An F-1 car can only explore its full potential when the driver has the capability to take the car at that level. So, cars and drivers contribute equally to leverage the potential to the fullest. Similar is the case for Salesforce. The platform holds the capability to elevate your business operations and smoothness to the next level. However, it is important that a certified, experienced and knowledgeable developer pour it into your system. 

Let’s go through the blog and understand the significance of hiring a certified salesforce developer while investing in the platform-

1. Get Your Tool Customized Especially for You


Businesses have their individual needs according to the nature of work and operations. Similarly, the way other organizations use Salesforce can utterly differ from its application in your organization. 

So, a certified Salesforce Developer will mold the platform according to your use case. You can customize everything from a Dashboard and modifying workflow to equipping AI capabilities, new interfaces, and much more. 

However, a new developer with limited skills can not deliver this leverage of customizing the platform according to your needs. A skilled and certified developer will help you learn the applications and use cases of Salesforce with their own experience. Getting used to the platform becomes easier and smoother with an accredited developer. 

2. Seamless Integration

Salesforce brings powerful integration capabilities with it. By integrating the tool with existing ERP systems, supply chain software, operation management software, and other existing systems of the firm, Salesforce will transfigure its capabilities significantly. 

But, to automate your business process with this integration capability, you need to hire a certified salesforce developer who not only instills the tool in your system but also carries the skills to operate other systems and integrate them with Salesforce. 

A skilled and certified salesforce developer might cost a few pennies extra; however, they will help to deliver the worth of your investment on the platform. 

3. Ensure the Timeliness 

Timely delivery of the project is one of the success-determining factors, and an experienced developer ensures it for you. Whether testing, implementation, or maintenance, a certified developer will always meet the deadlines, so you don’t have to compromise with your planning for the operations. 

From planning the strategies and noting down your needs, a skilled developer will meet the deadline till the end delivery of the project. Further, they will finalize the architecture that best suits your needs to implement the coding.

4. List the App on App Exchange

AppExchange is the marketplace that carries all the Salesforce Products like Salesforce applications,  consulting services, as well as lightning components. Talking about the overall process of developing Salesforce solutions, one has to be the Salesforce Partner to make the solution available to the target audience. 

You need to hire a certified developer who can develop the Salesforce platform for your organizational solution and list it on AppExchange. Once the listing is completed, your solution is now available on the marketplace and open for monetization. 

But, the developer’s role doesn’t end at this stage. Once you have made the solution available, updating the features and capabilities with time is equally important. The developer will instill all the timely updates in your solution. 

5. Boost Productivity 

The core difference between a developer and an experienced developer is that the latter one has worked on similar projects and is now familiar with all the challenges and their mitigation. So, when you hire an experienced developer, the project runs smoothly. 

The experience of developers allows them to keep the mitigation strategies and decision-making active from the beginning. Having the solutions in hand ensures that the project doesn’t hinder when challenges confront the process.

6. Expertise 

Besides the direct benefits like smoothness and enhanced productivity, certified developers also deliver indirect benefits with their expertise. 

With an experienced developer, you will have a partner who can give you suitable suggestions for your project.                                                            

Why is Emizentech the best fit for you?

As we said, the difference between a developer and a certified developer lies in the experience they carry. Emizentech carries the experience of more than a decade in app development. Our technical expertise in Apex, JavaScript, system integration, web services, VisualForce, Salesforce’s lightning component Framework, and building the custom application allows us to develop Salesforce Solutions for you and your exclusive needs. 

The team at Emizentech carries tremendous experience in developing feature-rich applications for Salesforce. Our client includes organizations of all sizes coming from different industries and sectors. Our expertise has explored domains such as:

Salesforce Sales Cloudintegrates your overall sales process into one platform by centralizing the various practices
Salesforce Nonprofit Clouddesigned specifically for nonprofit organizations to simplify tasks like grantmaking, fundraising, and marketing. 
Salesforce Service Cloudhelps your business work round the clock with features like chatbots and AI tools. 
VisualforceOur expertise in component-based UI framework Visualforce, we can build dynamic user interfaces according to your needs and preferences. 
Pardotthe automated marketing tool that helps you automate your marketing practices to attract targeted and potential audiences.
HerokuHeroku enables you to store customer data, develop as well as deploy the apps and thus ensure a great experience for the users. 
Apex codeget the support of different and custom web series and themes in your project. 


When investing a nice hunk of dollars for getting the Salesforce development solution, you will not prefer to hire an inept developer who can not deliver the worth of these dollars. It would be best if you were looking for a team with several years of experience and who has previously worked on similar projects. For the same reason, Emizentech is the best choice for you. Our partnership with Salesforce has enabled us to work on tens of projects developing various applications for Salesforce and delivering a tremendous experience to our clients. 

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