EmizenTech launched Salesforce Lead Opportunity Scoring App, a tech-forward to solve issues related to attaining predefined revenue goals and lead prioritization. The app focuses on generating Score leads formulated on specific scoring rules like email, phone, or any custom rule. Predictive Lead and Opportunity Scoring is an advanced sales feature that delivers intelligent insights on leads, opportunities, and sales data to enable sellers to promptly complete deals and make income. In addition to this, the app is also capable of presenting Score Opportunities positioned based on scoring rules. The prime feature of the application is the automatic prioritization of opportunities and leads predicted from the total score. 

The Salesforce Lead Opportunity app is a competitive tool that will surely help businesses seize every opportunity prevailing in the market. As a result of using the app features, sales representatives may focus their time and energy on the leads and opportunities with the most significant potential for success. The lead/opportunity model of the app also assists in making sound marketing and sales initiatives by providing authentic data-driven leads. 

create scoring rules salesforce
scoring settings

Save time by prioritizing the leads or opportunities based on score

  • Score lead based on specific scoring rule like email, phone or any custom rule.
  • Score opportunity based on scoring rules.
  • Automatically prioritize leads and opportunities based on total score.

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