Ecommerce has become a huge market over the years. As even small and medium-sized businesses have also started leveraging the online opportunity of selling products and services, there is huge competition now on even the ecommerce market. As customers are now relying on ecommerce stores for their daily shopping – it has been estimated by 2040, 95% of purchases would be made online. In 2017, there was $2.3 trillion worth of sales through online shopping which is now expected to get double to $4.5 trillion by 2021.

One of the most popular platforms to develop an ecommerce website is Magento. It accounts for nearly 12% of all online stores which are more than 250,000 active ecommerce sites. As of April 2020, Magento has a 1.4% market share of all websites that use content management systems. These stats reflect the huge popularity of Magento. However, after developing a Magento e-commerce store, there must be a question that arises in mind – What to do next? You observe that you have started gaining sales but when it will get saturated, what will you do? The answer is to improve the features and functionality of your store as per the latest trends.

An ecommerce store owner must have knowledge about the current ongoing trends and how he can improve the customer experience, user interface, and overall features of his store. The best way to improve your Magento ecommerce store is to use Magento extensions.

Magento extensions are one of the most important factors of the huge popularity of Magento. It is highly scalable due to the availability of these extensions. In this article, we have mustered the most successful and result oriented Magento 2 extensions which you can use for checkout enhancements, search, navigation, site management, content & customization, digital marketing, translation, and localization practices. Let’s begin now…

1. Algolia Instant Search

Algolia Instant Search

Search is a very important feature in a Magento store. It is the first way by which a user interacts with your Magento store. With Algolia Instant Search, the customers can find the products they are looking for very easily. It delivers lightning-fast, and relevant search results anywhere in the world.

It has an autocomplete feature with an instant search results page that updates in real-time with products and categories.  The users can also prioritize the results as per the product ratings, popularity, best-selling features. There is advanced typo tolerance so that users can get results even after making the slightest of errors. Replace your Magento default search with Algolia Instant search to provide a better search experience.

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2. Google Maps Store Locator


If you want your customers to easily locate your store on the map and have no problems in finding directions or navigations then you must locate your store on Google Maps. For this, you must use advanced Google Maps Store Locator which allows listing your physical store locations on a dedicated store locator page. You can customize the map marker, and create tags so that the customers can easily find a store with directions. It will help your business to increase sales through both online and offline conversions and get maximum exposure to customers.

3. Amasty One Step Checkout Extension

one step checkout for magento-2 amasty

Checkout is the most important part of the customer journey. The customer finds almost no hassles while adding products to the cart but faces issues in checkout many times. This One Step Checkout extension can speed up the whole payment process and gives immense satisfaction to the customer. The customer can do checkout within a few clicks. It supports many popular payment systems and displays the date of delivery, with order and delivery comments. The customers can also product options on the checkout. You need minimal resources to integrate and configure this extension.

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4. Magento 2 Social Login Extension

magento 2 social login extension

To onboard the users on your Magento store, you must provide them with a very easy registration as hardly any customer prefers to enter the e-mail address, name, phone number, etc. However, things become easy when you provide them log in through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. This extension gives you the option of providing login through Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, GitHub, Foursquare, Microsoft Live, and Vkontakte login. Providing logins through social media platforms can increase the sign-up rate by 30%. You can get this extension free of cost.

5. Custom Stock Status By Amasty

custom stock status for magento 2

If you want to provide precise information about the stock availability in your store then you must use the Custom Stock Status Extension by Amasty. This extension can catch the users’ attention with catchy statuses to make them buy more. You can use this extension to create several custom stock status and automatically or manually assign them to products. It is fully optimized for mobile. Use this status to show out of stock options of configurable items and upload special icons for stock statuses. However, configuring this extension may need a Magento expert. The pricing of this extension is $199.

6. Quick Contact Extension

quick contact us extension 2

If you wish that the users or your customers would be able to easily contact you then you must try this extension on your Magento Store. The users just need to fill a simple form to instantly contact you. You can add a Contact Us button on all store pages. You can enable Google Captcha on Quick form, add Google Maps on the Contact Us page, customize form fields, and view /reply to queries from the backend. Google captcha will help in removing spam from your site. You can also customize the forms for a better user experience, and can quickly view and reply to the queries from your admin panel. It costs $35.

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7. Advanced SEO Suite

advanced seo extension for magento 2

This is a powerful extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines want you to tune your website perfectly for users and, that may cost a lot to you. This extension automates most of Magento 2 SEO settings and saves time and money for your SEO resources. It can manage SEO settings for pages, categories, and layered navigation. You can get advanced rich snippets, generate meta-tags by templates, generate an advanced sitemap for Google, and can control all redirects quickly and easily. It will configure canonical URLs and SEO analysis of every page. Use this extension to increase your store search engine visibility and grow your CTR. The price of this extension is $149.

8. Press Release

press release widget magento 2

If you wish to provide the latest news on your Magento store then you must try this extension. It is a feature-rich extension that can help you providing the latest updates, press contact information, and add press release news. It supports the multi-store environment and has a customizable advanced grid. Easy management of Press Release Content, and export press release data to CSV or Excel, XML file. Search by author’s name, press description, or latest released press by tags. You can display YouTube videos as well. It supports meta keyword, and description and provides sharing addons. Its price is $49.

9. Store Manager Connector

magento import export wizards

Managing an e-commerce store is not a cakewalk. There are many different aspects of which you need to take care of. A store manager connector can extend the admin functionality and make your general store management easier than from difficult to manage backend. It is free to use extension which retailers can use to expand and grow their business by efficiently managing their inventory, sales, purchasing, and fulfillment through a centralized channel. It will help in enhancing their visibility, introducing efficiency, and better control over their business operations. This extension can also work offline with your categories, catalog, attributes, customers, and orders and revise the changes with synchronization once you are online.

10. Rewards points

loyalty programs for magento 2

Loyalty Programs are one of the most promising ways to gain the trust of your customers. It can enhance customer intention and will also reduce the marketing budget of your business. The Rewards point extension by MagePlaza can build customer loyalty effectively, increase conversion rate effortlessly, attract more new customers, enhance awareness of the brand, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their shopping experience. You can set up reward system rules. When the customer will interact with your store, the customer will get points that he/she can use on the next purchases.

11. Most Viewed & Sold Product Count

This extension you can use for selling products. It will display the most viewed products, most products sold count. Hence, customers can know exactly how many times the products are viewed. It gives a fully customizable interface of the extension, and don’t affect the core files of Magento. It is easily manageable from Admin. You can enable or disable the most viewed count and sold quantity count from admin. It will help in increasing the credibility of the store.

12. Product Part finder

product part finder extension m2

It is a must-have Magento 2 extension for automobile e-commerce Magento stores who are having a huge collection of products in their catalog. This extension can filter the products on the basis of parts based on a vehicle. You can create unlimited auto parts based on the vehicle type and requirements and display them on category, product, or home page.  It is the perfect extension for those stores who are selling very different types of products. It will help the customers to easily find products from the store. There is an option to import/export the part finder data and a drag & drop option to arrange part finder product filters. The price of this extension has been set as $159.

13. Advanced Testimonials

advanced testimonial for magento 2

It is highly essential to know what your customers think about your services and products while running an e-commerce store on Magento. Testimonials will help you in gaining customer loyalty. This Advanced Testimonials extension is very helpful to persuade the new visitors to your site and converting them into regular patrons. It provides a user-friendly experience to the visitor. You can improve the store usability and performance and add testimonial by the admin panel. The customers can also upload an image for each testimonial. It has a fully customizable interface with the usage of WYSIWYG editor for editing. It is easily manageable from Admin and the extension provides 9+ awesome layout. The price of this extension is $49 only.

14. Mageplaza SEO extension

If you can’t drive traffic on your Magento store then all your efforts of developing it will go in vain. Hence, you must do digital marketing of your Magento store especially SEO. This Mageplaza SEO extension comes with many different outstanding features. Using this extension, you can improve the ranking of your site by over 32%, and can increase the traffic on your store by 198%. This extension will especially help you in reducing duplicate content by 100%. You can use this extension to restrict the usage of duplicate content, adding structured data, dynamic and variety metadata template rules, breadcrumbs, smart page analysis, and assist multi-stores and multi-languages. This extension is completely free to use.

15. Request for Quote

Last but not least, this extension is useful when you are not selling fixed-price items but instead those items for which the customers will ask for a quote. The Request for Quote extension will add a button on the product page, clicking on which a form will display which the customers will fill. After filling up the form, the customer will press a submit button. The customers can send a quote for a particular product. The store owner can easily manage the extension from the backend, view the attached file, send a direct e-mail to the contacted person from the admin panel, set a custom e-mail template by editing the text field, set file upload extension, Google Recaptcha code. The extension will display the requested date & quote needed by the client date. It’s to be noted that by allowing bargaining in your store you can even encourage your customers to buy more products at a very flexible price.


Magento extensions are necessary for improving the overall functionality of your store. There are many default options in Magento but you must remember that all other store owners are also having those options. Hence, using extensions give you store out-of-the-box feature and functionality. If you require to integrate a Magento extension, develop a custom Magento extension for you, or require to hire Magento developers for any other task in Magento, then you can definitely reach out to us.

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