Have you been an ardent fan of Apple products and services? Have you been using Apple products for years and are one of their most loyal customers? Well, this year is going to be amazing for you as Apple has announced some ultimate solutions to all your subscription problems. By the end of this year, Apple will be launching incomparable services at a very nominal rate, and the best part is that you can enjoy this bundle of joy with your family and friends.apple one launch benefits and more

So, what has Apple launched this year apart from the usual gadgets that were due for this year? Well, the brand has come up with a bundle that comprises of various services all under one roof and subscription. Apple has finally launched Apple One, a service that everyone has been looking forward to.

Introduction to Apple One

Apple One is a service that gives you access to four components of the service provider including Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple Arcade. It allows you to access all of these services free of cost, with a single subscription. You won’t have to pay a hefty amount for each one of these anymore. The pricing of the same has been done in an incredible manner, that fits into the budgets of people and the renewal policy is also as simple as ever. Apple is an amalgamation of devices that are not only used for official purposes but work wonder when it comes to seeking entertainment and informed on several subjects and matters. It is one of the fastest working devices that has taken the country by storm. With the launch of these new services, it is going to become the leading service provider as well.apple one interface

For those people who were restricting themselves from making use of all services provided by Apple, as they had to pay for each service separately, they can now easily avail the benefit of using all these services under one roof and one subscription.

It allows you to get iCloud storage space to a certain limit. However, there might be chances when you run out of that storage space and might want to get access to some more space. Well, it can be additionally purchased and be included with your Apple One plan. This solves two purposes at the same time.

How to Get Access to The Services of Apple One

apple one services bundled togetherYou have to buy a subscription, which can be monthly or annual from your Apple account. The payment has to be made according to the pack selected by you on the platform. That is all for you to do to avail the services provided under the subscription. Also, these services are compatible with the web, Apple TV, third-party streaming devices, and Android devices.

Another thing that one can do to get access to the services is by borrowing it from their friends or family members. You heard that right! You can now share the Apple One subscription with your loved ones, who can also make their separate accounts under the same subscription. These services allow a total number of five people to have five different accounts under one subscription. This makes it cost-effective and one of the most convenient ways of getting access to all Apple services.

Avail services on a trial basis

Are you skeptical about directly paying for the services without testing them once? Well, Apple services have got you covered in this case scenario as well. There is no service offered by Apple that is not free of cost for the first trial month. Users can install the apps and start using them from the first day itself, while they are not charged for it for the first month. However, as soon as the month ends, a certain subscription amount will be deducted from their bank account that is linked with their device. They can opt to choose for a monthly plan for themselves or for the entire family.

A user can also opt to stop the subscription before the renewal date if he doesn’t find it of use or interest.

Subscription cost

There are two types of subscription costs of the Apple One services. One is for an individual, while the other one is the family pack.Subscription Costs

While the individual packs costs which gives you a 50 GB of additional iCloud space is priced at Rs. 195 ( USD 14.95) per month including the rest of the services as well, the family plan can be purchased for Rs. 365 ( USD 19.95) with an iCloud storage of 200 GB.

Apart from this, there is another plan called the top tier plan which includes the following services:

  • Premier ads
  • Apple news+
  • New fitness+ services
  • iCloud storage up to 2 TB

The monthly cost of subscription for this plan is USD 29.95.

Since there is not much difference between the pricing, Apple has made it possible for five people to use the services from one account at a very nominal cost. If you have a family plan, you can simply ask you, family members, to share it with you. This also allows you to share pictures and videos directly with all those who share the plan.

Advantages of using Apple One

apple one servicesApple One is an amalgamation of the apps services under the brand name, which can become accessible with one single subscription. Apart from getting a private plan, you can now choose one considering your family members as well, as it will help you spend less on the services. Here are the advantages of subscribing to one of these plans:

  • You can gain access to Apple music which has a big library of songs to choose from. At the same time, you can get access to the plethora of Apple shows available on Apple TV + and play end number of games present in the gaming arcade of the phone.
  • It is very simple to use as you already have an Apple account through which you have to subscribe to the services. After a free one month trial, you can opt for an automatic renewal policy of the service provider.
  • Each member of a family plan can get access to their personal Apple accounts and the recommendations for all of them will vary according to their interests.

Apart from releasing the new Macbook Air, 10th gen iPads, and other devices, Apple has forayed into providing many services with a single subscription. Apple One has been the talk of the town ever since the Apple event happened. It is one of a kind plan that has a lot to offer to its users.

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