In the 21st century, we have witnessed exponential growth in the ecommerce industry. eCommerce can give success to your business regardless of its industry. The same is true for the automotive industry as well.

Automotive Industry With Magento eCommerce Store

Going online is not a choice but a mandatory option. Choosing the best ecommerce platform for your business can play a huge role in ecommerce success. And what can be better than Magento 2!

There is a vast range of exclusive B2B features in Magento 2 which can power your ecommerce operations. Currently, there are more than 250,000 ecommerce stores active on Magento (B2B & B2C), and thus Magento has become a leading ecommerce development platform. You are wondering how Magento 2 is helpful to take your automotive business online? We will resolve every query in this article.

Magento 2 – A Perfect eCommerce Store For Automotive Businesses

Many different factors make Magento 2 an ideal ecommerce platform for taking your automotive business online.

Let’s go through each element:

1. Enable Multi-Store And Multi-Language Support

Magento multi-store functionality is beneficial for an automotive industry ecommerce store. It allows you to enable multiple stores features by only a single installation. The multi-store functionality becomes easy to handle when taking numerous Store Views or dealing with different versions of your store of other locations.

A single admin panel allows you to control multiple stores. The admin will get a neat and clear display of products. You can also target specific target audience groups and categorize the products based on your niche to conduct sales effectively.

If you have a target audience in multiple countries, then the multi-language feature of Adobe Commerce (previously known as Magento Commerce) is helpful for you. Since most customers search a store in their native language, they gain the added benefit as search engines promote search based on their native languages. Magento also comes with multi-payment functionality in case your target audience prefers any other payment method.

2. Explore Magento Marketplace Multiple Possibilities

Magento 2 comes with Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension. It allows you to drive your ecommerce store as a thriving online marketplace. The suppliers can manage their shipping methods as the customers can set pre-defined shipping methods.

The other essential features of this extension are:

  • Membership option
  • Shipping management option
  • Scheduled payment for vendors
  • Vendor registration page

It allows you to set up multiple vendor portals with unique dashboards for managing products. There will be a separate registration and login page for each supplier, and keep track of all the products added by these suppliers. The suppliers can also add bulk products through CSV files and provide advanced tracking codes for shipping all orders.
Generate sales reports and sales conversion of suppliers while getting a complete overview of the monthly payments. Also, you will get information on business operations to know which product is selling more among which target audience, location, etc.

3. Leveraging Highly Responsive Themes And UI Library

Since a vast conduct sales effectively, your range of customers browse through their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, it has become essential that your ecommerce store works smoothly on all mobile devices. Magento 2 responsive theme provides a fluid viewing experience on all mobile devices.

You can use Magento Blank and Luma themes for a better mobile viewing experience. Using these themes will save your time and money in comparison to creating a theme from scratch. You can adequately organize your catalog page, product page, and much more on these themes.

Magento 2 UI library is also very flexible in easy customization and frontend theme development by using base elements. You can even customize and reuse the below-mentioned elements of the UI with the Magento UI library:

  • Layout
  • Actions-toolbar
  • Forms
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Icon
  • Dropdowns
  • Pop-ups
  • Sections-tabs and accordions

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4. Multi-Source Inventory Feature Allows To Manage Inventory Better

Magento 2 will enable you to link various inventory sources with your store. With the multi-store feature, you can connect multiple warehouses and physical stores for better operational transparency. Multi-source inventory improves the management of both single and multi-channel inventories and different sales channels from the Magento 2 admin panel.
You can manage inventories and warehouses regardless of their locations, customer location, sales channels, or products type. Expand your ecommerce site through easy updates of quantities, add stocks, sources, and sales channels.

The other benefits the Multi-source inventory feature gives you are:

  • Check your warehouses at anytime
  • Manage different products and their quantities to multiple warehouses, stores, and factories
  • Allows for 3rd party integration with inventory systems
  • Assign rules to manage and control inventory sources
  • Multi-source inventory improves the operational workflow and omnichannel strategies for a better buying experience.

5. Better Mobile Features To Target A Vast Range Of Audiences

In the last few years, with the availability of fast internet connections and reliable smartphones. Thus, it is imperative to have a mobile-ready site as the future is going to be portable.

Magento comes with mobile commerce has evolved a lot a mobile-friendly checkout experience. A seamless shopping experience is ensured through Instant purchases and other payment methods like Braintree and PayPal. Improves the cross-channel experience through in-built responsive design reference templates for a better mobile-friendly experience.
You can also PWAs. With the Magento PWA Studio, you can develop highly functioning PWAs which work like native mobile apps but are developed on web technologies. You can set the app design, set color schemes, or even add anything according to your business requirements with just a few clicks.

6. Dynamic Pricing

In the B2B industry, dynamic pricing is an essential feature. The Reuters report that came at the start of the decade validates its growing popularity. The report mentions that dynamic pricing generated over $1 billion in the automotive industry in the last decade. You can also retain your clients or customers with dynamic pricing. In B2B business, when a buyer purchases quantity in bulk, the price is discounted and vice versa.

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In Magento, you can set the conditions required for special pricing available for a specific customer group or shared catalog.

Wrapping Up

An online store for your business has become the need of the hour. In whatever industry you have a business, you must have an online presence of it. Magento 2 is one of the best eCommerce development platforms by which you can take your traditional business online. Hire the best Magento development company, which has expertise in building ecommerce stores from scratch in varying industries.

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