The ecommerce industry is growing at a great pace all across the globe. Thus many traditional business enterprises are moving to the ecommerce platform. They look for ecommerce development platforms. Shopware is amongst the most popular CMS for eCommerce store development and promotional. Since 20 years of its development, the platform has gradually upgraded to meet the rising ecommerce expectations and demands. It has been developed precisely for the ecommerce industry and helps to boost online businesses globally.Although Shopware has a lot of features and functionalities to support your ecommerce requirements if you have any custom requirements then there is also a huge availability of the Shopware plugins. These Shopware plugins can enhance the functionality of your store and make it look better. Apart from this, it will also help enhance the conversion rates. Therefore, you can say that plugins come with the power to make your business thrive or even lose. StillShopware 6 Plugins To Boost Your eCommerce Store

Top Reasons Why You Must Use Shopware Plugins For Your eCommerce Store

Improve User Experience

Your online ecommerce business growth will depend upon the user experience being delivered and the features available for customers on the site. Shopware plugins are highly capable of offering you the context and several other features which can make the customers’ shopping experience smooth and convenient. The plugins are packed with features that can make it easier for the customer to use and shop from your store while being confident about the transactions and data’s security.

More Functionality

Shopware plugins incorporate features that can improve the performance of the platform by providing operational workflow. These plugins can be utilized for searching, sorting, comparison, easy checkout process, and other functionalities to make the platform more user-friendly.

Improve Backend

The plugins are not just limited to visitors but can also help you in smoothly managing the backend of your store. There are many plugins available that can manage customers, stores, sales, analytics, reviews, inventory, tracking, etc. Thus you can focus on your business growth and handle other tasks easily.

SEO Purposes

After getting the site online, you need traffic on your store. SEO-focused extensions can help to reach the right target audience. The plugins optimize every page for search keywords, meta titles, descriptions, and creating SEO-friendly URLs. The extension also helps in the indexing and sitemaps. The ultimate goal is to increase traffic within a short time frame.

Cost Saving

As a business owner, you should tolerate the waste use of money and try to save money while still getting a well-operating online platform. If you will ask your Shopware plugin development team to include a custom functionality, they will have to write codes that can increase the time and in turn development cost. However, if there is a pre-built extension available at very little cost then you must utilize it. This will save both time and money.

Best Shopware Plugins To Use In 2021 For eCommerce Store

After knowing the importance of plugins let’s know what are the best Shopware plugins available which you can use to enhance your Shopware ecommerce website. We have analyzed hundreds of plugins and come with the Top 15 Shopware Plugins to boost your Shopware 6 Store. Here’s the list:

  • Mailchimp for Shopware 6
  • Popup to accept all cookies
  • Rapidmail: Newsletter & E-Mail Marketing Shopware 6 Integration
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking PRO
  • Mollie Payments for Shopware 6
  • Stripe
  • Sendcloud for Shopware 6 | Europe’s number 1 shipping tool for online stores
  • PAY. Payment gateway for Shopware 6
  • Adyen Payments for Shopware 6
  • Shopware 6 Security Plugin
  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Enhanced ECommerce Tracking for Shopware 6
  • Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager for Shopware 6
  • Blog for Shopware 6
  • Trusted Shops Trustbadge for Shopware 6
  • Subcategories and categories in shopping experiences

We, Will, Discuss Each Of These In Detail

1. MailChimp For Shopware 6

mailchimp logoMailChimp for Shopware is a free extension that can synchronize your customers and their precious information. Using MailChimp, you can create beautiful and engaging e-mails that help you to reach your audience. It can help you in creating multi-channel and personalized marketing campaigns on different channels such as social media, e-mail, digital ads, etc. It allows you to segment the customers on the basis of their order history, location, age, gender, etc. You can build long-term relationships with your customers with a full-service Marketing CRM, audience segmentation tools, and automation.Major Features

  • Real-time sync of new orders and customers data from Shopware to Mailchimp
  • Set up marketing automation
  • Give product recommendations for increasing sales
  • Multiple sales channel support
  • Send targeted e-mail on the basis of customer’s activity, event, or a specific date
  • Create attractive, data-informed Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • View analytics and measure your ROI

Cost: Free Of Cost

2. Rapidmail: Newsletter & E-Mail Marketing Shopware 6 Integration

Rapidmail logorapidmail is a European newsletter plugin that allows you to create modern and impressive newsletters. More than 100,000 companies have used rapidmail for sending their newsletters. There are 250+ customizable responsive design templates in rapidmail. It comes with a rapidmail account in which all the customer’s data automatically updated and available for the newsletter. This plugin also gives you 100% GDPR compliant protection with free multilingual support by phone or e-mail.Major Features

  • Drag & Drop newsletter editor with preview mode for different devices including smartphones
  • Easy to send follow-up e-mails e.g. to recipients who haven’t even open the mail yet
  • E-mail attachments send option
  • Analysis of mailing quality
  • Detailed statistics of mailing including opens, clicks, clickmap, recipient, devices, unsubscriptions, etc.
  • Visitors segmentation to dispatch mails on the basis of location, gender, order history, etc.
  • Use transactional emails to convert prospects into customers

Cost: Free Of Cost

3. Facebook Pixel Tracking PRO

Facebook Pixel logo
This plugin allows you to integrate Facebook Pixel. You can transfer all required article data to Facebook for tracking your Facebook events (views, products, conversions) from the store.Major Features

  • Firing major events such as PageView, ViewContent, Purchase, and AddToCart (coming soon)

Cost: € 19.99*

4. Mollie Payments For Shopware 6

mollie logoYou can integrate many different types of payment methods on your Shopware 6 store using Mollie Payments. It accepts all major and local payment methods. There are more than 90,000 sellers across Europe who are using Mollie Payments.In Shopware, Mollie Payments support these payments: ApplePay, Klarna slice it, Klarna pay later, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, iDEAL, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, P24, EPS, SEPA Bank Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, ING Home’Pay, KBC/CBC Payment Button, Bancontact, Belfius Pay Button, Paysafecard, CartaSi, Cartes Bancaires, and Gift cards. You can also deactivate any payment method whenever you wish from the Mollie Dashboard. You can create the account within 15 minutes and the account activation will take 1-2 days.Major Features

  • Simple test environment for integrations
  • Monitoring fraudulent activities on all your payments
  • Dynamic 3D secure on credit card payments
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Supports Recurring Payments
  • Responsive payment screens for mobile devices
  • User-friendly dashboard with real-time accounting, up-to-date payment details, etc.

Cost: Free Of Cost

5. Stripe

stripe logoStripe is a highly popular technology company for its payment method. It handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses. Using this module, online businesses from 36 countries can accept payment from all major credit/debit cards in 135+ currencies. It also supports other payment methods such as Apple Pay for Web, Google Pay, and other local payment methods (Klarna, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact, Sepa DD, Sofort, EPS, and Przelewy 24. It is also PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant and dynamic 3d secure. The Stripe Radar provides protection from fraudulent activities.Major Features

  • User-friendly dashboard with updated payment details, real-time accounting and many other features
  • Shopware backend allows you to create manual payments and refunds
  • One contract for all payments and no separate contract for any payment method
  • No setup, monthly, or any hidden fees
  • Real-time evaluation of charges and block fraudulent transactions

Cost: Free Of Cost

6. Sendcloud For Shopware 6 | Europe’s Number 1 Shipping Tool For Online Stores

Sendcloud logoSendcloud is the most popular shipping tool in Europe’s ecommerce industry. It is an all-in-one solution for optimizing the shipping process of your Shopware store. There are more than 10,000 online merchants which are using SendCloud. Sendcloud provides multiple shipping methods which you can offer to your customers and increase conversion rates. The location picker feature allows customers to decide to what service point their package should be delivered. It supports all major carriers including DHL, DPD, UPS, GLS, PostNL, bpost, Colissimo, Chronopost, Austrian Post, Van Straaten Post.The merchants can insure the packages against damage or loss (up to €2500 per shipment). The advanced search function helps you to get answers to any questions. Also, you can print shipping labels with just one click. The customers will get all the shipping-related activities status through notifications, e-mails, and messages.
Major Features

  • Pick orders up to 7 times faster
  • Automatically send Branded Tracking Notifications
  • Customized return portal by which you can manage returns with automation

Cost: Free Of Cost

7. PAY. Payment Gateway For Shopware 6

pay. logoPAY is another popular payment gateway with global and local payment options. You can install all payment methods you may require in your Shopware ecommerce store. Some of the popular payment methods PAY supports are: iDEAL, IN3, AfterPay, Bancontact, Giropay, SOFORT, Klarna, Creditcards, Pay by phone, etc.There is a back plan with fast response time and fully optimizing routing and supports all major payment methods in Europe. It is PCI-DSS and ISAE Type II compliant.Major Features

  • Streamlined and clear checkout process
  • Multi-faceted fraud prevention
  • Complete visibility access of transaction status
  • Monitor and manage payments directly from the PAY
  • 1-2 onboarding and account activation
  • User-friendly and simple modules for accounting programs

Cost: Free Of Cost

8. Adyen Payments For Shopware 6

Adyen Payments logoAdyen Payments simplifies the payment functioning of your Shopware store. This in-house built module gives you access to a global all-in-one payment platform. You can accept almost all global and local payment methods and expand your business into new markets and channels. The operational time is also gets reduced with the synchronization of the two platforms. You can check summaries of transactions in Shopware and switch to Adyen for detailed reports. You will not require to configure anything on your Shopware panel. Some of the popular Adyen clients are Uber, Spotify, Mango, Swarovski, Zalando, eBay.It also comes with regular updates with the latest innovations in the payment landscape. Support local payment methods such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, BLIK or Klarna.Major Features

  • Data-driven payment optimization
  • Real-time fraud prevention
  • 3D Secure 2 Authentication native
  • Fully PSD2 Compliant
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 certified

Cost: Free Of Cost

9. Shopware 6 Security Plugin

Shopware 6 Security Plugin logoSecurity is the foremost focused aspect in the online ecommerce industry. Customers don’t trust an ecommerce store easily in fear of data theft and other issues. Even the online business owners are at risk of being targeted by malicious customers, which can result in loss due to credit card chargebacks & refunds claimed by the customers pretending to have never received their orders. The Shopware 6 Security Plugin offers you a solution to secure your online shop quickly and easily. It contains relevant fixes to install in your Shopware environment with a simple and uncomplicated plugin update. Thus, you can protect your store from any cyberattack, fraud, security vulnerabilities without any major update.Major Features

  • Fix Security Gaps with simple updates
  • No need for Shopware minor version update
  • Quick and easy protection

Cost: Free Of Cost

10, Popup To Accept All Cookies

Popup To Accept All CookiesIn the Shopware default theme, there is only one cookie banner which is also very discreet. There is not even an “Accept” button on that cookie banner. Thus, most of the visitors encountering that cookie banner reject the cookies permission or completely ignore the banner. Using this plugin, you can create a very attractive or eye-catching cookie banner with a big “Accept” button. This leads to the fact that as many visitors as possible accept the cookies and you can improve your store using Google Analytics or Hotjar.Major Features

  • Striking Cookie Popup
  • “Accept”Button

Cost: Free Of Cost

11. Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Enhanced ECommerce Tracking For Shopware 6

Google Tag ManagerYou must have installed Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics in your system and wondering what this plugin can extra do.  This plugin contains data to derive a detailed target group and learn through which marketing measures or channels the website users are aware of the offer. You can also define hidden potentials. The plugin gives you a more thorough and meaningful analysis, as data is already available before the purchase is completed. This data will let you map the entire purchasing process in individual steps and consequently optimized. You can track all steps up to the final purchase of the product: From the first product impression on category pages across the product detail page and the process of adding products to the shopping cart.With this data, you can also create unique and dynamic remarketing lists. For example, all those who put a product into the shopping cart but did not actually buy it will receive a corresponding marketing measure two days later, in which exactly the same product will be offered again at a discount.Major Features

  • Pre-positioning of the GTM Snippet in the head and body tag of each page
  • Pre-configuration of Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics
  • GTM integration without requiring any development effort
  • Tracking of checkout and conversions

Cost: Free Of Cost

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12. Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager For Shopware 6,

JavaScriptCSS logoYou will get a backend container manager with this plugin by which you can easily add custom JS, CSS and SCSS to the theme compilation. The module will be accessible in the administration by a new menu entry called “Custom CSS/JS” under “Settings” within the sidebar.Major Features

  • Creating unlimited JS, CSS or SCSS containers
  • Access to SCSS variables and mixins are inherited from themes or plugins
  • JS/CSS is injected into theme compilation
  • Management and structuring of multiple code snippets by separate containers

Cost: Free Of Cost

13. A Blog For Shopware 6

Blog for Shopware 6The blog section on your ecommerce site plays a very important. It does not just provide useful information to the users but the users also get to know about the products you are selling, how they can be beneficial for them, why they must use them, and other relevant information. It also helps you to optimize the site for better SEO purposes by adding relevant keywords which are often used by users while making a search. This is a free open-source blog plugin by which you can integrate a blog in Shopware 6 store. You can create blog entries, blog categories, authors, and also filter the categories & authors.Major Features

  • Support for SEO URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Structured Data / JSON-LD
  • Create authors and display with their avatar along with their number of posts
  • Multi-language support
  • Pagination and number of posts are adjustable
  • Filtering of categories and authors

Cost: Free Of Cost

14. Trusted Shops Trustbadge For Shopware 6

Trusted Shops logoThis plugin is a very popular Trustmark of its kind. Nearly 80% of the online customers in Germany recognize this Trustmark. This feature distinguishes trustworthy online shops and therefore stands for real security in ecommerce.The guarantee provided by Trusted Shops is a central component of the Trustmark. It enables your customers to effectively protect themselves against financial risks. For online shoppers with a high need for security, this is an especially important confidence-building element and an ideal incentive to encourage customers to use your shop. More than 30,000 shops use Trusted Shops to turning customers into sales.Major Features

  • You will get Trustmark after an extensive audit of legal aspects
  • You can display the trust badge to your customers and showcase the security of your store
  • Automatically collect reviews for your Shopware shop and your products through e-mail
  • Manage product reviews and shop and publish them in your shop to prove the quality as an online retailer and optimize the product catalogue with authentic user-generated content
  • Individualised configuration options for international sales channels
  • Individualised configuration and sending options for review requests

Cost: Free Of Cost

15. Subcategories & Categories In Shopping Experiences

Subcategories and categories in shopping experiencesLast but not least this plugin allows you to create lists and link categories including images in shopping experiences. You can automatically display all the subcategories on one of the category pages. This gives very easy navigation for the customers. The presentation can be controlled directly by editing the CSS classes. With the Bootstrap Framework, you can achieve arbitrary ways of presentation for all screen sizes.Major Features

  • Faster navigation for the customers
  • Automatic management of links to categories
  • Better user guidance
  • Individually customizable in theme
  • Specific selection of categories

Cost: Free Of Cost

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have gone through 15+ Best Shopware 6 Plugins To Boost Your eCommerce Store – (FREE+PAID) plugins which are available for free of cost and can enhance the features and functionalities of your store. Most of the payments were related to payments, security, shipping, blog, and Trustmark. These extensions will bring your store to the next level and results in better conversion rates, reduced abandoned cart rates, and increased customer lifetime value. At Emizentech, the best Shopware development company in India, we are having expertise in developing Shopware ecommerce stores from scratch, integrating Shopware plugins, and building custom plugins as well. Let us know your requirements

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