In this digitally growing era, technologies are also becoming more advanced. Let’s imagine the time when your smartphone anticipates the things you need before you speak.  The apps that can analyze your behavior and recommend things. Yes, you are listening, right? This can be possible with the power of emerging technology, Artificial Intelligence. 

As per the survey released in March 2023 by Statista, global artificial intelligence is valued at nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030. One of the biggest reasons most enterprises are also involving AI is multiple processes.

However, most businesses wonder how much it costs to build an AI app. 

Worry no more. In this guide, we have covered all the details with the help of experts that impact the cost and what the average cost to develop an AI app requires. However, the average cost of developing an AI app can range from $30,000 to $150,000 and go higher according to multiple factors. So, without waiting any longer, let’s gear up and move forward to know every detail. 

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps

Building an app is a necessary trend in the growing era, and integrating AI into the app is like the cherry on the cake for businesses. Artificial Intelligence technology is one that can enhance the power of the app by performing tasks that resemble human cognitive function. AI apps can use algorithms to perform tasks and solve problems. 

Traditional Apps Vs. AI Apps 

Traditional software mostly operates based on fixed rules and cannot learn new concepts or perform tasks independently without human input. On the other hand, artificial intelligence apps include different algorithms that can learn new concepts and improve task performance over time. Thus, AI apps are taking over traditional apps. Moreover, the traditional mobile app development cost is a bit less than that of the AI app as they require multiple algorithms and tools to integrate into the system for enhanced functioning. 

Why Do Businesses Invest in AI App Development?

AI is booming in the growing world. Thus multiple companies can gain benefits by choosing AI apps for handling work such as boosted sales and many others also the list does not end here. Mentioned below are the reasons to invest in building AI apps for businesses. 

1. Decision-Making According to Data

With the help of AI analytic process it allows businesses to get the power of big data and decision-making. The AI algorithm can also fast process huge amounts of data and can also extract valuable insights that would be impractical and impossible to do manually. This helps the businesses to make strategic decisions based on real time information and contributes to their competitive edge. 

2. Power and Automation

One of the reasons why businesses invest in AI app development is to enhance the speed of automation. AI applications can make tasks better and automate routine and time-consuming tasks that allow businesses to allocate resources more effectively. This also reduces manual power achieves operational efficiency and results in improving overall productivity. 

3. Custom Things and Personalization

When it comes to the custom experience the AI is the game changer. With the help of user behavior and preference analysis, it can customize the content and the recommendations also for each and every individual. This enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and contributes to a positive overall experience for user. 

4. Rivaling

In a fiercely competitive business environment, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Businesses that invest in AI gain a significant competitive edge by technology to create innovative products and services. AI allows companies to differentiate themselves in the market, attract customers with top solutions, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

5. Cost Efficient 

The integration of AI often leads to significant cost savings for businesses. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes, companies can reduce the need for manual labor and consequently lower operational costs. While the initial investment in development substantially the long-term savings making it a financial decision.

6. Predictive Analytics

AI has predictive capabilities that allow businesses about market trends and consumer behavior. By analyzing historical data, AI algorithms can make accurate predictions about future developments and enable companies to respond proactively to changes in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

7. Enhanced Security

The increasing frequency of cyber threats makes cybersecurity a top priority for businesses. AI significantly enhances security measures by identifying threats in real time. Machine learning algorithms can adapt and evolve to recognize new patterns of cyber attacks, providing a good defense against a constantly changing threat landscape.

8. Throughout Day Availability

AI applications operate tirelessly and offer service and support without interruption. This continuous availability is particularly beneficial for global businesses catering to customers in different time zones. The ability to provide all-time services improves customer satisfaction and accessibility.

9. Unique Product Making 

Investing in AI allows businesses to get hands-on innovative product development journeys. Whether it’s creating AI-driven solutions, integrating smart features, or developing products that use machine learning and businesses to meet the evolving demands of consumers and deliver solutions that stand out in the market.

10. Optimization of Human Resource 

AI has the ability to handle routine tasks that allow human resources to focus on complex and creative activities. This optimization of human resources contributes to overall workforce productivity as employees can dedicate their time and expertise to tasks that require a human touch such as creativity problem-solving and strategic thinking.

An Overview of Average AI Mobile App Development Cost Estimate

The estimated cost to make an AI mobile app can range from $30,000 to $150,000 and can go up as per the customization and requirements of the app. However the custom app development starting cost can increase according to multiple factors like features and complexity. It can also depend on functionality and development type and more. But are you stilled confused about the pricing know more, don’t worry; we have got you covered by analyzing the important factors that affect the AI mobile app development cost.

Once you are familiar with these factors you can estimate how much it cost to build AI app using the standard calculation formula. The formula to how much it cost to create an AI app lies in calculating the number of hours it would take for every single development process and multiplying it by the billing hours of resources.

So, let’s begin by looking into some major factors that affect the cost of AI app development:

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Top 6 Factors That Impact Your AI App Development Cost With Timeline

AI mobile app development costs can differ according to the business requirements and the type of app you are focusing on. Generally, simple AI apps are less expensive than complex ones. Here are some factors to look at that affect the AI app development cost. 

1. App Development Process

Most of the development cost is covered in the AI app development process itself, and then comes the other costs, such as any hidden cost or the cost required for post-development. Let’s have a look at the detailed AI app development process. 

  • Market Research 

The first and foremost app development step is market research and data collection. When talking about AI app development, it is a must to have appropriate data, as the system can analyze and learn from the data. This data collection thus requires the correct, appropriate, and real data, as the wrong data will result in bad working. So, to ensure this, the first cost of development is included. And finding the appropriate and precise data.  

  • Design and Prototyping 

So, the next step after market research is to implement the solution and make their graphical assets. This step helps determine the rough cost of developing the AI app, and the right way to do this is by creating a clickable prototype. This prototype will consist of rough screen representations with all the icons, colors, and animations. 

  • Development 

This phase consists of all the coding parts, and all the designs are put together and implemented on the real screen. The development process requires seasoned developers who can successfully deliver multiple projects and work on the project as per the client’s requirements. Thus,  50-70 percent of the overall budget is usually used in this process. 

  • Quality Assurance 

Another thing that can be concerning for any business AI app development cost is errors and bugs. Thus, we an appropriate quality assurance team to analyze the issues of the app and fix them as soon as possible for the smooth running of the app. This is an important step and cannot be missed; thus, it is a necessary cost. 

  • Deployment 

Once the app is developed, it is time to deploy it. This process does not take much time and can be done easily. Other than this also have to launch the app on the appropriate platform such as Google Play or App Store. The platforms have their fees that cannot be negotiated, and it can be one time annually or as per the outcome growth of the app.  The development team at EmizenTech takes care to complete the process smoothly and gain a response from the audience. 

  • Maintenance 

Like any other hardware, the software must also be maintained over time. Thus, it includes the cost of updates and maintenance of AI apps that is done as per the feedback and the trending market demand. Moreover, look for a development team that provides the post-development benefit to have the advantage and not go from one to another for maintenance and issues after the development. 

Here is the basic table of the estimated cost to make an AI app according to the different development stages. 

Development Stage Estimated Cost 
Market Research $1000-$5000
Design $5000-$20,000
Front-end Development $10,000- $30,000
Back-end Development $15,000-$40,000
Development $20,000-$60,000
Quality Assurance $10,000-$25,000
Deployment and Launch $5000-$15,000
Post- Development $5000-$20,000

2. Types of Apps Based on Complexity 

There are 3 main types of apps that can be made for any AI app development requirement, and cost can differ for each. Let’s have a look at the table below for this. 

Type of App Development Cost Time Estimated 
Basic App $30,000-$50,0008-10 weeks 
Medium App $50,000- $80,00010- 14 weeks 
Advanced App $80,000 and moreMore than 14 weeks 

3. Based on the Features 

You should be aware of beforehand that the cost is directly proportional to the complexity of the features, tools, and technologies used. AI app development requires some algorithms not used in basic mobile app development, such as ML and NLP algorithms, that give the power to understand things easily and grab them to the system. Other than this, there are multiple other technologies like blockchain. The cost of the features in an AI app can vary according to the project’s requirements as per the number of features integrated. Noted below are some more features that are included in the AI apps: 

  • API integrations 
  • Phone Sensors 
  • Geolocation
  • IoT integration 
  • Accessibility options and more

4. App Development Team and Location 

Another important factor that affects the cost of AI app development is the app development team and location. It consists of software engineers and some of the best expert teams with versatile capabilities who can adjust to changing market conditions as per the trends. The location of the company you are opting for also plays a major role in the overall cost. 

  • Outsourcing vs. In-house team

It is a very complicated topic to prove which is better for developing the mobile app and which will cost more, outsourcing the team or the house team; this totally depends on the project’s requirements. Outsourcing a team often costs less as they are only available and have to pay only the project requirement and little after delivery. On the other hand, hiring a team and not utilizing them in any other project can be expensive with all the tools and hardware setup. However, it totally depends on your project and company preference. 

  • AI App Development Cost Based On App Development Team 
Cost Factors and RequirementsSimple AppMedium App Complex App
AIExpert Developer$30-40,000$50-60,000$100,000+
UI/UX Designer$4000-5,000$5000-7000$10000-15,000
Project Manager$5000-7,000$10,000-15,000$10,000+
QA Specialist$8000-20,000$15000-30,000$20,000+
Business Analyst$2000-3,000$5000-8000$8-10,000
Total$30000-50,000$50000-80,000$ 80,000+
  • AI App Development Cost Based On Company’s Location

Apart from this, the development cost also depends upon the region in which you are opting to select the right AI App development company. 

RegionAverage Cost 
India $20-40/hr
United States$80-170/hr

5. AI App Development Cost According to Platform

There are multiple app platforms available out there for you to choose from. We have also mentioned the table of average costs to compare.

  • Native App Platforms:- These are the platforms used to make the app for Android or iOS apps with the help of technologies like Java /Kotlin and Swift, respectively. 
  • Web App Platforms:- Apps like PWA and other forms are more cost-effective than native apps. 
  • Cross-Platform App Development:- This app development is done for both iOS and Android simultaneously and can be a cost-effective method with less development effort. 
  • Hybrid App Platform:- Hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. While it is installed like a native app, it runs in a webview component. 
Type of App Average Cost 
Native Apps( Android & iOS) $50,000 to $100,000
Cross-platform apps $25,000 to $60,000
Web apps $20,000 to $80,000
Hybrid apps $10,000 to $150,000

6. AI App Development Cost Based on Different Industries 

There are multiple industries out there in which AI apps can be implemented. The cost of the AI app development for each industry can also differ. Here is the table showing the estimated pricing.

Industries Estimated Cost 
Banking and Finance $50,000+ 
Real Estate $40,000+ 
Transportation and Logistics $80,000+ 
E-learning $35,000+
Healthcare $90,000+
E-commerce and Retail $80,000+
Entertainment and Media $50,000+
Marketing $30,000+
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Hidden Factors Affecting AI App Development Cost

Other than the design and development services, several things directly affect the AI app development cost, and if you are getting the details from a not-very-experienced team, then you can go and check for these hidden prices, such as

1. AI-based Hardware Cost

AI app development often requires specialized hardware, such as TPUs or GPUs, to handle complex actions involved in the machine learning models. And the cost of maintaining these can impact the overall development cost. 

Along with this, AI apps also have cloud services to access high-performance computing resources. Thus reducing the need for in-house hardware but including the cost associated with the cloud service usage.

2. AI App Data Security Cost

Ensuring the security of sensitive data used by AI applications is important. Additional costs can be incurred when implementing encryption mechanisms and complying with data protection regulations. Meeting standards like HIPPA, GDPR, or other industry-specific requirements may involve investments in security infrastructure. 

It is critical to protect against potential cyber dangers. Implementing cybersecurity measures, performing regular security audits, and resolving vulnerabilities add to the overall development cost. This is especially important when dealing with AI systems that handle personal or sensitive information.

3. AI-App Publishing Cost

There may be fees associated with the distribution of the app through stores such as the App Store or Google Play. The platform may contain some minimum fees associated with maintaining the app on these platforms. These fees can include one-time charges, subscription costs, or revenue-sharing models. 

Some regions have specific regulations related to AI apps, and compliance with these regulations might involve additional costs. This includes obtaining certifications and ensuring that the app meets the necessary standards for deployment in various markets.

How Can You Optimize Your AI Mobile App Development Cost?

AI expert developers follow many tricks and tips to maintain the cost of AI app development within budget. Let’s have a look at some of these factors. 

1. Note all the Requirements 

The team of experts talks to the client and listens to every requirement they want in the app, notes it down, and starts doing the research and making an idea for this. Along with a small wireframe and cost estimation, they keep things very simple at first and avoid the unnecessary features and tools to include in the process. This reduces the time as well as the cost of the development. 

2. Develop an MVP 

MVP is a small version of the actual app and requires less time and money to develop. The app does not have all the features but has all the required features to be launched in the market to analyze if it will work in the growing competition. Once you get a good response, you can go for the full-fledged app development. Thus helping cut costs in the initial period. 

3. Transparency

During the whole development process, we take our clients into a loop and make sure they want to change or work on any different parts to reduce the wastage of time during the development and ensuring to meet the best outcome. Also, the client is informed of which developers are working and how long it can take to complete the AI app. 

4. Use Open Source Tools and Libraries 

Often, tools and third-party apps are costlier to use in each app. Thus, to reduce the AI app development cost, the company can use open-source solutions to provide robust functionality without the high licensing fees associated with proprietary software. 

In this section, we will discuss some of the best-providing experiences to users and the current leading app market using AI. Along with that, we have also mentioned the average application development cost of these apps. 

1. MidJourney 

Midjourney logo

Midjourney is a platform driven by generative artificial intelligence (AI) that allows users to develop unique artwork such as characters, images, and portrayals using brief text prompts. 

A generative AI platform is an artificial intelligence system that can create fresh and original content, typically in the form of images, content, or other creative outputs. Unlike traditional rule-based AI systems that are made for specific tasks, generative AI platforms use advanced algorithms, often based on deep learning techniques, to generate unique and contextually relevant outputs autonomously.

The cost of developing an AI app like MidJourney can be approximately $40,000-$100,000 USD and can go more as per the project requirements. 

2. Replika

Replika is a conversational AI program that allows users to connect with a virtual companion in a way that feels natural.

This Replika can be configured to act as a friend, a personal or professional mentor, or even a romantic interest, depending on the needs of the user. Users can also use augmented reality to virtually share moments with their Replika. Replika is currently available for iOS, Android, and Oculus devices.

The cost of developing this type of app is approximately $20,000-$80,000 USD, and it can go higher if you want to add any other feature. 

3. HitPaw 

HitPaw Video Enhancer AI is the ideal answer for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their videos. It employs technology to significantly increase video quality by utilizing three independent models, including the Denoise Model, the Animation Model, and the Face Model.

The Denoise Model attempts to improve the clarity and brightness of low-light and otherwise poor-quality film. The Animation Model sharpens and colors vintage anime clips to make them appear more natural on high-quality displays. Finally, the Face Model retouches portraits within each video frame by altering the brightness, color saturation, and contrast for a retouched look.

The cost of developing an AI app like HitPaw costs $30,000- $50,000 USD.

4. Hound

Hound AI logo

Hound is a voice-powered AI app that can serve as your digital assistant. It responds to query-based questions and acts on user-generated commands. With a single voice command, you may get the quickest and most accurate results. It is a Houndify-powered native platform application for speech recognition and natural language processing. This AI program has an eye-catching UI/UX design that makes it stand out. 

The Hound app was created to provide you with an AI assistant to help you with your tasks without you having to raise a finger. It is designed to replicate human behavior and deliver a highly personalized experience. It offers an alternative option if the answer to your query is unavailable or too difficult.

The cost of developing an AI app like Hound is $20,000-$50,000 USD

5. Face App 

Face App Logo

Face tool is an AI tool that uses a single click to create photorealistic portraits from selfies. It provides free Instagram-worthy edits to help you build a new and inclusive appearance.

This extremely entertaining and intriguing AI Face App is presently accessible for Android and iOS users. Face App employs cutting-edge AI technology to provide a variety of amusing edits and filters. The Generative Adversarial Network, a machine learning framework, is used to accomplish this.

The cost of developing an AI app like Face App is $40,000$100,000 USD

AI APP Development

How Can EmizenTech Help You With Artificial Intelligence App Development With Cost Estimation?

EmizenTech, a leading AI app development company, has completed many multi-million dollar projects using the latest technologies and tools. We have a team of expert AI developers who are capable of working on diverse domains. Look at the numbers for an overview.

Our Experience in AI Development

 With the help of our team, we also provide multiple AI app development services, such as:

  • AI chatbot app development services
  • AI conversational app development services 
  • AI Integration services into existing apps 
  • Generative AI app development services 
  • ML and NLP app development services

To discuss the actual cost of AI app development for your business, you can contact our team of AI experts now and get your dream project done seamlessly. 


In wrapping things up, figuring out the cost of building an AI app in 2024 is like predicting the weather – many factors are involved. It depends on how good you want your app to be, who will build it, and what kind of work you want it to do. 

So, from the above blog, you might be clear on most things and still face issues determining the cost of developing an AI app. Then, you can contact our team of experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. How Much Does It Cost to Make an AI App?

The cost to create an AI app can range from $30,000 to $150,000 and go high as per the requirement and the features included in the app. As we mentioned in the blog multiple factors can affect the development cost.

Q. How much does it cost to maintain an Artificial Intelligence App?

The maintenance cost comes after the development and launch phase of the app. Thus, it can differ according to the issues the company is facing and the things that can be improved as per the feedback of the users in the market.

Q. What factors affect the Overall Cost of Developing an AI App?

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of the development of the AI app, such as the development team. It also depends on the location technologies and other integration of third-party tools, which can differ according to the AI app requirement.

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