business and industry verticals. You may also find the official Salesforce Chatter groups and Trailblazer community for the same.

#2. Salesforce Certification

It’s better to associate with a skilled and certified Salesforce Partner. Salesforce Certification is an imperative factor to incorporate when selecting the best Salesforce partner. Salesforce holds a robust certification program that provides credentials for Salesforce Consultants, Administrators, Architectures, Developers, and Marketers.
Check if the individual is updated with the recent Salesforce release. At least, your Salesforce Consulting Partner holds both Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Administrators Certifications.

#3. Request Salesforce

Your Account Executive may assist you with a list of the certified partners that are perfect for your Salesforce project type. The Account Executives are supported with a skilled team of Salesforce experts and attempt to look alike the partner, the business process, and the use-case. Besides the official source, there exist various vocal Salesforce admins at Tech and Social Media Forums who can assist them with the questions relevant to the implementation challenges, particular functionalities of various products, and app feasibility.

#4. Don’t Settle with a Few

Try more and more. Avoid picking the company that sends you the proposal at first. Take time, compare many, ask them for the demos, proof of concept (POC), case studies, and more. A best Salesforce Consultant will sketch an implementation plan and acknowledge your needs before welcoming you onboard.

#5. Budget is just a Factor

Salesforce projects are not cheap, so, despite seeking the most economic option for Salesforce Implementation Partner, you should try the time-efficient and the most comprehensive Salesforce Implementation.

The organizations, often, run with wrong anticipations of some of the parts of their implementations. According to Gartner, 83% of the data migration projects either leave their schedules and budgets behind or just fail.

The best way to come up with an estimate for the implementation cost is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that holds the cost of the product licenses, internal labor, services, and long-term maintenance cost.

#6. Choose Long-Term Engagement

When the internal assets are not the Salesforce certified experts and the execution is business-critical, then one should go with a sensible strategy to come up with a Salesforce Consulting Company who can back the business organization from the process execution to the process according to the emerging needs. Salesforce certified experts hold in-built instruments for recognizing the risks proactively before the issue emerges, that’s why an ideal approach for customer-centric business is a long-term engagement.

#7. Be sure about the Sufficient Team Size

The perfect blend of personnel will contribute to the success of the project. So, it is imperative to acknowledge if the Salesforce partner holds the required team to render the project on time.

Also, it is important to know if the partner holds a team of well-experienced QAs, Business Analysts, Admins, Developers, and Consultants. After assuring this, you can move ahead onto the next step.

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#8. AppExchange will Help

Salesforce AppExchange showcases various consultants from which you can pick. Each holds a designated profile from which you can filter as per your needs. Check their testimonials and reviews. Their certifications will help you in judging their caliber.

#9. Know About Responsibilities

For the accountability and clarity, both the parties should be versed in the roles of consultant and in-house team members embraced in the process. The important roles like Project Manager, Data Architect for the internal needs, and Project Administrator should be defined well and assigned depending on the expertise.

#10. Check the Project Management Approach

When both parties craft an agreement, next it comes to the turn of discussion and documentation for the perfect execution of the work. Also, SLAs, stakeholders’ responsibilities, the contingency plan for diminishing the risk, should be taken into account in the starting only as these can’t be dealt in between.

Wrapping Up

To finalize the right Salesforce Consulting Partner that may fit your business perfectly demands the follow-up of a systematic strategy. You should know the people they hold and the processes they carry-out. After defining your project requirements, check if their approaches go similar to yours. Go through the full pack of services to ensure they would be the best fit for the long-term.

So, the aforementioned points would help you in picking the best and right Salesforce Consulting Partner to make your business attain a new height.

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