A clean, high-performing, visually appealing website is essential for attracting and retaining clients. That’s why front-end development plays a crucial and continuously evolving role.

Pertaining to front-end development, ReactJs is mostly picked over AngularJS, as the former outperforms the latter. According to a survey by Statista, ReactJS is becoming the most-used web framework among software developers, with around 42.62% of respondents using it, as recorded in 2022

Choosing ReactJS for your upcoming project can be beneficial as it diminishes the load time and boosts rendering speed compared to other frameworks. Many more benefits will support your decision to use this web framework. 

We know you need more than this to make your mind pick ReactJS. This article will assert critical benefits and reasons to choose it to create interactive user interfaces and web apps efficiently and quickly.

An open-source library, ReactJS, is usually preferred for handling the app’s view layer. Developers choose this web framework to develop reusable UI components, and it is scalable and fast in modifying data without reloading the page. Most large-scale apps use ReactJS for data loading without refreshing the pages.           

Key Benefits of Choosing ReactJS Framework

Key Benefits of Choosing ReactJS Framework

1. Easy to Learn

ReactJS offers easy-to-grab tutorials, documentation, and training resources that make learning easy. Developers from a JS background can easily understand this web framework and develop web apps comparatively faster, saving on the training cost. 

2. Easy Scripting

ReactJS comes with a free extension, JSX, which eases the HTML markup in the library simply by writing your code’s shortcut and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement Trees. This, in turn, makes the app run faster.

3. Faster To Build

ReactJS follows Virtual Document Object Model (V-DOM) and a component-based approach, making it faster than other frameworks. It states that you can spend less on developing your site or web, and it’s because React uses varied unique options internally to reduce the frequency of expensive DOM operations required to refresh the UI. Thus, React leads to a quick user interface effortlessly for performance optimization. 

4. SEO Friendliness

While browsing, React runs over a server and returns a V-DOM. Because of this, the web pages become light for the search engine crawlers to let them crawl. Consequently, it becomes easier for websites to rank. On the contrary, other web pages of heavy apps with JS codes make it challenging for search engines to crawl through. Thus it’s less supportive to rank. 

5. Reusable Components

The components on which ReactJS works are easy-to-use in other builds also. Thus, there’s no need to create new features from scratch, as developers can reuse those codes and save money and time. In fact, you can use the same code on any platform. 

6. App Testing

Every developer would choose an easy process with ReactJS. The apps developed using this web framework are easy for functionality testing. Flexibility and ease are the top factors that make ReactJs more popular than Angular. 

7. Massive Developers’ Community

React is preferred by various Fortune 500 companies, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and holds a vast community that current Facebook developers actively support. 

8. Excellent Cross-Platform Support

ReactJS helps develop web apps using ReactDOM and Android and iOS using React Native. Cross-platform, hybrid desktop apps are built using Electron. Developers can integrate ReactJS with other tools to build complex apps. 

Availability of Extensions

When it comes to packages and extensions, React is quite good. Its extensions ease the coding environment for developers to make the code understandable and easy to read. 

Developers Can Start Their React Projects with a Specific Template

Top 5 Brands/Companies Leveraging the Potential of ReactJS

1. Facebook

facebook messanger

According to DataReportal, in January 2023, Facebook had around 2.963 billion monthly active users. And estimating roughly, the organization states that on this globe, there are about 37% of people use Facebook today. 

Facebook is known as the pioneer of ReactJS, which evolved with this unique framework in the app development industry. ReactFiber is a rewritten version of ReactJS that Facebook announced. Besides, the code for additional advancements and feature development makes it super responsive. 

2. Instagram


A popular social media platform, Instagram is mainly used by the corporate world and the young generation to display photos, videos, and information. In its development, Instagram has entirely utilized the ReactJS library and facilitated developers to enjoy its benefits. This single-page web app is completely developed with the ReactJS family. The Instagram web reveals a fast performance and is responsive to varied user-driven events. In Instagram, various features, such as Google Maps, Geolocations, image/video delivery, progressive loading, and more, are offered because of ReactJS. 

3. Netflix

Netflix logo

A top-class media streaming platform, Netflix uses ReactJS, particularly for low-performance devices. Netflix reaps the benefits of the ReactJS library to enhance the runtime performance, boost startup speed, and modularization. 

4. Twitter


A widely popular social media platform, Twitter started utilizing React when they revamped their website with the latest web technology. It’s being used on the progressive web apps (PWA) they have implemented, providing various competencies, like push notifications, app, and offline support.

5. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a social media app that has become a need of every moment for almost everyone worldwide. Let you know it’s also developed using ReactJS, which leads to secure and stable performance. Besides, the web version of WhatsApp uses ReactJS to improve the web experience. 

Top Reasons to Choose React JS Framework

Easy to AdoptCompared to other frontend frameworks, React is simple and makes it easy to learn for all-sized businesses to start their venture effortlessly. It doesn’t demand high expertise, only basic HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge.
Builds Feature-Rich User InterfaceUndoubtedly, UI plays a vital role in an app. If designed well, it can engage more customers and lead to success. ReactJS facilitates web designers to craft rich and top-quality user interfaces using its declarative components. 
Allows Writing Custom ComponentsAn optional syntax extension of React helps developers write custom components, develop high-volume apps, and convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Moreover, developers can reuse these components, which paces the development process. 
Availability of ExtensionsReactJS arrives with a wealth of extensions that help developers make their coding environment easy to read and understand. 
SEO-FriendlyFor the top ranking of a website, its page load time should be less, with quick rendering speed. React arrives as a savior here, and it supports server-side rendering of sites that assists businesses in booking top rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.
Strong Community SupportThe primary reason why developers adopt ReactJS is its robust community support. Various React developers contribute to making React a better front-end framework. Experts upload free React tutorials on the internet, that’s contributing much. React professionals solve varied issues on QA sites that provide reliable solutions. 
Better Code StabilityReact prefers following a downward data flow to ensure that changes in child structure leave its parent structure unaffected. So, whenever a developer modifies an object, he needs to make changes in its states and perform proper amendments, and it will offer an updated component. Resultantly, data flow and structure provide the seamless performance of the app and better code stability. 
JavaScript Provides EaseA developer with only basic knowledge of JavaScript can deploy React easily. Besides, a professional JavaScript developer will find it easier to learn React framework from the inside out in a day or two. 
Easy To ScaleReact is versatile and allows developers to integrate third-party libraries and frameworks into their tech stack easily. 

Why Choose Emizentech For Your Next Development Project

Being a learning ReactJS development company, Emizentech has a team of proficient ReactJs developers delivering challenging and complex development services. 

Here’s why you should choose us for your upcoming project:

Dedicated TeamsOur dedicated developers are experienced in offering high-end business solutions on varied technologies and frameworks.
Agile MethodologiesWe follow an Agile procedure for optimizing the methods and practices and delivering the best outcomes as expected. 
Customer SatisfactionOur team performs on the latest technologies and frameworks and provides scalable, user-friendly, and secure business solutions per our client’s needs. 
Competitive PricingWe provide a perfect combination of cost-effective pricing with the best quality services to ensure you get what you want at the lowest cost. 
Flexible Engagement ModelsYou can use our flexible hiring model for hiring dedicated ReactJS developers per your business needs. 
Perform CollaborativelyOur developers work with our clients at every development phase to keep them posted about the updates and lead to an expected solution.


An increasing number of developers and businesses are adopting ReactJS. Its easy-to-use and responsive JavaScript library is beneficial for all-sized organizations. You can reap the most from this front-end framework and advance your business. Thus, you should hire expert ReactJS developers for your upcoming projects, put forth your business needs, and get special assistance to accomplish your project. 

Instead, hire our ReactJS development company and get stress-free and expected development services suiting your business-centric requirements. Connect with us now to get a free consultation! We will be happy to serve you the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does it cost to develop a web application with React?

Generally, the cost to develop a web app with React starts from $15,000. The complete app development cost may vary as it relies on varied factors, like feature list, app’s complexity, type of design, and more. Such factors add to the cost, so while deciding the budget for app development, consider such factors to avoid any issues later. 

Q. Is it possible to migrate from other frameworks to React?

We help our clients seamlessly migrate from different technologies to ReactJs without data loss, interruption, or security risk to the app structure. Well, it’s tougher to migrate from a JS framework to React than only migrating from a server template language. Still, our dedicated ReactJS developers can make it possible with more care and patience. 

Q. What are the pros & cons of React?

Pros of ReactJS
1. Easy to Learn
2. High performance
3. SEO-friendly
4. Vast community support
5. Build rich UI
Cons of ReactJS
1. Fast change in the development environment
2. SEO handling
3. Poor documentation

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