An American multinational technology brand, Apple, as we all know, specializes in software, consumer electronics, and online services. 

Apple’s years of experience and hard work on AR and VR gadgets are all set to pay off. 

You can expect the first version of this project to be a Mixed Reality headset incorporating high-resolution screens.

Mashable report revealed that, in early 2024, you would witness the first-generation AR/VR headset. According to Gurman, Apple’s initial Mixed Reality Headsets will be a replacement for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

Lately, reports also say Apple is progressively working on rolling out second-generation mixed reality (MR), AR/VR headgear that fuses augmented reality (AR) with virtual reality (VR). It’s likely to get launched in late 2024 as Apple’s AR/VR headset’s EVT testing is anticipated to kick off in the third quarter of 2022. 

Illuminating the pricing edge, this headset will cost between $2000 and $3000, embracing eye-tracking, possibly iris recognition, and at least 15 camera modules. 

Over and beyond, according to Industry Analysts Jeff Pu,  Haitong International Tech Research researcher, Apple’s next target is the AR glasses that you can expect in the second half of 2024 alongside the MR headset. Due to the design constraints of AR spectacles, it is professed to be more reliant on the iPhone. 

As well, considering a letter acquired by 9to5Mac, according to Jeff Pu, Luxshare will always be one of the core suppliers of devices for Apple between 2022 to 2024. 

Well, Apple is said to be confronting issues with overheating, software, and cameras that may delay the debut of the headset. 

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