While running your online business, do you find it challenging to manage your properties for your multiple business units, stay updated, and deliver trending experiences, or track, offer, and provide personalized user experiences? 

For your information, besides resolving such issues, you need to perform every job faster and sequentially. Such requirements demand opting for a solution that can help you beat such challenges and facilitate you in building your brand awareness and delivering customer-centric experiences. 

Teams Using AEM Have Experienced 23% More Productivity with A 66% Improved Pace.

Adobe Experience Manager can be the best fit in this scenario. Yes, besides personalizing your user experience, AEM assists in robust digital asset management, faster content creation, and much more. Also, it arrives with numerous core components, like Adobe Sites, Adobe Assets, Adobe Forms, Adobe Mobile, and Adobe Communities. 

This post discusses AEM and its components that you can include in your business operations to improve your digital marketing efforts and drive better outcomes. 

What is AEM

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A widely preferred content management system (CMS), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is best for marketers and developers who need to organize and share content across digital channels. AEM has also been chosen to create and maintain websites, mobile experiences, and apps. 

In the United States, About 14,639 Sites Use AEM to Enhance the Digital Experience for Their Customers and Manage Messages Across Services, Products, and Organizations. 

The aim behind designing AEM is to make authoring content easier for the non-techies. Besides, this system optimizes the content management, authoring, and delivery. AEM also bridges the gap between content creation and providing personalized omnichannel experiences to customers’ needs. 

What are Adobe Experience Manager Capabilities – 5 Pillars of AEM

Adobe Experience Manager Capabilities

Also termed as the pillars of Adobe Experience Manager, AEM possesses multiple potencies, which makes it a valuable content management solution. 

The five pillars of AEM are: 

1. AEM Sites

Adobe Experience Manager Sites renders developers and marketers with an easy-to-use, user-friendly stack of composable content services encapsulated into one CMS platform. Across any channel from any team, AEM Sites holds the caliber to deliver impactful personalized experiences. 

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager Sites

  • Easy & Rapid Development

The system quickly develops and deploys web experiences using common developer tools, decoupled architecture, flexible latest frameworks, and customizable layouts for more immersive and richer omnichannel experiences. 

  • Cross-Channel Content Reusability

With the power of AI and ML, the AEM Sites facilitates varied company teams to create, deliver, manage, and optimize amazing, personalized content and experiences for their customers. 

  • High-Performing & Personalized Experience

The AEM Sites improve engagement with faster experiences across channels. Besides, performant and meaningful content delivery drives increased profit. 

  • Improved Throughput with Simplified Development

With AEM Sites, you can create content easily using the content per your business needs and choice, using seamless collaboration and automated workflows. 

Key Highlights of AEM Sites

  • Easy site creation
  • Headless CMS
  • Direct integration with Adobe Experience products. 

Why Choose Adobe Experience Manager Sites? Best Fit for Your Business?

2. AEM Assets

A cloud-native digital asset management system, AEM Assets meets today’s content needs, allowing users to easily manage millions of assets to create, deliver, manage, and optimize customized experiences at scale. 

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager Assets

  • Smart Automation

With AEM Assets arrives AI-driven capabilities that enable personalized content creation and automation of transferring a single asset in multiple variations. Whatever the size, resolution, format, effect, or crop, you can create and edit content directly from within the DAM. Besides, you can locate similar assets automatically and rapidly resize them in any format you want. This way, you can save time and deliver personalized and faster experiences, reaping the benefits of AI to streamline cropping, tagging, and distribution. 

  • Dynamic Media Delivery 

AEM Assets paces up the delivery of immersive content and insights to all the channels through the journey. Upon delivery, it optimizes assets, saving your budget and time. Also, it helps build interactive and engaging assets and deliver them to your customers to craft amazingly personalized experiences. You can create engaging experiences leveraging 3D assets, like AR, VR, etc. 

  • Scalable Asset Management

You can manage millions of assets from a single, cloud-based solution, opting for AEM Assets. While meeting the latest content demand, you can make them scalable as your organization expands. With immersive and interactive assets, you can boost your business performance. Also, you can let your multiple teams collaborate, scale the power of the DAM to fulfill customers’ requirements, and track every asset for real-time modifications and optimization for every experience. 

  • Integrated Ecosystem

By empowering your teams to collaborate, create, and rapidly deliver with a comprehensively connected DAM ecosystem, you can increase your content value from ideation to execution. With available integration for third-party apps or teams, you can keep your DAM fully optimized and up to date. Smooth workflow management can pace content creation, leading to automatically built, tagged, and reviewed assets. 

Key Highlights of AEM Assets

  • Infused with the power of Generative AI
  • Personalize at scale
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Empower with AI and automation
  • Reveal asset performance 
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3. AEM Forms

With AEM Forms, you can ease your customers to fill your forms starting on one device and finishing on another with no need to repeat the filling. 

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager Forms

  • Responsive Forms

Your forms will reduce customer abandonment with mobile-friendly and responsive enrollment to be used at any time, on any screen. You can even improve your customer interaction on any channel by performing native form integration to any website, app, chat app, and more using headless adaptive forms. So, it is time to increase your form completion rates and pre-fill applications with data accumulated from social media profiles or customers. 

  • Robust Workflows 

With AEM Forms, you can take your customers from filling out your forms to submission rapidly. Also, integrating AEM forms into your backend tools will provide you with varied benefits. Data capturing will also be secure with an automated data collection process. You can use the previous workflows to scale rapidly, add components with easy drag-and-drop functionalities, and develop customization per your business needs. 

  • Customized Customer Communication

The AEM forms improves your customer experience on every interaction, combining communications management, data integration, and advanced personalization and targeting. The built-in tools help meet customers wherever they are: app, web, email, or print. Also, communications scheduling in batches or on demand is easy with this while maintaining extensive personalization. 

Key Highlights of AEM Forms

  • Convert paper to digital forms easily
  • Optimize fill rate using cloud
  • Boost productivity with native integrations

4. AEM Mobile 

One more capability of AEM, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile, uses AEM Assets, Screens, Sites, User Manager, Workflow, Forms, and Commerce and offers exceptional deployment flexibility, allowing enterprises to utilize varied content sources. Besides, you can build apps from multiple methods it renders like:

  • AEM Mobile On-Demand Services
  • Adobe PhoneGap Enterprise with AEM

With AEM Mobile, you only need a single code base to develop mobile apps targeting great user experience and delivering them to various platforms. Also, the speedy approval process would be a great help as real-time reviews of unpublished apps can be done. Only one convenient dashboard can help you review metrics, update content, and check out package updates for the app-store submission. Using the in-built Adobe Mobile App Analytics, users can instantly analyze the mobile apps’ performance. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface facilitates updating apps and witnessing modifications instantly without needing to go to the app store. You can showcase consistent content to your customers by integrating your mobile app strategy. 

Key Highlights of AEM Mobile

  • Create custom mobile apps.
  • Integrate with PIM, CRM, and other Adobe tools.
  • Re-purpose content per the mobile app needs.
  • Centralized dashboard to control all the apps easily

5. AEM Communities

A feature of Adobe Experience Manager, AEM Communities is an open-source web management system (WCMS) that permits users to rapidly create community websites that can help convert visitors into members. Besides, this feature enables administrators to create groups and sub-groups within the community site, leveraging pre-defined templates. 

The ratings, forums, blogs, and more within the community site can help boost interaction with employees and customers. The user-friendly interfaces and wizards can help build and tailor web communities for your brand identity. Using community content analytics and recommendations, you can optimize engagement. 

Key Highlights of AEM Communities

  • Create a user-friendly community interface. 
  • Educate employees and customers about the brand. 
  • Tune up user engagement based on analytics. 
  • Keep the website up to date with user-generated content (UGC) imported from social media channels. 

How Does AEM Partner Company Help You Choose The Right Tool For Your Business?

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By offering the required tools, resources, and information, an AEM consulting company can assist you in streamlining asset management and presenting your content to the market faster. 

About 52.34% of AEM customers belong to the United States.

You should hire the right AEM partner company with the skills required for completing an AEM project. You can ask them for a wide range of services for AEM, like planning, customization, integration, implementation, support, and more. 


After learning about AEM capabilities, you may be seeking to hire an AEM consulting company to get guidance on your upcoming AEM project. 

You can turn to Emizentech with the required experience, expertise, and a captivating portfolio. The experts here guides a pathway towards successfully running business venture worldwide. 

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