For relationships to sustain, it needs work from both partners. And the perks of living in the ultra-digitalized world is we have an app as a solution for every problem. These days people begin their relationships using an app by using several dating apps like Tinder present in the app market. And there are also numerous relationship apps present in the app market, helping couples strengthen their bond and smoothly get through the rough patches that eventually come in any relationship. Yes, you heard it right, apps to improve and work on the relationship. 

Apps for Couple

Most of these apps for couples are easy-to-use and offer several unique features. However, there are also couples looking for particular help; for instance, they face scheduling or budgeting issues. Hence, there are apps designed to help couples with a specific topic. 

After comprehensive market research, we have curated a list of top apps for couples being used and recommended by couples worldwide. Here’s the list:

1. Between: Private Couples App

Between Private Couples App
Available on iOS & Android

This app claims to be most loved by couples. Between offers, it all, whether it involves keeping track of special occasions, sending private messages, or editing the pictures with tons of animated stickers and gifs. The app offers an integrated calendar enabling users to plan new events or date adventures, like a surprise birthday plan, anniversary party, or date night. The app allows to save dates in the app’s calendar, and a couple can see each other’s calendars. Between also combines messaging with fun themes, artwork, and calendars, so the couples stay securely connected. 

In many ways, Between is a brilliant pick for couples as it enables them to keep track of special dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, other upcoming events. The app also allows its users to privately and securely share photos and videos. Between’s built-in chat, video, and phone-call features and supportive GIFs & emojis make it an excellent app for long-distance lovers. 

RatingiOS: 4.7/5
Android: 4.6/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $32.99 
Published By Between Us Co. Ltd.
Downloads10 million +
Features1. Couple conversations with more love!
2. Precious memories can be stored easily!
3. Schedules and special days are saved in one place!
4. Anytime, anywhere – a conversation just for two! Try Between!

2. Honeydue: Couples Finance

Honeydue Couples Finance
Available on iOS & Android

This is a finance app only for couples, so the stress caused by poor money management can be well-handled. Honeydue allows to connect accounts from more than 20,000 significant banks, and couples can view all their transactions on the same feed. The app tracks all the spending and plans accordingly for shared bills & expenses and exchanges messages within the app. 

This app is helpful for couples with separate bank accounts and offers a joint bank account for couples interested in merging their finances. 

RatingiOS: 4.5/5
Android: 4/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $9.99
Published By WalletIQ, Inc.
Downloads100 Thousand+
Features1. Choose how much you share with your partner.
2. See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized.
3. Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified
when you and your partner are nearing it.
4. Add your own custom categories
5. Get reminded when it’s time to pay your bills.
6. Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner’s spending habits, or choose from 6 other emojis
7. Ask your partner if that mysterious purchase was theirs
8. Divvy up expenses, and square up balances with your partner when the time is right
9. Automatic categorization of all your spending
10. Support for over 10,000+ banks (US, Canada, UK, Spain & France)
11. Bank-level security for your peace of mind:
12. Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit.
13. SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication.
14. See the big picture and argue less about the little things
15. Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day!

3. Pathshare: GPS Location Sharing

Pathshare GPS Location Sharing
Available on iOS & Android

Another great app for couples not living together or traveling frequently. It focuses on location sharing. Here the couples can share their GPS location. This way, the users can ensure their partner reaches home safely and helps plan a meeting at the last moment, during a lunch break or post-work. 

With Pathshare, the couples do not require texting each other’s location or waiting for the partner to arrive. Also, users can turn off location sharing at any time. The app is free-to-use, works indoors and outdoors, and offers support in email and FAQs. However, there is no live customer support. 

RatingiOS: 3.3/5
Android: 3.8/5
In-app ProductsNo In-app purchases
Published By freshbits GmbH
Downloads10 Thousand+
Features1. Real-time location sharing
2. Group sessions
3. Device-independent:
4. Safety included with active duration control
5. Security enabled
6. Simple usage
7. Notifications
8. Global availability
9. The app already features English and German with many more languages to come.

4. Lasting: Marriage Counseling

Pathshare GPS Location Sharing
Available on iOS & Android

The concept of marriage counseling or couple therapy is quite common nowadays and works wonders for any relationship. Lasting is an app offering tools to build a happy and lasting relationship. The app’s free version consists of audio recordings on relationship health and conversation starters and other prompts helpful to ease into the counseling process. When upgraded to the premium version, the users get access to additional content, like lessons on trust, communication, conflict, money, physical connection. The couples looking for therapy can start with a short quiz that helps determine the current relationship state and areas that require work. There are hundreds of audio lessons available, but the Lasting app has free content. 

RatingiOS: 4.7/5
Android: 4.5/5
In-app Products$11.99 – $119.99
Published By Lasting Labs
Downloads500 Thousand+
Features1. Lasting makes couples counseling simple.
2. Build a healthier, happier relationship
3. Lasting helps you and your partner nurture your emotional connection and repair relationship issues.
4. Relationship Reminders
5. Single Sessions For Free
6. Lasting Premium unlocks
-> Communication
-> Conflict
-> Repair
-> Emotional Connection
-> Sexual Connection
-> Sexual Desire
-> Trust
-> Money
-> Family Culture
-> Appreciation
-> Dozens more!

5. Raft: Shared Couple Calendar

Raft Shared Couple Calendar
Available on iOS

It is a scheduling app but not particularly for couples. Both couples and close friends can use this app. The app doesn’t offer any quizzes or intimacy support but allows users to access chat, calendar tools, and support for GIFs & images that help plan activities together. 

The app automatically imports events from other calendars of users, including work or social events, so the user can decide which events they are keen to share with their partner or friends. All in all, Raft is considered the best app to schedule date nights or double dates, or outings with pals. 

RatingiOS: 4.6/5
In-app ProductsNo In-app purchases
Published By Join Raft AB
Downloads100 Thousand+
Features1. Find and connect your partner, family, and BFFs to your calendar.
2. See what your partner, family, and friends got planned.
3. Like and comment on each other’s plans.
4. Personalize your plans and appointments with images, emojis, and animated GIFs.
5. Share some plans. Keep others private.
6. Countdown the days to weddings, anniversaries, parties, childbirth, and date nights.
7. Tap to invite people and they will instantly get a notification to join your event.
8. Chat directly in the calendar events.

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6. Kindu: Romantic Ideas

Kindu Romantic Ideas
Available on iOS & Android

This is an app for couples keen on building intimacy in their relationship, as it comes with over 1000 relationship ideas and customized wildcards to pick from. With Kindu, couples can suggest new things with their significant partner without any embarrassment since it only shows the ‘matches’ that both the partners expressed interest in. 

The app doesn’t store the user data, so users can link their accounts and share their desires. Users can use codewords to keep things light and fun and save stuff to the ‘completed’ list once they’ve tried them out.

RatingiOS: 3.6/5
Android: 3.6/5
In-app Products$0.99 – $9.99
Published By Franklin Innovations LLC
Downloads100 Thousand +
Features1. Over 1000 romantic relationship ideas.
2. Double-blind match system that allows couples to only see matches they agree on.
3. Passcode protection
4. Unlimited updates
5. Use on two separate devices
6. Favorite option to allow you to star favorites and create the favorite list
7. Wildcard feature to allow you to submit your own ideas to your partner
8. Anonymous accounts with no identifying data stored
9. In-app purchases that allow you to buy more adventurous content as well as immediate access to delayed free content.

7. Winnie: Daycare, Preschool & Parenting

Kindu Romantic Ideas
Available on iOS & Android

Married couples with kids often need ideas for activities that they can engage in together. It usually gets difficult to find engaging activities that work for families with our busy lives. Winnie can help in such a situation as it helps parents by giving parenting advice and suggesting kids-friendly activities nearby. The app also allows locating daycare centers and babysitters nearby so couples can also enjoy alone time together. 

RatingiOS: 4.6/5
Android: 4.2/5
In-app ProductsNo In-app purchases
Published By Winnie
Downloads50 Thousand +
Features1. Research child care providers
2. Find family-friendly places
3. Join a helpful community

8. Love Nudge The Love Language App

Love Nudge The Love Language App
Available on iOS & Android

Love Nudge is a free app and is considered the best app for couples. Based on The 5 Love Languages book series, this engaging and playful app helps couples experience deep love. The app puts Love Language concepts into practice but in a fun manner. The couples can find out about one another’s primary love language and set goals they’re keen to accomplish based on their partner’s love language (clean dishes, buy flowers, date night, etc.). The users can also nudge a suggestion so the partner can speak their love language. Love Nudge allows users to track their progress over time and check on how full is their partner’s ‘love tank’. 

RatingiOS: 4.6/5
Android: 4.5/5
In-app Products$9.99
Published By Moody Publishers Limited
Downloads1 Million +
Features1. Updated love languages quiz
2. Goal trackers
3. Reminders
4. Statistics
5. Ability to sync with your partner to send and receive “nudges”
6. Bookstore now features
7. Video Series

9. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App For Couples

Couple Game Relationship Quiz App For Couples
Available on iOS & Android

This is an app for new couples keen on having fun and better understanding one another. The app doesn’t offer deep insights into relationship issues but allows users to learn more about the interests and preferences of their partners. Couple Game offers chat features, quizzes, relationship coupons, and a lot more. Also, it stores the user’s answers and tells them what they got right or wrong concerning their partner’s likes and dislikes. The feature can be used as a ‘cheat sheet’ to find great ideas for gifts, dates, and more. 

RatingiOS: 4.5/5
Android: 4.3/5
In-app Products$1.99 – $59.99
Published By iPassion ApS
Downloads1 Million +
Features1. Hundreds of questions make Couple Game one of the biggest smartphone games for couples
2. Questions covering many revealing topics to take your love to the next level
3. Play at your own pace – save progress to play together in real life then resume anytime
4. Every answer and guess is saved automatically for you to use when stuck for gift ideas, holiday destinations, or the perfect date night idea!

10. Merge – Couple Organizer

Merge Couple Organizer
Available on iOS

Considered the best app for married couples, the Merge app helps maintain an open line of communication and helps get things done around the house. The app allows categorizing tasks as: 

  • Chores: This includes all household chores
  • Shop: This includes groceries and other household purchases
  • Vote: The couple can collaborate on tasks with their significant other
  • Pay: This lists household payables, like rent and utilities (entertainment, electricity, grocery)

This app is very optimized for couples aiming to take the stress of these common issues. Tasks shared with the partner can be added to Merge, like household chores, grocery lists, errands to run, dinner orders, and more. Any task on the list can be easily assigned to a specific partner or marked as ‘shared.’ Users can further add more details to clarify. For instance, confused about whether your wife wants extra cheese in the pizza order, ask within the app, and she can add ‘extra cheese’ specifically. 

With Merge, the users can set due dates, reminders, set the urgency level of a task, comment on task collaborations, and do many other things.

RatingiOS: 4/5
In-app Products$3.99 – $19.99
Published By Kindred, Inc.
Downloads 100 Thousand +
Features1. Merge Status
2. Comment on new and completed tasks
3. Add a profile picture
4. Seamlessly sync across iPhone and iPad
5. Set due dates
6. Create reminders
7. Sync reminders with Apple Reminders
8. Make tasks recurring
9. Set task urgency
10. Reassign tasks
11. Edit tasks
12. Add #hashtags to create sublists

11. DateNight – Date With Friends

DateNight Date With Friends
Available on iOS

When a couple is dating for a long time, it gets difficult to get new date ideas. The date Night app helps couples find perfect date night ideas, regardless of their location. There are several categories to choose from, so the users can quickly get ideas as per their budget, occasion, or time of the day. 

The app allows users to make curated lists and browse through lists curated by other app users. Users can filter date night ideas by category to get the best and most suitable ideas for the special night. Users can also review the date night ideas posted by other users. If an idea fails to get good reviews, the admins remove it. 

RatingiOS: 4.5/5
In-app ProductsNo In-app purchases
Published By Playhouse Studios Inc.
Downloads100 Thousand +
Features1. Date With Friends
2. Swipe
3. Match
4. Watch Each Other Date
5. Live Video Date 
6. Watch Your Friends Date Live


This list contained the best relationship apps for the new couple, married couple, long-distance couple, a married couple with kids. Using these apps, people can smoothly work on their relationships so that their relationship is not a place of stress but something that brings calm and joy. These apps are widely used by couples worldwide, and if you have a business idea to create a relationship app, then the time is right to dive in with the help of the best app development partner who excels at creating a variety of apps for their clients. 

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