The existing era of digitalization has made everything right at your fingertips. Studying and accessing the Bible has never been more convenient, but a vast number of Bible apps and study tools make it possible. As per the conducted research, Bible app installation increased by over 100 million devices, which breaks the 2020 record of 76 million in one year. The use of Bible apps grew at a rate of 20% compared to 2022, leading to about 12 billion people being attracted to these apps. From verse search features to inclusive commentaries, Bible apps provide a variety of features to improve your divine journey.

Are you looking for the best Bible app to make a deeper connection with the almighty but speechless, with many options out there? Take a few moments to read through the list of best Bible apps that we have put together and help you dive into Bible reading for extra time. Together, let’s embark on an instructive expedition to uncover the app that brings God’s words closer to you.

Bible App For Android & iOS
Best Bible Apps For Android & iOS

What are Bible Study Apps?

Bible study apps are designed to facilitate the reading and understanding the Bible. They often include searchable texts, daily reading plans, explanatory notes, and sometimes audio versions. These apps have a wide range of users, from casual readers to serious scholars, helping them explore biblical texts conveniently on their electronic devices.

The Rise of Bible Apps

Due to the pandemic, church attendance has decreased by 50%, and from here, people have started to indulge more with smartphones; due to this, the venture capital funding for religious apps has increased from 6.1 million USD in 2016 to 175.3 million USD in 2021. The global market size of these apps was valued at $206.85 billion USD in 2022, and this is expected to increase by a CAGR of 13.8% by 2030.

The YouVersion Bible app has been raised in Bejing and HongKong. These apps are available for smartphones, tablets & computers and free for users since 2008. In 2023, there will be 53% and 107% installation rate increases in India and Latin America, respectively, with notable increases in Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

India, is the fastest-growing region for the YouVersion Family of apps. people engaged with over 700 versions of the Bible in approx. 350 languages, with a 53% increase in installation rate compared to last year.

Nowadays, Bible apps surpass 3000 Bible versions in approx. 2000 languages which also provide devotional content through 30,000 Bible plans over 84 languages.

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20 Popular Bible Apps/Bible Study Apps Available in 2024

Essentially, it depends on what you are looking to get out of the Bible app. So, here is the list of best Bible apps for Android and iPhone users that work even on a laptop. The features of the apps are explained here, so choosing is easy. Meanwhile, these are easy-to-use and well-designed apps for your iPad, tablet, smartphone, and even desktop and work with both iPhone and Android interfaces. Let’s begin:

1. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway
Available on iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 4.1/5
iOS – 4.4/5
In-app Products$3.99 – $39.99 per item
Published By HarperCollins Christian Publishing
Downloads1 million +
Features> 90 different Bible translations & Messages.
> Listen to over 20 audio Bibles
> Quickly and easily search the Bible for a verse, passage, or keyword.
> Enjoy a daily Bible Verse of the Day
> Follow one of many different Bible reading plans
> Learn more about any Bible passage with a library of trustworthy Bible > commentaries and other references.
> Take personal notes, highlight Bible text, and bookmark your favorite verses.
> Share Bible verses with your friends and family
> Upgrade to the ultimate Bible learning experience with a free 30-day trial of > Bible Gateway Plus. Plus members enjoy access to their expanded study library in the App.

This app offers over 200 Bible versions and translations that users can effortlessly search, read, or study. Besides, the app also offers devotions and reference material. This solid app can also be used easily from a laptop. Its available reading plans and audio Bibles make it a popular Bible app for busy women who prefer to listen to the Word while doing other tasks like cleaning the house or working out.

2. Bible Study Tools, Audio Video 

Bible Resources
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.6/5
iOS – 4.1/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Bible Resources
Downloads10 Thousand +
Features> Offer a FREE Bible Study guide by mail
> Bibles, Commentaries, Study books. Download more…
> Daily Scripture (a daily scripture with comments).
> Songs in the night (a daily scripture with comments).
> Morning Devotions
> Hymns of Dawn (1-361).
> Children Resources, videos, workbooks, daily text, many books for different ages.
> Audio Resources – Bible Audio, Bible Studies Audio on various topics, over 1000 Christian hymns, Christians Songs
> Audio Sermons – over 20.000 Christian sermons on different subjects. You can view them by categories or search for a subject or speaker.
> Bible Videos – over 300 Video Presentations on different Subjects
> Bible study books, Commentaries

The Bible study app offers audio and video features and the ability to play hymns and has over 1000 hymns. With daily commentaries, Scripture, questions & answers, this app is quite popular among its users, and it even offers a great kids section for the children. The app efficiently runs even when users are using other apps, and it pauses when there are incoming calls.

3. Your Version aka The Bible App

Your Version aka The Bible App
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.7/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Life.Church
Downloads100 Million +
Features> Read The Bible Daily
> Bible Study With Friends
> Study God’s Word
> Customize Your Free Bible
> Connect With Youversion

This is among the most popular Bible study apps. Here, the users can easily make notes, make graphics from their favorite verses, highlight passages, and do more. It is easy to find daily devotionals on this platform. The app can be found easily on the app stores with the ‘YouVersion Bible App.’ Here the users use the live feature and send it to Evernote, highland/listen to an audio Bible. It is a versatile app that works both online and offline. 

This Bible study app has almost 2000 versions in more than 1000 languages and offers various reading plans and features that can be used with kids. If looking for a free Bible study app, this is a must-have for everyone.

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4. Accordance

Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.5/5
iOS – 4.8/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By OakTree Software Inc
Downloads10 Thousand +
Features> Read
> Search
> Explore

This app is available for both mobile and laptop. Users can find this app in the app store with “Accordance Mobile by Oak Tree Software Inc.” The app offers a similar scrolling feature that allows users to compare two Bible versions of their choice as they sync together. This way, users can discuss with their friends who like a different version (like the one in their native language), and hence both of them can get more out of it owing to a similar experience. Once a free starter account is registered, users can also install various commentaries & reference materials that can be used offline. As stated by Accordance app developers, “These materials include Christian classics, Jewish publications, Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew, high-end reference works and more. This platform is constantly growing and gaining a lot of popularity. 

5. Olive Tree

Olive Tree
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.4/5
iOS – 4.8/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $399.99 per item
Published By Gospel Technologies LLC
Downloads1 million +
Features> You Don’t Need A Wifi Connection To Access Your Bible
> More Than Just A Bible
> Bible Study Pack Subscriptions
> Tech + Design
> Bible Translations
> Free Stuff
> Inexpensive Biblical Resources
> Audio Bibles
> Study Bibles
> Word Study Bibles With Strong’s Numbers
> Commentaries & Study Tools

This Bible app has free and paid functionalities among the easiest, cleanest interfaces. The app doesn’t necessarily need wi-fi to function, and it works well unplugged, or users can even access the app at places with poor reception. The app includes ESV, NIV, NKJV, KJV Bible versions, and lesser-known translations. Also, there are more versions available for users preferring inexpensive purchases. Meanwhile, this is one Bible study app to check out as it is a go-to Bible study app for many. 

6. She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 2.6/5
iOS – 3.4/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $2.99 per item
Published By She Reads Truth
Downloads1 Million +
Features> Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design
> Full-text Bible (with new translations added soon!)
> Free and paid devotional reading plans, with new content added daily
> Bookmarking, journaling, and sharing capability
> Real-time commenting that syncs with the She Reads Truth website
> Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily scripture and devotional readings
> Free, downloadable scripture lock screens for your phone (an excellent tool for scripture memorization!)
> In-app camera with free photo overlays
> Customizable notifications to remind you to read Truth at your ideal time of day
> Bible search function
> Settings for font size, preferred Bible translation, red-letter function, and nighttime display

This app is a community of women who read God’s Word together. Many women across the globe converge daily between app, website, and #shereadtruth on social media, where they together read the Word. The app offers both free and paid versions and can be used by any woman, anywhere. Women who want to feel a part of something and know she is not going alone can benefit from this useful and straightforward app. Also, for men who feel left out, there is a He Reads Truth community as well. 

7. NIV Bible App

Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.1/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $399.99 per item
Published By Olive Tree
Downloads500 Thousand +
Features> No Wifi
> More Than A Bible App
> Tech + Design
> Bible Study Subscriptions
> Bible Translations
> Free Books
> Inexpensive Resources
> Audio Bibles
> Study Bibles
> Word Study Bibles With Strong’s Numbers
> Commentaries & Study Tools
> Original Languages

This NIV Bible App is integrated with Jesus Film, so the users watch Scripture coming to life here. This app is more than a Bible study app and allows its users to experience God’s Word in an entirely new manner. So parents who have very visual kids like this app, as the kids can watch the Bible here. 

8. NIV Quest Study Bible

NIV Quest Study Bible
Available as E-book
GenreReligion & Spirituality
ReleasedAugust – 27 – 2019
Length1984 Pages
SellerHarpercollins Publishers

The app comes with full-color maps, photos, and over 20,000 notes and is among the most liked free Bible study apps. It works great on both iOS and Android devices. This is the app for you for people looking for an app to do family Bible time or show the kids exactly where something is on a map. 

9. Net Bible

Net Bible
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.1/5
iOS – 4.1/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Biblical Studies Foundation, Scripture Earth
Downloads10 Thousand +
Features> Read the new English translation (net) bible like the book that it is, by swiping through its pages without worrying about chapter boundaries.
> Tap the current passage title to change passages.
> Learn and grow by reading the 58,506 translators’ notes and the associated bible cross-references in popups.
> Highlight/underline passages of interest.
> Bookmark your favorite passages by tapping a verse number.
> Take notes that are tied to verses by tapping a verse number.
> Sync your highlights, notes, and bookmarks with lumina.Bible.Org and other ios devices running this app.
> See an indication of your notes when reading the text.
> Search the bible using our fuzzy search that doesn’t require you to know all of the words or even the translation it came from.
> Share verses via Twitter, Facebook, email, and messaging by tapping a verse number.
> Choose books by using a grid, canonical list, or alphabetical list of books. > > Force touch a book/chapter to go directly to it.
> Two-finger swipe left/right to navigate your history during sermons and bible studies.
> Change the font and size of the text.
> Night reading mode

Formerly known as, Net Bible is a Bible study app that works great for men, women, children, pastors, etc. The app focuses explicitly on the different needs of different people, hence offering a personalized experience to its users when they use the app. The app has a great resource named Lumina, where users can study verses and versions parallelly. It is an excellent app for deeper study. 

10. The Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.2/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Blue Letter Bible
Downloads1 million +
FeaturesPowerful Bible Study Tools, personalized Bible Study

This Bible study app has many other Bible study tools, like seeing the original meaning of Greek and Hebrew words used in the earliest versions of the Bible and commentaries. The app is also equipped to do topical studies and consists of several devotion options used in the app. Its audio & video commentaries work great. 

It has a great FAQ section that answers common theological questions and offers value. The app contains maps, diagrams, and charts to help people execute in-depth analysis and understand the Bible’s original context.  

11. gloBIBLE

Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 3/5
iOS – 3.4/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Immersion Digital
Downloads10 Thousand +
Features> Gathers study content from contributing ministries, churches, publishers, and pastors
> Linked to each verse are HD videos, pictures, sermons, commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more.
> No more spending valuable time searching across multiple sources to find what you’re looking for.
> Just tap the verse and explore these powerful resources in-app!
E-book Also Available

This Bible study app is available for Android and iPhone devices, and it is a big hit among teenagers and young adults. gloBIBLE allows users to click on a verse and access HD pictures, videos, commentaries, sermons, virtual tours, maps, and more, contributed by several ministries, publishers, pastors, and churches. Users who have kids can install this app on their iPad and watch some videos, and explore Biblical geography with maps and tours. 

12. E-Sword

Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.5/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Rick Meyers
Downloads50 Thousand +
Features> Study the Bible in an enjoyable and enriching manner
> Powerful searches
> Strong’s definitions
> Scripture references
> Compare bibles
> Location maps
> Reading plans
> Formatted emails
> No internet connection is required to use e-sword lt.

E-Sword is a Bible study app for Apple devices and works on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other devices. This simple app allows one to study Bible verse by verse and offers several valuable references. The app is for personal study/writing devotions, sermons, and Bible studies. E-Sword app offers a parallel Bible study view, extensive reference library, audio sermon library, maps, robust search features, and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing capabilities.

13. : Audio & Video Bibles

Bible is
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 4.2/5
iOS – 4.8/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Faith Comes By Hearing
Downloads5 million +
Features> Freely Access The Bible In 1,300+ Languages. New Languages Are Added Monthly.
> Listen To Beautifully Dramatized Scripture At Home, At Work, Or In The Car.
> Easily Create Custom Plans And Playlists For Personal, Family, Or Church >Bible Study.
> Discover And Follow Plans Made By Others To Engage The Bible.
> Search Bible Passages By Language Or Country.
> Navigate In Your Language— Detects The Language Your Phone >Uses And Automatically Adjusts Its Text, Or You Can Select Your Preferred Language.
> Look Up Keywords, Book Names, Or Specific Verses.
> Bookmark, Highlight, And Add Notes For Scripture Memorization And Inspiration.
> See The Ministry Of Jesus Come To Life In Gospel Films And The Jesus Film.
> Share Any Bible Verse Via Social Media Or Email With One Tap.

Over 1 million app users rely on this app to listen to God’s Word daily. a free Bible app available for iPhone and Android and can offer more than 30 Bible versions, text & audio Bible commentaries, audio Bible, and more. It can be daunting to understand archaic references, but this app offers advanced word study searches that allow users to decode any sermon. The free Bible app also enables users to learn Greek and Hebrew with its original lexicon. Meanwhile, the many Bible translations can be easily accessed in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, French, Russian, Greek, and Hebrew. 

14. ESV Bible

ESV Bible
Available on iOS & Android
Price Free
RatingAndroid – 3.9/5
iOS – 4.1/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Crossway
Downloads1 Million +
Features> Read
> Listen
> Free Reading Plans
> Study
> Search
> Write
> Highlight
> Sync
> Share

The free Bible study app for Android is for people who are curious about more than just sermons or stories. The app users are offered over 1000 sermons, 450 virtual tours, 650 artworks, 140 maps, and 2300 photos. This resourceful app also provides a full 3.5-hour interactive documentary on the life of Jesus. Owing to the rich content this app offers, the user base boasts more than 1 million downloads. Big names like The Guardian, Telegraph UK, Washington Post, Mashable,, and more have praised this app. 

ESV Bible app is designed for daily reading and Bible study and offers a fantastic listening experience to its users. Also, the app contains 39 books in the Old Testament (Leviticus, Exodus, Genesis, etc.)

15. Community Bible Church OP

Park Bible App
Available on iOS
RatingiOS – 5/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Community Bible Church of Orange Park Ministries, In
Downloads10 Thousand +

This beautifully designed and interactive Bible study app allows users to read, learn, and explore Bible from famous pastors and scholars via thousands of audio-video resources. The app contains short stories and full-seminary videos so users can better understand what they are reading and be transformed by the truth of the Bible. The Bible study app provides a personalized reading experience by segmenting the Bible into chapters. This chapter consists of valuable resources that allow us to understand the Lord’s greatness. 

Among its best features is that the users can select, highlight, and save their readings and add personal notes here. The app’s library is vast and constantly updated with the latest stories and videos. Most users admire other features, including a beautiful user interface, dark-mode support, a free app available in 11 versions, and more.

16. Logos: Deep Bible Study

Logos app is the best Bible app for iPhone with multiple study resources for scriptures. Its user interface is top-notch, easy to navigate, and manages all the study material on your device. The Logos Bible software team has already created the best way to take your Bible commentaries and studies in your pocket. This app will provide you with a customized switch b/w commentaries and reading as you scroll. In other words, this app will help you to understand God’s word better. This app offers resource linking, tabbed browsing, and creative reading plan features.

RatingAndroid – 4.8/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app Products$9.99 for NASB translation
Published byFai1thlife Corporation
FeaturesInstant access to 95 free resources
Share verse bible images on Twitter, Facebook, and email
Different reading plans
Offers tabbed browsing
Avail 3 independent channels for resource linking
Have reference scanning
Provide bible word study

17. Pencil Bible

This app is mainly focused on engaging and interactive design with the aim of offering a tremendous visual reading experience to the users. It will help the readers to make engaging notes that will motivate them to spend more time on the app. You can think of purchasing this app if you are looking for an intuitive note-taking needs better cloud storage, unlimited bookmarks and different translation options.

RatingAndroid – Not available
iOS – 4.4/5
In-app Products$3.99/month
Published byLaunch Round
FeaturesUnlimited Bookmarks
Cloud storage
Create unlimited custom Bibles
Unlimited bookmarks
Compatible for iPads
Give access to buy any premium plan
Annotate up to 10 chapters
Uses free translation
Use annotation tools
Offer offline access

18.  AndBible: Bible Study

It is a simple open-source bible study app with numerous features and convenient Bible resources. This app is free to download, has no advertisements and covers various scripture interpretation excerpts. This app offers accessibility features such as dark mode, a search option for better reading, and space for personal notes. In addition, it contains reference materials, text-to-speech where users personalize their practices, and even maps of the areas in the Bible. It works terrific if you are looking for an app geared toward academic reading.

RatingAndroid – 4.7/5
iOS – Not available
In-app ProductsNA
Published byBobby Gruenewald
FeaturesVarious bible study setups
Linked footnotes, cross-references and documents
Flexible searching
Avail study pads for notes
Reading plans
Advanced bookmarking
Strong integration
Split text views

19. The Bible Memory App

This is the best bible app for beginners who are new to faith. The main aim of this app is to develop a firm foundation and encourage Bible memorization for your conviction. It’s an exclusive Bible memory system, with several ways to memorize and fun awards to win the things as you go. The bible memory app works in three steps: Type It, memorize it, and master it, which is time-saving and convenient for new users.

RatingAndroid – 4.0/5
iOS – 4.8/5
In-app ProductsNA
Published byMillennial Apps, LLC
FeaturesTime saving
Easy to use
Send reminders or notifications
Available for multiple users
Syncs with different mobile devices
Offer a library review option
Modified key zones
Uses three steps: type it, memorize it, and master it

20. Dwell

Dwell app got a lot of people’s attention lately and is considered to be the best audio bible app for Android & iPhone with highly professional voicework. Its limitation is that it comes up with $6.99 per month and $39.99 per year for a subscription. Not everyone is financially wiggled and not able to drop this much of an amount on smartphone apps. It provides an audio bible in over 100 languages and offers search and listening options to the users.

RatingAndroid – 4.7/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app Products$2.99/month
$149.99 for lifetime membership
Published byJonathan and Joshua Bailey
FeaturesProvide a translation option
Devotionals reminders
Curated passages and stories
Devotional series
Offline and online Bible access
Browse curated playlists and popular verses
Guided sleep experiences
Intuitive search feature

Features to Look at Before Choosing a Bible App

With different options of Bible apps available in the market, it seems to be challenging to select the one that fits to your requirements and preferences. In this section, we will discover the features that need to be considered while choosing the Best Bible app, ensuring that you explore the appropriate companion for your spiritual journey.

1. Compatible with Platforms and Devices

Before looking out for the Bible app features and functionalities, it is required to double-check the app’s compatibility. Most of the Bible apps are available to operate on Android and iOS operating systems. To avoid any compatibility issues, pay attention to compatibility data and system requirements offered by the app developer. 

2. Translation Options

Translation availability is considered to be a key factor when choosing the best Bible study app. Ranging from traditional to modern versions, different Bible apps provide diverse types of translations. Consider a specific translation, and look for apps that offer a wide range of the same and permit switching between them.

3. User Interface and Experience

A user-friendly interface is required for an interactive Bible app experience. Look for the best apps with customizable settings, like various reading modes and layouts, to tailor the app appearance to your preferences to improve your reading & study experience. 

4. Study Tools and Resources

Study tools can improve your engagement & understanding of the scriptures. Tools and resource availability are vital in selecting the best Bible app. These resources offer valuable insight into the historical background, context, and meaning of the Bible to provide a comprehensive study experience. Ensure that the app has features such as commentaries, cross-references, dictionaries, and maps.

5. Sync Across Devices and Cloud Storage

It is crucial that the Bible app must sync across multiple devices. This will ensure that you can make a seamless transition between your smartphone and PC without lacking in progress. Cloud storage permits you to store notes, highlights, and bookmarks securely, and that can be accessible with an internet connection.

6. Additional Features

While the main aim of a Bible app is to give access to scriptures, many apps offer additional features such as daily devotionals, note-taking, audio-versions, community engagement, reading plans, and social sharing options. These additional capabilities offer a fulfilling and personalized Bible app experience. 

How Can EmizenTech Help You?

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In this world, where hobbyist Bible readers are busy with their daily stuff, Bible apps have become one of the standard ways to read scripture, as most Christian denominations, including students, scholars, devotional readers, new believers, church leaders, and many more, install religious Bible apps on their smartphones. The numerous above-mentioned features, like user-friendly interface, study tools, and many more, made it easy for users to accept these apps. Bible apps/Bible study apps will always give you access to God’s word regardless of location.

We hope you find this article useful to know about the best Bible apps available in the marketplace. The above-mentioned free Bible apps for iPhone and Android devices serve the latest trend to stay connected to religious scripture with your highest presence in them.

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