The demand for solar panels is skyrocketing due to the high cost of electricity bills. Nowadays, every person believes in PV Module installation, so solar monitoring software’s necessity is increasing. The efficient system helps to track output from panel cells, and such systems and apps are integrated at installation time. 

This tracking works on different things, which depends upon your installation scale. You should also opt for these monitoring systems for the appropriate use, energy optimization, and maintenance of the panel’s functioning. In the demonstration, we will explain the list of best solar monitoring systems, how these work, what leverages users can avail, and other important aspects. Read the details quickly to save energy & cost with the best possible tracking and practices. 

What is Solar Panel Monitoring? How Does it Work?

Home solar monitoring systems are integrated with the panels during installation time and showcase their working insights on the software (application or web portal). The monitors read data from solar array inverters and display their functioning efficiency on the screen to sustain the long life of the modules. These trackers are safeguards to the cells because they can detect small to small problems arising and inform the owner to take immediate action. 

Moreover, these systems showcase when their panels are performing at their peak so that customers can take full advantage. To maintain and maximize energy production, one should use PV module monitoring systems through software (phone apps or web portals) to avail most of it. 

The hardware installed in these systems will also detect variations in weather data and solar radiations. It generates a connection between the monitors and the cellular network, which eases the installer’s and homeowners’ access to the data remotely. It is important to install such monitoring systems, which pre-detect hardware faults and errors. You could save from big losses and major problems in the future. 

Global Solar Power Monitor Software Market

There are N numbers of people not aware of the power of solar monitoring. The below stats will tell you, Abbott, how much the market is increasing, and still, the count is on- 

  • The solar monitoring systems market was valued at USD 34.8 Billion in 2020, and the estimations claim that the market will reach USD 51.2 Billion by 2028. The CAGR will grow by 5.85% in 2021-2028
  • The solar panel installation cost has dropped by 50% over the last decade, which expanded the market the fastest. Thousands of systems have been deployed with the reduced cost factor.
  • According to 2021 data, 255000 Americans work in the solar industry in almost 10000 companies
  • The photovoltaic industry became a global industry in 2021, which shared a maximum of 41.45% in overall revenue, and is still growing. 

Top 13 Solar Monitoring Systems for 2023

1. Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA)  

Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) works best for the products by APS Microinverters. EMA systems determine the real-time performance of solar cells, and users can check for the environmental leverages and history of the energy outputs and many other things. The system can work in smart devices and showcase its best performance with errors if occurred. Moreover, the users can access the geographical representations for individual photovoltaic module performance. Moreover, one can calculate the saved energy with the in-build calculator feature. 


  • Evaluate data for each PV module. 
  • Remote access to the solar array 
  • Real-time communication 
  • Showcase Graph-System photovoltaic output for the betterment of troubleshooting 

2. SolarEdge 

Extract most of the energy from each PV module. It produces more possible energies by mitigating the power losses which result from mismatches between the modules. Any module that is not working appropriately will not affect other modules’ performances. SolarEdge works to secure future potential risks which might degrade the energy production for the upcoming life. The system will focus on the battery and module’s performance, which ensures that every part of the panel is working at its best even though it is aware of the users for troubleshooting and system alerts. It reduces the time consumption and maintenance cost with a better approach. 


  • SafeDC’s Built-In feature reduces high-system voltage. 
  • Free monitoring for 25 years 
  • Several options for monitor serving’s connectivity include Ethernet, cellular network, or WiFi. 

3. Enphase Enlighten 

Enphase Enlighten is your one-stop to fetch in-depth details about your PV system working and performance. It is a highly advanced Home solar monitoring system from where you can extract critical details about the panel functionality. Users can overview per module energy production and also inform about consumption & storage data. The prime section is based on the web, so peep inside the module’s functionalities through the desktop. In addition, you have an application option as well, which makes accessibility easier & quicker. 


  • Easier and Quick Verification Process 
  • Analysis of Energy Production in Hours, Days, or Months 
  • Weather Data Performance Analysis 
  • The Production and Usage Reports in Details 

4. Fronius Solar.Web 

Fronius Solar. The web has come up with a unique concept, available on both web and app. PV System allows tracking records of energy yields. Users can use its web format or application on their smart devices, which enables them to evaluate photovoltaics. If anyone wants to know what and how it works, try its demo system for free. Even though one can get an energy yield snapshot for a selected specific timeframe as required to better know its functioning and performance, the users can also analyze for CO2 saved, energy saved, and trees planted as well in the surroundings. 


  • Showcase for Energy Curves and Current Values 
  • Inform for History Data Usage 
  • Availability of Dark Mode  

5. SMA Sunny Portal App 

Keep track of your solar panel monitoring system anytime from anywhere. Management has become smarter, and you can optimize the energy flows through smart devices. SMA application allows users to generate and utilize solar energy efficiently. Moreover, it suggests economic energy supplies and management. This application helps to tackle grid-supplied power, which leads to reduced electricity costs. In addition, this app will recommend some beneficial actions to optimize energy use. 


  • Daily and Historical Stats 
  • Showcase Battery State Of Charge 
  • Solar Energy Production and Usage 
  • Display Carbon Footprint 

6. Quadrical Ai

The solar industry has become a big name. This is an incredibly competitive and highly sustainable industry, where keeping the margins is complicated. Yet, Quadrical claims to generate 4% more solar energy generation. You can do plant auditing via Digital Twin AI, which also delivers agile metrics about energy usage, production, and lacks. This mechanism works on Twin-Based AI, which improves performance at a valuable pace. 


  • Plant Auditing 
  • Digital Twin-Based CMMS 
  • Snap-On Advanced Analytics 
  • Improved Power Generation and Forecasting 

7. Curb Energy Monitoring System 

Track how your home solar panels work, how much energy they produce, how much energy is consumed, and many more in real-time. Curb monitoring ensures high-scale solar savings. The system will provide users real-time data to make smarter energy usage decisions. It allows for tracking down electrical costs based on utility plans. You can also detect the problems and upcoming trends via analyzing energy usage over time. 


  • Best purchase for 400 amp panels or multiple subpanels. 
  • Bluetooth for quick installations. 
  • 18 sensors with professional installation 
  • Mobile application for convenient accessibility 

8. TrueCapture by NEXTracker 

NextTracker launched this incredible and intelligent solar power monitor software called TrueCapture. It is a self-adjustable tracker control system for the photovoltaic power plant, delivering 2-6% more energy generation. To improve performance and increase PV energy production, utilizing TrueCapture is the best solution. It is the time to enhance profits from PV energy facilities. Moreover, this monitoring system can optimize the power plant and its smart functionings. This NexTracker product will turn data into gigawatt hours and pair up the plants to work more efficiently. 


  • Predictive Control Software 
  • Extends Solar Power Plant System Lifestyle 
  • Maximize your Financial Returns 
  • Split-Cell Modules Incurred 

9. Tigo Energy

Get a powerful and sustainable TigoSmart PV Monitoring System to enhance photovoltaic installation efficiency. Tigo works for any scale solar installation, providing users with real-time data analysis structure. You will learn about energy consumption, wasted energy, performance, etc. The Smart Monitoring System allows fetching maximum benefits. Tigo has covered all the requirements and reduces the shade impacts as well. It has advanced and latest features to optimize the energy output, monitor for lower expenses, and enhance the safety measures codes. 


  • FeetWide Management 
  • Module Level Data 
  • Lower O&M 
  • Early Detection from Quick Features 
  • Power Flow 
  • Ultra-High Definition 

10. Smappee Solar 

Get your entire photovoltaic modules to work efficiently, do smart charging, and manage energy production & usage with Smappee Solar Management and Monitoring System. Smappee will analyze your energy consumption and wasted energy in real-time for better production & usage in the future. This module works on elegant design and advanced technology, and it is a chance for you to improve your charging and energy efficiency with a convenient module system. Opt for the services anytime and manage the energy distribution with advancement. 


  • Smart Charging Stations 
  • Smart PV Energy Management System 
  • Real-Time and Historical Data Display Through Application 
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Required 

11. Solar-Log Web Enerest 

Extract the utmost out of the photovoltaic system. The monitor will showcase its usage and guide feed management, energy management, and waste energy. This monitoring module has the power to strengthen the efficiency of the entire PV system. Give more power to your solar system with a proficient photovoltaic monitoring software system. All the errors will be displayed on one screen, and you can catch the data accordingly with better efficiency and effectiveness. 


  • Organize the Fleet as per your way of working 
  • Creation of new users and plants in just a few steps
  • Remotely accessible and configured to reduce site visits   

12. Sense Energy Monitor 

Sense Energy Monitor is a perfect system that enables one to have an insight into a home’s complete electricity consumption and wastage. It is an incredible software system that gets done with quick and easier installation. You do not need to pay monthly fees as well because it is your one-time investment for a long while. Many people feel it is a costlier deal, but that’s a clever move to save for longer. 


  • Sensing the electricity use 
  • Avoid the Electrical Disaster 
  • IoT integrated 
  • Panel Integrations 
  • Energy monitors 

13. TED Pro Home Solar Package 

TED Pro is a product by Powermeterstore. This system allows users to check energy usage at home and alerts them, users, about any mishap if occurred. There are Coloured LEDs, which alert for the rate of problematic changes. These LEDs will display every change and usage of energy. The users can access this system via mobile apps on Android and iOS both. It is a great software for users because they can simply add or eliminate things or energy used as per the requirements. 


  • The Energy Control Center (ECC) is known for being the communication hub in the system. 
  • Colored LEDs for Rate-Tier Changes, cost, demands, and other user-defined parameters. 
  • It also accommodates the fixed prices and fuel surcharges to reflect the electricity bills. 
  • It works on single-phase electrical systems up to 400A. 

Benefits of Developing Solar Monitoring Systems

Nowadays, everyone is aware of solar energy and its usage benefits. Therefore, people are opting for these solutions, and still, the count is on. If you expand your solar business on a wide scale, that will be very advantageous for entrepreneurs. 

Well, opting for solar panel monitoring system development is another way to reap numerous benefits for the business. Read to know how building such PV tracking systems are so much beneficial- 

  • Awareness of the System’s Performance

With the help of a PV tracking system, you can analyze how well the system is working. It is easier to track how much energy the system produces, how well it performs, where the panels are lacking, etc. It is best to use the monitoring apps when the plant is not producing much energy.

  • Monitors in Real-Time 

The IoT Integration in solar panels is best to reap out most energy from it. You can extract real-time data through solar panel monitoring solutions and diagnose all its parameters. If anything is wrong with the panels or power distribution, the tracking software will immediately inform the users about it. 

  • Email Notification 

If anything occurs to the Photovoltaic panels, the monitoring solution will notify via emails. Users can monitor the data and aid with preventive measures to let the panels work smoothly with optimum power usage. The monitoring app will provide immediate updates in email in detail. 

  • Monitoring for Business 

You must incorporate solar panels with a monitoring system to manage the expenditure. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the smooth & better utilization of PV modules. This tracking solution allows us to build a smart home with proper power consumption and production management. 

What is the Cost of Solar Monitoring Systems?

Investing in solar panel monitoring software is not expensive. Instead, it’s an investment. When it comes to investing in such monitoring systems, you cannot fix the cost of development. The average cost to develop a PV Monitoring solution starts from $25000. However, this cost will exceed the features, functionalities, and inventories you will add. The more advanced and latest tracking system you will build, the more you have to pay. So, the final cost of the PV tracking system depends upon your requirements. 

Choose EmizenTech for Solar Monitoring System Development 

EmizenTech has a renowned name in software and monitoring system development. The team of experienced developers has been working here with robust solutions for the past decade. The company has a successful clientele record, and it is because the team follows a certain process to provide smooth and optimum services: 

  • Seamless Guidance For Your Project: The company starts with a conversation with the client to understand his idea, vision, and outcomes. 
  • Project Planning- Once we are clear with the ideology of the client, then we will look for the best-suited developers in our team to match and execute the project with perfect planning. 
  • Satisfaction is a Priority- We deliver quality services and keep working dedicatedly until our clients are unsatisfied. 
  • Post Development- We will also support you for the post-development so that you will receive the best and build attractive tracking solutions for your solar panel systems. 

Choose our Solar Panel Monitoring Software Development Company to build the best system with attractive functioning. 


Solar power experienced rapid and high growth in homes and commercial properties, and the industry has risen. Therefore, investing more in solar energy businesses for upgrades is worth it. Spending more on solar panel monitoring systems will expand your product’s and brand visibility than expected. 

You must find excellent and expert developers to invest in solar monitoring systems development. The working base of such systems or applications is based upon different APIs. Communicate with the team thoroughly and find out the optimum solutions. Rest we have listed the top PV Tracking Systems above. So go through them to know more about them. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. How to make a solar monitor?

If you want to build solar monitoring system, here’s a quick building process mentioned below- 
➡️ Understand how it works 
➡️ Measure the Voltage 
➡️ Measure the Current 
➡️ Temperature Measurement 
➡️ Interfacing OLED Display 
➡️ PCB Design 
➡️ PCB Assembly 
➡️ Soldering the ACS723 
➡️ 3D Printed Enclosure 
➡️ Assemble the 3D Printed Enclosure 
➡️ Software and Libraries 
➡️ Interfacing with Blynk App 
➡️ Field Testing

Q. What Are the Key Features of A Solar Monitoring App?

There are different features included in the photovoltaic energy monitoring app, which are: 
➡️ Weather Data 
➡️ In-App Messaging 
➡️ Auto and Manual Connecting 
➡️ Payback Estimation Time 
➡️ Insight into Stored Energy 
➡️ Calculation of Consumer Energy and Power Production 
➡️ Sunlight Intensity 
➡️ Security Alarm 
➡️ Support and Maintenance of Installed Solar Panels 
➡️ Offline Access

Q. How to Hire the Best Solar Monitor System/software/Application Development Company?

When you are looking for the best solar monitor software system development company, then look for the options with the consideration of a few factors:
➡️ Read the Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback of the Development Company to shortlist a few. 
➡️ Communicate with the team of developers to analyze their knowledge, skills, and expertise. 
➡️ Check past projects to understand how well they work and execute things in the software or application. 
➡️ Ask for their experience. The working experience matters a lot because, during the period, they have learned and worked on various things.

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