A figure that assists in understanding how better your processes are in keeping your customers happy and attempting hard to make them continue working with your company is Customer Retention Rate (CRR). Customer retention starts with the first impression and the contact that the person has with your brand. This follows all through the transaction and the relationship of your company with them.

Most companies target using Salesforce for closing leads, and that’s amazing, but this process of conversation costs an amount. Well, as per your industry and a study, customer acquisition is 5 to 25 times more expensive as compared to customer retention.

That’s why you always wish to hold on to the good customers that you already have. Also, research says that a 5% increment in customer retention leads to a 25% and more increment in profit.

So, as we are left with no other better option, let’s check out how Salesforce can help you retain customers.

1. Use Integrations to Get All Your Customer Data in One Place

Earlier the sales and marketing teams preferred working in data silos and were found competing with each other to grab every opportunity.

As per the words of market researchers, integrations with customer support and service apps assist in smoothening the touchpoints of customer communication. Any interaction that we record with a customer using our customer service software can be captured as well as recorded in our CRM regardless of transferring data manually from one app to another.

Moreover, by Salesforce integration, you can identify your potential customers who stay inactive for some time because of many reasons. You can also use other email marketing tools, like MailChimp, and integrate it with Salesforce. MailChimp helps you in identifying the inactive subscribers, re-engage them by communicating emails, like discounts, competitions, or offers.

Well, the best way to be sure that our customer service is perfect, we should ensure that our customer service team is well-informed about all the customers by integrating our customer service platform with our central CRM. We already know that a transparent system has more advantages than translation from the sales and marketing team also, and all this reveals that we can be more effective when it comes to customer retention.

2. Take Advantage of Customer Data and Personalize

In terms of your relationships with your customers, you might already have accumulated a huge amount of data about them. Following the above tip, if you have integrated all such data into Salesforce, next, you can become capable of controlling your customer relationship and use data to personalize your emails. All such acts will make your customers feel special. Using Salesforce you will collect a gold mine when it comes to customer data, including their website activities, downloads, and more. This would be a great experience for your customers.

3. Using “Sales Cloud“, you can close more deals faster, increase productivity, and keep the sales team filled with enough leads.

Sales Cloud comes with various options that enhance productivity and more. With Sales Cloud, you can process your deals faster just by tracking your customer information and interactions on a single spot. Moreover, it helps in increasing the conversion rates by finding more sales-ready leads, then nurture, and converting them.

Sales Cloud paces up our productivity with AI, process automation, and automatic data capture in a single console. In fact, it allows making insightful decisions at a faster pace with the latest information. Sales Cloud can also make speedy insightful decisions with the latest information from anywhere. Also, it holds the caliber to mark the top leads and recommends further steps using AI.

4. Using “Salesforce Service Cloud“, You can support customers from anywhere, keeping an ongoing conversation.

With the assistance of Salesforce Service Cloud, you can rapidly close the customer cases from a single console. Moreover, you can personalize customer care with Service Cloud and can also predict their requirements, based on customer behavior. Apart from that, using Service Cloud, you can offer conversational service over MMS, SMS, and group services with live messaging. Even you can enhance agent productivity while delivering intelligent, connected, and personalized service from the phone to the field.

5. Using “Salesforce Marketing Cloud“, you can build and manage the customer journey by delivering the right message at the right time on the correct channels.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in engaging customers by using CRM along with other data to personalize and automate your email marketing. Also, with Marketing Cloud, you can create 1-to-1 customer journeys in the mobile email that connect all across sales, marketing, service, and more.

6. Make customers happy with “Small Business Solutions.”

Such solutions assist in retaining 45% more customers by serving them on any channel and making them happy. Also, through small business solutions, you can attain 37% more revenue by selling anywhere at a faster pace. With small business solutions, you can integrate the application 52% faster by connecting everything you perform to a single platform. Also, it helps in finding 44% more leads with personal interaction with the right customers.


Customer retention is a cost-effective way to increase your revenue. But, as we live in this competitive world, customers don’t need to stay sticking with you always, they may leave you if they find something better.

So, it’s time to be a savvy marketer and harness the strength of data to personalize customer experiences, listen to the needs of customers truly, and add value to them. Don’t forget that it’s the personal and small touch that can just make or break a lasting relationship.

We hope you find this post helpful and now, you can hire a salesforce development company and use Salesforce better to increase your customer retention.

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