OutSystems is an exceptionally fast, visual, and model-driven development that meets the cloud, AI, and DevOps. Using such a system, you can manage your app’s backlog, deliver the best cloud-based modern apps, and match the altering needs of the business to catch up with future innovations.

Let’s learn deeply about OutSystems, it’s benefits, pricing, and everything you need.

What Is OutSystems?

An advanced modern app platform, OutSystems is crafted to speed up the development of the most critical apps. Moreover, it assists in delivering matchless levels of efficiency and flexibility. So, take the assistance of OutSystems and catch up with your prime digital transformation priorities with apps that make a unique difference all across the business areas, from workplace innovation and customer experience to application modernization and process automation.

Businesses can utilize Outsystems to catch up with their mobile applications crafted easily and within a limited time because of its drag-and-drop calibers and graphic UI that streamline the app development process. Although besides the development of applications, OutSystems also speeds up and eases the integration of apps with existing and on-premise cloud databases.

Pricing Plans:

OutSystems pricing is available in the following plans:

  • Free Trial: Available
  • Free Plans: Available
  • For One: Starting at $2,100/month
  • For Enterprises: Starting at $4,600/month

Technical Specifications

Let’s check out the technical specifications of the OutSystems below:

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android

Customer Types

  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

What Types Of Apps OutSystems Develop?

Types Of Apps OutSystems Develop

Let’s first understand what sort of mobile apps we can develop using OutSystems. Such type of systems permits the development of three types of mobile apps:

1. Mobile Apps

There are the standard mobile apps that you can install on the devices directly, hold a native UX, have access to the permissions of the device, and may also perform offline.

2. Responsive Web Apps

The users can access such an application without even installing it through their phone browsers. Such apps utilize web-responsive technologies to adapt quickly to various mobile browsers and devices.

3. Develop Only The Mobile Backend

You can use OutSystems as the backend for your custom-developed native mobile app, which utilizes traditional tools like Visual Studio, Android Studio, or XCode and the respective native languages.

What Are The Benefits Of OutSystems for Application Development?

Benefits Of OutSystems

A low-code platform, OutSystems is best for rapid application development. The solution links visual full-stack app development with ongoing lifecycle management. People use OutSystems to transform their businesses by delivering apps 6-10 times faster than traditional app development.

Let’s check out the benefits of OutSystems:

1. Accelerate the Transformation Of Your Digital Customer Experience

OutSystems is an application platform that helps companies craft omnichannel apps up to ten times faster than traditional development methods. Moreover, such systems make customers satisfied with omnichannel and personalized experiences and increase revenue. Additionally, OutSystems crafts perfect-fit experiences that enrich your customers’ expectations and permit you to compete with CX leaders.

2. Automate Your Business Processes

OutSystems streamline internal operations and optimize the front-office and back-office processes. In addition, it delivers exceptional mobile and web workforce apps, workflows, employee portals, and operational dashboards to support any function, regardless of the app complication. It leads to perfect UIs that employees want and eases the integration with your current systems, everything at your desired need.

3. Highly Secure

In this digital world, one of the biggest concerns is security. OutSystems comes with a complete suite of in-built security features that supports the whole mobile app development lifecycle. Applications built with this platform include secure code patterns automatically that act as protection against common mobile app vulnerabilities.

Moreover, OutSystems offers automated app security checks that let the developers know about the possible security risks when they publish apps. OutSystems also acts according to general security needs, like access control, identity management, single sign-on, encryption, etc.

4. Modernize Your Applications

Modern app development with enterprise strength makes upgrading, migration, updating, and re-platforming of your legacy systems in the cloud more accessible, faster, and future-proof. That’s why transformation is necessary today. Aging systems or customized packages are costly to maintain, affect performance along with customer satisfaction, and are tough to modify.

Here, OutSystems comes into play. It assists in modernizing large systems within months, not in years. Using a combination of rapid visual development, simple integration, and exceptional scalability, you can re-platform digitally with the utmost speed and confidence.

5. Get The Benefits Of A Native App

Mobile applications developed on the OutSystems platform hold the caliber to access full native capabilities and device’s (android or iOS) APIs using plugins. The powers are a camera, notifications, geolocation, barcode scanners, Bluetooth, and more.

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6. Dynamic Case Management For Your Way Of Working

OutSystems unites processes, people, and information to organize complex work. Moreover, it improves efficiency and lowers operational costs. It builds, designs, monitors, and constantly enhances perfect-fit case management apps to make them faster than before. Additionally, with OutSystems, you can strengthen your skilled workers to resolve complicated issues that need input from various sources. Next, it adds structure, and context and then automates to reduce costs and boost sales.

7. Build Offline Apps Easily

OutSystems comes with all the needed tools to craft applications that run offline. Mobile apps developed with this platform automatically store the entire content of the applications on the device to allow easy offline access.

8. Fast Push Updates To Users’ Devices

This platform also helps in updating mobile applications on your users’ devices quickly and efficiently. You only need to deploy the app to OutSystems. After the updated version of the application gets published, OutSystems pushes that updated version automatically to the user’s devices. Therefore, it ensures that all your users are using the latest version of your app.

9. Create The 21st Century Workplace

Additionally, OutSystems bring data, systems, and tools together to strengthen your digital workforce. Also, it enhances employee engagement, productivity, retention, and safety. Besides, OutSystems develop custom mobile and web workforce applications, dashboards, workflows, employee portals, etc., across your employee’s journey.

10. Accumulate User Feedback With Ease

You should update your application with the best and new features to constantly increase and grow it. OutSystems can also make the process smooth by offering regular feedback from users. It eases the users to submit feedback quickly through the mobile app only.

Wrapping Up

OutSystems is the best way to combine the strength of low-code development with the latest mobile functionalities.

So, if you are also looking to use the potential of this perfect platform, you should connect with the best Outsystems development company and release your app swiftly.

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