Plant cultivation is critical to the world’s survival. We may deny global warming, yet it will impact everyone’s life probably eventually. Annually, mobile apps development businesses deliver us something that inspires us to learn about or comprehend plants. Thank you for the mobile plant software for assisting us in growing the plant.

Gardening involves more than simply providing them with water daily. Many individuals interested in houseplants spend plenty of time researching them on the website. Fortunately, application developers created a fantastic leaf recognition software that combines everything into a single app. It is accessible for iOS and Android devices, with some editions being public and some being paid.

Plant Identification App

If you want to grow them in your backyard, nurture them on a large property, or learn regarding them, we’ve created a collection of as many as you can to remember. Below are the 15 finest plant identification apps available:

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What Are Plant Identifier Apps?🌱📱

These apps are greatly helpful in identifying plants with pictures, and it allows the app users to identify plants just by clicking the plant/flower picture from their smartphone. These apps are beneficial when there is no botanist available, and they are also enabled to identify a large number of cultivated plants in gardens or plants. Plant Identification apps use visual recognition software that helps identify tree species from pictures of their leaves. They have appealing high-resolution images of the flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, bark, and petioles. 

List Of Best Plant Identifier Apps🌱📱

1. PictureThis : Plant Identifier

Available on iOS & Android

The attributes are evident from the name. PictureThis software is well-known plant identification. This program is free for the first seven days, but it starts subtracting and becomes a paid version after that. The plant identification app caters to a larger audience, with over 27 million plants to choose from. It can conduct tasks based on pictures given by the customer, and it is usually correct. The goal of this software is to utilize Ai Technology.

It includes various details about which species this is, how frequently they require watering, whether they require pest treatment, and how to trim or eliminate them. During the 7-day trial version, you may determine whether the app is right for you.

RatingiOS: 4.8/5
Android: 4.6/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $49.99
Published By Glority Global Group Ltd.
Downloads10 million +

2. Smart Plant Home : Your All-In-One
Plant Care System

Smart Plant Home
Available on iOS & Android

The Smart Plant Home is now a software that improves plant treatment. It is ideal for those that want items to go as planned. Smart Plant Home seems to want to help whether it is happening with your houseplants. The plant identification mobile app does indeed have a function that allows you to email a snapshot of your tree to an experienced team to determine what is happening. The species will be identified by expert staff.

It is supported by cutting-edge software, allowing you to connect with specialists at any time. The image will show you that this cannot be performed and which pest to use. They’ll inform you about every single factor that’s impacting the condition of the vegetation. To learn about other options and to get valuable knowledge. It is obtainable on both devices.

Rating iOS: 4/5
Android: 2.8/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $35.99
Published By Green Chip Tech. Inc
Downloads5 Thousand+
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3. iNaturalist Plant Identification

Available on iOS & Android

The National Geographic Organization and the California National academy collaborated on this software. iNaturalist uses artificial intelligence to assist in the resolution of plant species challenges. Naturalists may use the planting identification number smartphone app to create and share information about species in a networking site environment. It is well-matched with both devices.

The organization is enormous, and it will advise you on every aspect of the planting. It aids in the management of plants and the detection of illnesses. It’s a social media platform where gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and others can share their views and information.

Rating iOS: /5
Android: /5
In-app ProductsNo In-App Purchasing
Published By iNaturalist, LLC
Downloads 10 million +

4. PlantNet Plant Identification

Available on iOS & Android

Are you everyone who enjoys looking at trees and shrubs? This is the PlantNet software for you. A more significant number of pictures are available with the plant identification mobile website. It might originate from everywhere and at any time. It would be a consumer and enjoyable program to use. Trees, like many others, maybe identified by providing photographs of them. Don’t miss out on the plant identification software, which gives valuable information.

The result is precise and dependable. The plant identification app is free to download and use, and it has a community with over one million photographs in applications. Day after day, researchers promise to introduce multiple species and visuals.

Rating iOS: 4.6/5
Android: 4.4/5
In-app Products No In-App Purchasing
Published By PlantNet
Downloads 10 million +

5. PlantSnap Plant Identification

Available on iOS & Android

PlantSnap is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to get houseplants and maintain them. It’s inexpensive to get and gives users virtual contamination. Meanwhile, the android application is not accessible on iOS and costs $3.99. Because the software is well-known, it includes 30 dialects. This smartphone app has a picture placing feature for checking houseplants.

You may use PlantSnap to find and save all the correct ones. It also permits you to trim the shot and instantly capture it. There are two variations of the plant identification app: free or paid; studies recommend that the paid version is preferable for tree enthusiasts. They claimed that plant enthusiasts would go further and understand much more about species with lesser adverts. The smartphone has already been tested on 50,000 different species, and you can explore far more than a more extensive database.

Rating iOS: 4.6/5
Android: 2.6/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $29.99
Published By PlantSnap, Inc.
Downloads 10 million +

6. Garden Compass Plant Identification

Garden Compass
Available on iOS & Android

Garden Compass would be only accessible for iPhone and iPad. The plant identification app is a smartphone application to identify plants. The plant identification app acts as a reminder and assists you in completing the activity in gardening. The customer may add their plants to a digital care schedule with a reference implementation.

Garden Compass is available to assist you, even if it’s a tiny problem. The iPhone store’s plant identify app is well-known among specialists, and the plant identifies smartphone apps that provide quick and precise findings. It comes in two flavors: a free edition with multiple opportunities and a paid version featuring infinite alternatives.

Rating iOS: 4/5
Android: 2.8/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $35.99
Published By Garden Compass, LLC
Downloads5 Thousand+
Garden Compass was the original name of the band that evolved into SmartPlant.

7. Plantix : Your Crop Doctor

Available on Android

Plantix is a plant-growing application. It has a wealth of data on cultivating a variety of crops. The software also aids in diagnosing problems, such as illnesses and other possible issues. The software has a worldwide reach, with many users assisting with provincial and even native plant knowledge in certain circumstances. As a result, it also serves as a communication media or community place for gardeners.

RatingAndroid: 4.3/5
In-app Products No In-App Purchasing
Published By Plantix
Downloads 10 million +
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8. Wateria : Plant Care & Watering Reminders

Available on Android

Wateria is a planting tracker and a watering reminder app. It’s a straightforward program that performed admirably in our tests. The software allows you to enter your tree assortment and add information such as maintenance schedules. According to your feedback, the software will notify you to maintain your plants. You may even give your plants names and learn about agriculture. There are no advertising or in-app payments in this app. Altogether, it’s fantastic software for this type of activity.

RatingAndroid: 4/5
In-app Products No In-App Purchasing
Published By Wateria
Downloads10 Thousand +

9. What’s That Flower?

What's That Flower
Available on iOS & Android

One of the most popular plants identification applications is What’s That Flower. It isn’t reliant on photograph submissions, for example. Rather, it begins with a simple question. You inform it what color it is, what type of petals it has, where it lives, and so on. After that, the software informs you what that might be. This is great for remembering flowers you didn’t take a photo of. The app supports over 600 different varieties of flowers. The paid plan is ad-supported and only available online. The premium version allows you to search remotely, eliminates advertisements, and adds more search parameters.

Rating iOS: 4.5/5
Android: 3.8/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $9.49
Published By Adrian Benko
Downloads 1 million +

10. Agrobase : Weed, Disease, Insect

Available on Android

Agrobase is a significant app for producers and others in the agricultural industry. It offers a large library of plants, wildflowers, pests, and illnesses that affect plants. It comes in handy for recognizing various sorts of plants. The program includes a web app, regular updates, extensive explanations, and high-quality photographs, among other things. That might be a bit much for the casual horticulturist, but good knowledge is interesting advice. It’s unquestionably one of the greatest plant applications available.

Rating iOS: /5
Android: /5
In-app Products$3.49 – $114.99
Published By Farmis
Downloads5 Hundred thousand +

11. FlowerChecker, Plant Identify

Available on iOS & Android

FlowerChecker is one of the most widely used flower recognition applications. It functions as a company. You submit a photo of a flower, and an expert identifies it. However, the procedure is not without cost. Each confirmation will set you back roughly a dollar. They believe it’s because individuals, not a software algorithm, recognize the plans. As a result, the funds are used to compensate those individuals. In our tests, it performed admirably. The software is also likely to come in handy for those plants that people can’t discover on Google.

Rating iOS: 3.1/5
Android: 4.4/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $15.00
Published By Thran
Downloads 10 Thousand +

12. Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books
Available on iOS & Android

Plant cultivation is one of humanity’s earliest pursuits. There is an almost limitless amount of textual knowledge relating to the topic. This covers information on background, plant and petal recognition, how to cultivate plants, and much more.

Google Play Publications is convenient since it aligns with Android’s Gmail account. Kindle and Barnes&Noble’s Library are two other alternatives. They’re all stocked with literature on plants, horticulture, pests, plant recognition, as well as other topics.

Rating iOS: 4.5/5
Android: 4.1/5
In-app Products No In-App Purchasing
Published By Google LLC
Downloads1 billion +

13. LeafSnap Plant Identification

Available on iOS & Android

This free smartphone app employs a visual detection algorithm to assist in identifying plant species based on images of their foliage. Beautiful high-resolution photos of leaflets, blooms, fruit, stems, seeds, and timber may be seen at Leafsnap.

Leafsnap presently contains trees from the Northeast United States and Canada, but it will eventually expand to have included trees from around America.

Rating iOS: 4.7/5
Android: 4.9/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $21.99
Downloads 1 million +

14. Flora Incognita : Automated Plant Identification

Flora Incognita
Available on iOS & Android

Once Flora Incognita begins to perform its charm, the species is recognized in moments. Everything you have to do with one would be snap an image of something like the foliage or blossom and post it. The program also provides extensive information on these traits, safety classification, and other aspects of the species.

Rating iOS: 4.6/5
Android: 3.9/5
In-app Products No In-App Purchasing
Published By Technische Universität Ilmenau
Downloads1 million +

15. Garden Tags : Plants & Gardens

Available on iOS & Android

This is more than a plant identifier app. The app crowdsources plant information where users can learn about the type of plant or flower they found. They can upload a picture and ask the community to help identify the plant or flower.

Rating iOS: 3.7/5
Android: 4/5
In-app Products$3.49 – $19.99
Published By 4D Media Limited
Downloads 10 Thousand +

16. Garden Answers Plant Identifier

Garden Answers
Available on iOS & Android

In this app, the user can take a picture of the plant or upload an image from their phone. Then the app provides multiple options from where the best match can be chosen. Post selection, the app offers detailed information regarding the plant.

Rating iOS: 4/5
Android: 4/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $3.99 
Published By Gardens Alive
Downloads 50 Thousand +

17. Online Vendors

Plant Identification App Buy Plants Online
Many apps are available on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Gardeners may benefit greatly from a variety of internet shops. They provide quick and convenient access to various tools, particularly basic farm implements. Weed treatments, grass bags, and flowers may be purchased quickly from online vendors. For academic reasons, you may also obtain publications and many other reference resources.

Most of them, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, offer actual sites where you may purchase native plants to replant into your backyard. Because the applications are all accessible, there can be no reason not to look forward to seeing what you could discover.

Example Of Best Plant Online Store:

Who Can Use Plant Identification Apps?

These apps can prove to be helpful for a number of people, such as: 

1. Nature Lovers 🌿🌏🌳

People who admire nature are always excited to explore more nuances. These apps are particularly helpful in getting to know everything about different plants without asking an expert. These apps have a huge database of a myriad of plants, flowers, and trees, and hence it helps nature lovers to explore a lot about nature. 

2. Wildlife Travelers 🌲🦉🗺️

The wildlife travelers are constantly visiting forests where they come across various plants and trees, and they are often curious to explore more about them. Usually, they are required to learn about the utility of different plants in case there is a medical emergency. 

3. Gardeners 🧑‍🏡🌾

Gardeners can use the plant identifier apps to enrich their knowledge about plants, trees, flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. They can use these apps everywhere, even when in a nursery, to buy a plant, as the app offers data like Plant-name, availability across the world, source, ease of use, and a lot more. 

4. Farmers 👩‍🌾🚜👨‍🌾

The app allows the farmers to have direct access to information about an unknown seed, tree, plant, or fruit quite instantly. These apps also offer minute details about various leaves and pests on the leaves. Using the app, the farmers can make an informed decision regarding which crop should be harvested. 

5. Zoologists 🔎🐞🦋

Zoologists must check nutrition in the vegetables/fruits before it is fed to the animals. The animals are fed tree branches, flowers, and plants, and these apps allow the zoologists to meet the particular food requirements of each animal available at the zoo. 

6. Botanists 🔎🌱🍄

Botany is an education stream where the students get to study plants, like their properties, structure, and biochemical processes, including plant classification, study about plant diseases, and interactions with the environment. The plant identifier apps are helpful for botany students to access basic information regarding plants. And once they get the overview of free fruit or a flower, it gets easier to fetch more details about it. These apps serve as a fun tool for botany students to get their queries answered quickly. 

What Should Your Plant🌱 Identification App 📱Include?

Developing a plant identification app is a completely novel notion. It is obvious, nevertheless, that this is a really valuable program. Following are by far the most important characteristics to include in developing plant identification software.

1. Data From A Database

When you submit a plant photo into the software, it begins looking for suitable results. A built-in part of the promotional system detects the plant by retrieving database records and displaying all potential results on the screens.

2. Snapping Photos Of The Plants And Submitting It

Through using applications, recognizing any species is simple. Consumers must use their cellphone photographer to capture a photo of the plants and submit it to the program.

3. Geo-Tagging Is Number Three

With the use of a geo-tagging tool, users may enter places how and when they discovered a certain plant.

4. Detailed Information About The Plant

Plant identification programs provide customers with all relevant details about plants, including foliage, flowers, the genus and species they correspond, origination, scientific designations, developmental stages, descriptions, and other facts.

Required Team Structure For Plant Identifier App Development

It is advised to get in touch with a reputed firm to get your plant-identifier app developed. They have an expert and experienced team of developers and designers that will help create a well-functioning mobile app. The group consists of:

  • Project manager
  • iOS or Android developers
  • Back-end developers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Quality Analysis Testers

How Much Does It Cost 💰 To Create A Plant Identifier Mobile App?

It is pretty impossible to figure out the exact cost of developing a Plant Identifier app, as there are a number of factors that affect the cost to build Plant Identifier app, such as:

1. App Features

An app integrated with basic features is cost-effective; however, it takes up the app cost when advanced functionalities are integrated into the app.  

2. Number Of Platforms

When a Plant-identification app is created for a single platform, it costs less than an app designed for both Android and iOS platforms as that doubles up the cost. 

3. Location Of App Developers

The hourly rates of app developers differ as per their location; for example, the hourly development rates are much higher in USA Europe, while the development rates are lesser in Asian countries, like India.

4. App Design and Development

When the app has a complex design, it takes up more developmental hours, increasing the cost of plant identifier app development. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, we can say that the approx. The cost to create a basic-featured Plant identifier app should be between $25000-$30000, whereas the app with advanced features and more than one platform goes up to $50000-$60000

How Can EmizenTech Help You Develop a Plant Identifier App?

When you hire our professional mobile app developers, they patiently review your plant identifier app development needs and create an app development plan to attain your expectations. They invest their time in understanding your target audience, goals, and challenges and emerge with customized solutions aligning with your business objectives. 

Key Highlights of Our Mobile App Developers

  • Deep business understanding
  • Technical skills plus soft skills
  • Expert in varied programming languages
  • Familiar with every API development platform
  • Follow agile approach
  • Work collaboratively

If you are also looking for an experienced mobile app development company for your plant identifier app development project, choose EmizenTech without a second thought, which will always satisfy you.


It is now necessary to get a mobile application that enables planting and horticultural assistance, developed by custom app development businesses. It might be much easier to use an app designed to recognize growing objects. Simply snap a photo or provide some research to identify what species of tree you’re looking at. As a result, possessing a software program for this would be advantageous. Growing plants, caring for them, and several other variables take time and work. As a result, the gathered checklist will assist you in completing all of these tasks.

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