Developers at any point in their career have to face one of the trickiest questions of their profession- Should I use Angular or React when it comes to the JavaScript frameworks? With the revenue of mobile apps is set to cross 935 billion USD by 2023, it all comes down to effective and powerful app development. 

Revenue of mobile apps
Revenue of mobile apps worldwide 2017-2025: Statista

The race of mobile app development is racing high with average smartphone owners using 10 apps daily. JavaScript frameworks have great importance in creating these web apps with React occupying 40.14% and Angular occupying 22.96% users. Let us try to solve the confusion between Angular and React with a detailed analysis of the differences between the two.

Statistic: Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide, as of 2021 | Statista
Source: Statista

What Is Angular?

Angular was first released in 2010 under the name AngularJS by Google and is maintained by the same only. It is one of the fastest-released web frameworks followed by multiple releases. Angular 2.0 was released in September 2016 which was the complete redesign of Angular 1.0.

What Is React?

React is another popular JavaScript library created by Facebook in 2013. It has a component-based architecture that is highly reusable and contributes to fast development time. It allows developers to reuse the logical section of the app and offers easy maintenance and improvement. React is one of the frameworks that overtook the existing frameworks.

History Of React vs. Angular

Angular and React

React and Angular both frameworks are available under the MIT license currently. React is developed and maintained by Facebook and was first released in 2013. Facebook is betting high on this technology as it is widely used in all its applications. React has a promising future compared to any other JavaScript framework due to its multiple features. 

Angular as version 2 and above versions was developed and maintained by Google and was originally released in September 2016. Google tends to release updates to current Angular versions. It is considered as one of the most promising projects of Google as it is used in famous Google Adwords.

Angular vs. React Comparison

Let us have a detailed comparison of Angular Vs. React, based on the following points that are the base for any app development.

1FoundedBy MiskoHeveryBy Jordan Walke
2Release Year20092013
3Ideal ForCreating interactive and highly active web applicationsCreating large web applications with frequently dynamic data
5App SizeSmall appsSmall apps
7Dynamic UI BindingProperty level or UI binding at the plain objectDirect linking of states to the UI
8Data BindingTwo-wayOne-way
9Learning CurveSteepModerate
10UI RenderingBoth client and server-sideBoth client and server-side
12Testing & DebuggingIt is possible with a single tool.It requires different tools and test runners like Ava, Jest, Mocha, etc.
13Popularity &GrowthHighLow
14Code QualityImproved code qualityImproved code quality
15Maintainability of CodeHTML extension or code maintainabilityAllows custom Reactjs components or code maintainability
16Server RenderingHigh-speedModerate-speed
17Mobile SolutionsAngular offers Ionic for developing hybrid mobile applications that have Cordova containers React Native is developed by Facebook for creating native mobile applications in React.
18The architecture of React vs. AngularFramework vs. Library
Regular DOM vs. Virtual Dom
Templates- JSX or HTML
React Fiber
State Management
Data Binding
TypeScript vs JavaScript/Flow
Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework.
Angular uses regular DOM that updates the entire HTML tree structure.
Angular uses enhanced HTML with Angular directives.
Angular has no such feature.
Angular has self-contained components that can be used in different situations.
Angular can only use Redux for large applications.
Angular uses the two-way binding.
Angular uses statically-typed language, i.e., TypeScript.
React is only a JavaScript Library.
React uses virtual DOM which makes it fast.
JSX combines UI templates and inline JavaScript logic.
React fiber is the complete rewrite of the React core and is backward-compatible.
React also has multiple components.
Redux can be used in React for state management.
React has only one-way binding.
React uses dynamically-typed language, i.e., JavaScript.


Syntax Of React vs Angular

angular syntax
Angular Syntax
react syntax
React Syntax

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Angular Vs. React

Advantages Of Angular:

  • It increases the efficiency of app coding.
  • It ensures clean code development.
  • Its interface is inspired by the material design.
  • It offers AngularCLI for Seamless Updates.
  • It offers quick switching from one view to another as it can handle quick routing.

Disadvantages Of Angular:

  • Its learning curve is steep and it can be perplexing for newbees.
  • It lacks comprehensive or clear documentation.
  • It has difficulty in third-party integrations.
  • Upgrading to current versions shows complications.
  • It becomes slow for interactive components.

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Advantages Of React:

  • It offers quick migration between different versions.
  • It is easy to learn the React due to straightforward design.
  • It is easy to transfer React skills to Native development.
  • React and ES6/7 can manage huge loads with ease.
  • It is perfect for content-focused apps as it has improved server-side rendering capacity.
  • There is no need to worry about the framework-specific code and hence developers can concentrate on the real app code.
  • It offers HTML-like syntax for quick templates and extensive documentation.
  • Facebook’s feature “codemod” can automate large processes.

Disadvantages Of React:

  • It is important to learn the integration of the user interface with the MVC network.
  • Integration of React with any MVC framework like Rail needs a lengthy setup.

What Is Angular Good For?


If you’re looking for creating the quickest data-driven web applications, Angular is a perfect choice as it speeds up the front-end development process. The efficiency and reliability of the code are recommendable as it comes from expert Google engineers and is backed by a large community.

The model-view-controller capabilities in Angular augment the browser-based applications. It keeps the applications robust and functional by reducing the JavaScript code needs. 

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Reasons For Choosing Angular:

Some of the top reasons that developers prefer Angular for apps include:

  • It offers rapid rendering of the server-side and supports the views lacking the browser-side rendering.
  • It helps increase the overall app performance.
  • It runs parallel components and hence saves the lines of code and developers’ efforts. Hence, Angular offers optimized app development.
  • It has a plethora of in-built features that include Rxjs, AngularCLI, etc., that create powerful channels of independent event handling and data exchange. 
  • It is easy to create apps, add files, and debug a project in the Angular JS framework.

Angular Use Cases:

1. Google


Angular has helped Google redesign the PlayStation3 experience using a modern approach. It has replaced mouse movements with basic keystrokes. Further, the users can enjoy all functionalities of the YouTube PlayStation3 apps.

2. Nike


The official website of Nike uses the Angular framework. The whole e-commerce website of Nike is based on Angular and offers the ultimate customer experience globally.

3. Forbes


The commercial giant has a bi-weekly publishing website based on the Angular 5.2.0 version. It supports different topics like law, politics, science, communications, technology, marketing, investing, industry, finance, etc.

4. Upwork


The simplified website of Upwork is credited to the Angular technology that ensures that employers can hire ideal freelancers from any corner of the world.

5. General Motors

General Motors

Angular has not only to find a place in the apps but is also present in the cars of General Motors. The company aims to revolutionize the transportation industry with technology and is proudly using Angular frameworks. 

6. HBO


The entertainment giant is using Angular technology for its apps that offer a range of exclusive entertainment series.

7. Sony


The native RS3 YouTube app of Sony is created using the Angular framework only. It hosts all business products like financial services, entertainment, gaming, and electronics.

What Is Reactjs Good For?


If a developer is looking for something to create reusable UI components, Reactjs is the perfect open-source library for their needs. It is highly scalable and quick in changing data without the need for page reloading. This is the secret that all current large-scale applications use Reactjs for development.

Reasons To Choose Reactjs:

Some of the top reasons that developers prefer Reactjs for apps include:

  • It offers the URL router library like ReactRouter and code bundlers like web packs.
  • It converts JSX to JavaScript for quick browser understanding.
  • The static containers like Redux in Reactjs offer quick developments in scalable applications, manage rendering, and offer dynamic elements.
  • It is possible to gain the interactive functionalities by integrating the external entities for accessing specific functions.

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Reactjs Use Cases:

1. Facebook


The technical giant has created React and continues to use it in its social networking website and Instagram.

2. Airbnb


All the interactive components of the hospitality industry’s largest online platform are created using the Reactjs library.

3. Uber


Its prominent online food delivery app- Uber Eats uses React and Redux development for offering the utmost customer experience globally.

4. Instagram


Like Facebook, Instagram is using Reactjs for years now and has created an amazing user interface using this framework only.

5. Netflix


Netflix has also started implementing the Reactjs interface like Facebook and Instagram.

6. WhatsApp


All the single page components of this messaging app are created using the Reactjs library only.

7. Dropbox


It has been more than a year now that Dropbox is using Reactjs frameworks in offering cloud-based storage services and online backup solutions.

How To Know Which Is Best For You?

Which Is Best

Here is a quick list of the top ten questions that can be considered by any developer before jumping to the Angular or React JavaScript framework:

1. How big is the project?

All the big projects have dedicated coding needs that call for the use of Angular that has dependency injection or increased efficiencies. Hence, it helps reduce the testing time that leads to low development costs.

2. How long is it going to be maintained?

If the project has long-term maintenance needs, Angular development is perfect for such projects. However, React development is ideal for projects having short-term maintenance needs.

3. Is all of the functionality clearly defined in advance or are you expected to be flexible?

If all the app functionality is clearly defined, it is ideal to go for the Angular development. If the app development needs to be flexible, you must go for React which offers flexibility in the routing, testing, and folder structures.

4. If all of the features are already defined, what capabilities do you need?

The selection of the app capabilities out of the clearly defined features can help users select from React or Angular. Likewise, Angular is a feature-rich platform that React as it is a complete framework compared to React which is just a library.

5. Are the domain model and business logic complex?

All the complex domain models and business logic complexes are quickly handled by the Angular while React is ideal for simple app development having limited features. Further, React can be used to create UI components.

6. What platforms are you targeting? Web, mobile, desktop?

The choice of the web, desktop, or mobile platforms for app development can help decide the selection of React or Angular JavaScript framework. Angular is ideal for mobile platforms while React works well for desktop or web applications.

7. Do you need server-side rendering? Is SEO important?

Applications requiring server-side rendering can go for the Angular JS frameworks that offer quick rendering compared to the React JS framework. Further, Google offers new default libraries to make Angular apps SEO-friendly. The same is still a difficulty for the React apps.

8. Will you be handling a lot of real-time event streams?

If your app is supposed to handle a large number of real-time event streams, React is ideal for app development.

9. How big is your team?

If you’re looking for a JavaScript framework for your big tea, you can go for React while the small teams can manage app development with Angular JS frameworks.

10. How experienced are your developers and what is their background?

If your developers have limited experience then you can go for the React JS framework. Further, the technical background developers can quickly learn Angular if they already know React. 

11. Are there any ready-made component libraries that you would like to use?

Both React and Angular have ready-made component libraries. Hence, it is easy for the developers to select one out of these JavaScript frameworks based on the component library needs.

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Wrapping Up

The top two JS frameworks for software development include Angular and React. Hence, developers feel confused in selecting the ideal JavaScript framework. All you need to do is start by understanding Angular and React one by one. It is important to go through the history of Angular Vs. React, followed by a detailed comparison between the two according to specific 27 points.

It becomes easy to make a choice when you know what Angular and React is good for, the top reasons for selecting these JS frameworks, and the top use cases for Angular and React. A quick list of the ten questions can answer all the queries of the confused developers to make the ideal selection from Angular or React JS frameworks. It can be concluded that it is easy to choose between the two based on the individual project needs only.

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Frequently Asked Questions on React vs. Angular

1. Is Angular better than React?

Angular remains a step behind React as the latter has virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations. It is easy to switch between React versions that are not possible in Angular. Further, React offers a range of pre-built solutions for app development.

2. How is Angular different than React?

Angular is a complete JavaScript framework while React is a library only. Angular uses the real DOM and two-way data binding while React uses the virtual DOM and one-way data binding. Further, React has a small bundle size and is faster than Angular.

3. Can I learn Angular if I know React?

It is easy to learn Angular if you know React. Knowing React makes Angular learning easy and complete and hence when both combined to work a perfect skill combination for any software developer.

4. Why is React faster than Angular?

React is faster than Angular as it is backed by the virtual DOM that ensures quick changes without the need to rewrite the full HTML document. Hence, all the updates are faster than further increasing the speed.

5. Is React taking over Angular?

React can be considered taking over Angular as it has the virtual DOM that allows all updates and changes without rewriting the entire HTML code. Angular, on the other hand, requires rewriting of the whole HTML tree structure if the developer needs to update the specific information.

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