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Emizentech response to COVID – 19 Outbreak India – Work from Home

At the present moment, the entire world is busy fighting the big “Covid-19,” aka Coronavirus battle.

Same as many other nations, Covid-19 has also hit the Indian economy big time with several cities like Mumbai, Pune, and several others experiencing complete lockdown. However, keeping the bigger picture in mind, this pause is pretty much needed right now to overcome this adverse situation.

For the first time, millions of employees are working from home, as the nation tackles Covid-19.

As we are all under Quarantine and self-isolation, at Emizen Tech we realize our responsibility and have made this necessary contribution towards the welfare of our employees, society, environment, and nation by implementing “work from home” till the situation improves. However, all the necessary endeavors are being made so that “working from home” doesn’t hamper the productivity, and the client’s needs are effectively met. This step has been taken to keep the communities safe by limiting interaction and mitigating exposure to the virus.

Regular online employee meetings are being held to stay attuned and work efficiently. We understand that this is not the time to stress but stay creative and productive while working from home.

Being nimble yet decisive in moves is the need of the hour. And here at Emizen Tech, we aim to solve all the three at the same time – the quality of service to customers, safety of employees yet finding a way to keep the company running.

We urge you all to maintain social distancing as much as possible, and let’s fight this “Corona” war together.

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Author Name:
Amit Samsukha

Certified Magento 2 Consultant

Author Bio:

I am a certified Magento developer and Magento 2 consultant with a decade of experience in the e-commerce development segment. My expertise can make your business objectives overcome any obstacle you are dealing with the Magento ecommerce platform!

About Emizentech:

An acclaimed IT solution provider and a leading Magento 2 development company with its expertise lies in delivering top of the line e-commerce solutions, Salesforce commerce cloud services, mobile app development and many more verticals.

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