Twitter has officially launched its new CoTweets feature, which was said to be under development early this year and would enable numerous users to co-author tweets. Using the new capability, two users can work together on a tweet or CoTweet a post. CoTweeting allows adding a second Twitter user as a co-author after one user tweets a post, and the second user must confirm their inclusion before being added to the tweet. 

A spokesperson from Twitter announced the feature on a new support page by stating that. 

 We’re continuing to explore new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter. We’re testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands may use this feature to grow and reach new audiences and strengthen their collaborations with other accounts. 

What Exactly Is a CoTweet?

A CoTweet is a Tweet that is co-authored and posted to both writers’ profiles and followers’ timelines. The header of a CoTweet will include the profile images and usernames of two authors. CoTweets assist authors in sharing the spotlight, unlocking chances to engage with new audiences, and strengthening their existing collaborations.

How Do CoTweets Work?

When two authors decide to CoTweet, the first step is to finalize the content they wish to share. We encourage collaborating over Direct Messages.

When the message is complete, one author creates the CoTweet and invites the co-author. When the co-author accepts the CoTweet invitation, the CoTweet is immediately posted to each author’s profile and to the timelines of each author’s followers.

How Do You Draft a CoTweet?

Launch the Tweet editor. Add the message and tap the CoTweet symbol. Select a co-author from your list of followers, then hit Invite.

Who Will Be Able to Use the Co-Tweets Function on Twitter?

Twitter announced that its Co-Tweet functionality would be accessible to specific accounts in Canada, Korea, and the United States. This means that Twitter’s plans to introduce this service to a broader audience of users are still uncertain. Ultimately, it may be one of those things that will never be added to the platform.

It is safe to say that Twitter still has a strong hold on its perspective. 

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