Running an eCommerce business and that too successfully is not an easy peasy job. Besides, the general aspects of sales and marketing, the production duties, and customer relations demand extra attention to some technical aspects. 

Considering fulfilling such demands, at this edge, Salesforce Commerce Cloud joins the discussion. It’s competent enough to handle almost everything like meeting eCommerce technical demands, offering constant updates and new features, and much more. 

Salesforce once acquired a solution, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a widely known term for meeting the eCommerce needs of all sized businesses. It’s not the product by Salesforce, and it holds the caliber to take care of all the technical segments while running an eCommerce business successfully. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is one of the best software-as-a-service eCommerce solutions for retailers and brands. This intelligent and advanced platform strengthens businesses to provide customers with a unique online shopping experience. 

Firms already using Salesforce Commerce Cloud have witnessed seamless operations and are targeting more resources towards various business sections, like sales, marketing, etc. 

Various Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development Companies on this globe provide eCommerce businesses with every essential tool to help them plan, launch, track, and market their online stores. So, it becomes tough for companies to choose a good among the best options. 

Well, we are here to make you free from this quite confusing job.

We have profoundly reviewed a plethora of Commerce Cloud companies and listed top Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development Companies. 

This post will put forward that list along with an introduction of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, key features, benefits, and much more. 

So, keep reading to discuss the same solution’s facts. This post will help a novice and an experienced individual recall the basics of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

World’s leading B2B and B2C commerce solutions, Commerce Cloud, is a cloud-based, multi-tenant commerce platform that strengthens the businesses to craft unified, intelligent buying experiences across varied channels like the social, mobile, store, and web. 

Additionally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud assists the brands in launching effectively and shortly, proliferating, nurturing leads, reaching more clients, and connecting with prospects. Utilizing the potential of the Cloud, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud will assist the firms in innovating customer experiences that magnetize conversions and enhance brand loyalty. 

Furthermore, this ecosystem permits the entire buying process of the businesses by infusing innovative designs with AI and seamless multichannel integrations.

As successful brands can’t pull and hold the top edge following simple marketing modes, the brands should include intelligent systems capable of tracking users to analyze complex customers’ behavior and buying patterns. 

The predictive intelligence and omnichannel commerce potential of SFCC facilitate businesses to accumulate data, gain insights, and craft innovative opportunities for customers across all the marketing channels. 

List of Top Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development Companies in 2023

Formerly known as Dreamware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce platform software that permits businesses to sell goods and services online. This platform embraces other tools to help with customer support, fulfillment, and merchandising. 

Retail businesses use SFCC to sell goods online and keep the customers engaged via advertising. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud company helps clients with the configuration and deployment of this program. Additionally, along with implementation, some firms help with extra support and training related to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and IT consulting and implementation services. 

Here is a list of top Salesforce Commerce Cloud companies 2023 from which you can choose the one suiting your business requirements:

1. EmizenTech 

Emizentech a salesforce development company

A Salesforce Development Company, Emizentech assists brands pace up their pathway to value with Salesforce, targeted on ensuring their set up for long-term success to catch up with the best of the Salesforce platform faster. 

The company assists in planning its strategic roadmap and makes sure you are developing a seamless pathway to maintain and adapt Salesforce quickly, diminishing potential technical dependency.  

A team of certified Salesforce experts at Emizentech innovate faster, holding years of experience helping brands with new caliber and products. 

2. SevenPoints

SevenPoints Consulting

With years of experience solving business issues for small or big companies, SevenPoints build solutions that blend optimized business processes and the incredible strength of the Salesforce platform. 

The team of experts at SevenPoints is proficient at building and optimizing business processes in Sales, Marketing, Operation, Customer On-Boarding, Customer Service/Support, and Professional Services. 

This Salesforce Commerce Cloud company is a technology expert and skillful at Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Salesforce CPQ, and much more.

3. Algoworks


A Salesforce Talent Alliance Member and Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, Algoworks is a B2B IT service provider brand that holds proficiency in chief areas of Salesforce CRM and Mobility, incorporating Software Product Engineering. 

Being a Salesforce ISV Partner/Consulting Partner and top-rated firm on AppExchange, this Salesforce Commerce Cloud company offers its clients access to business processes, upgrading to lightning experience, integrating with 3rd-party systems, and App Development. 

4. Coastal Cloud

Coastal Cloud

An award-winning Salesforce Platinum Partner, Coastal Cloud is proficient in consulting in all clouds, like CPQ, Marketing, Service, Commerce, Sales, Community, ERP, Customer Success, Data & Integration Services, Nonprofit Success Pack, Health Cloud, Finance & Accounting, and Government Cloud. 

Coastal Clouds is an industry expert in  Manufacturing, Healthcare, High Tech, Communication, Public Sector, Private Equity, Non-Profits, etc. Most of their work comes from their repeat customers as they attempt hard to make their clients satisfied. 

5. Amblique


A digital commerce consulting firm, Amblique offers retail strategy, optimizing services, and eCommerce platform implementation. This Salesforce Commerce Cloud company works with brand owners and retailers to render an engaging and consistent brand experience across various channels allowing customers to shop online wherever, whenever they want. 

6. Ad Victoriam Solutions

Ad Victoriam Solutions

A Salesforce Platinum Partner and MuleSoft Partner, Ad Victoriam offers essential Salesforce consulting services, from strategy to implementation. The certified professionals of this firm speed up businesses by easing complex issues through cloud and data proficiency. 

Moreover, the brand forms robust relationships with its clients ahead of the initial Salesforce professional services project or MuleSoft engagement. It helps the companies take their businesses on the right track towards success and continue maintaining it. 

7. United Virtualities

United Virtualities

A boutique tech consultancy with digital, commerce, and data practices, United Virtualities Corp (UV) holds specific proficiency in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. This brand has expanded with 100+ employees spread across four offices globally. This Salesforce Commerce Cloud company performs sincerely with all sized companies, embracing Godiva, Scholastic, etc. 

8. Astound Commerce

The brand assists innovative and iconic brands in improving revenue by improving their relationships with online customers. Being a world-class provider of award-winning digital commerce solutions, this company holds a team of expert Salesforce professionals across four continents. 

Besides creating a top-class digital commerce experience, this company crafts unique commerce strategies for business requirements, makes its revenue streams flawless, and develops an experience-driven ecosystem that can fuel sales and satisfy consumers. 

9. Wipro Salesforce Practice

Wipro Salesforce Practice

A Wipro Company, Appirio, builds modern business apps for enterprise brands and renders the tools they need to boost collaboration, magnetize top talent, and render a unique customer experience. The experience-led strategy of this Salesforce Commerce Cloud company targets four pillars of success: user, customer, operational, and financial. 

Appirio is a global, Salesforce strategic partner and long-time Google partner who assists enterprises adopt the best cloud-based solutions across various industries. Also, the brand develops industry-focused accelerators that enhance time to value and are recognized repeatedly as a key innovative partner in Salesforce. 

10. Chetu


A US-based software development brand, Chetu offers businesses custom technology solutions worldwide. Moreover, this Salesforce Commerce Cloud company merges technological proficiency, specific domain experience, and passion for expertise to render enterprise-grade solutions. 

Chetu is a seamless and trustworthy backend technology partner, assisting businesses to pace the development of mobile, desktop, and web-based apps with on-demand, certified developers who aim to make the business run successfully. 

Key Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Below are the key features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Targeted promotion management
  • Marketing and merchandising tools
  • Customer and segment-specific pricing
  • Customer catalog entitlements
  • Campaigns management
  • Pre-built Integrations
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Multi-Site management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Native targeting and A/B testing
  • Comprehensive development platform
  • In-store extensions
  • Catalog management
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Product management

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What Is the Benefit to Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides users various exceptional advantages to assist retailers in optimizing the clients’ journey. 

Below are the top benefits for businesses that you can get by implementing SFCC.

1. Personalized Customer Experiences

A business can get customized eCommerce aspects for their websites to provide an exceptional and desirable experience with SFCC. It makes it simple to craft a unique and personalized experience for the customers that results in an optimal online experience. 

Businesses can personalize the buying experience with:

  • Customer web patterns to offer them better shopping experiences
  • Customized, accurate product sorting
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Intelligent recommendations at checkout to upsell customers
  • Customized mobile apps and digital storefronts
  • Location-level product visibility
  • Open commerce application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Automated personalized merchandising
  • Related search results
  • Custom storefronts and content
  • Storefront workflows
  • Inventory records management
  • Intelligence-driven experiences on all channels and devices

2. Predictive Intelligence

As compared to the past, today, customers expect a more personalized online shopping experience. A predictive intelligence platform of SFCC, Einstein AI permits retailers to automate processes, reveal more individual outcomes, and make buyers’ journeys unique to close more deals and craft customer loyalty. 

With Einstein, eCommerce businesses can:

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Harness data to provide personalized experiences and increase conversions.
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Enhance the product’s accuracy and order with Predictive Sort
  • Customize specific product recommendations for each shopper
  • Append newly surfaced synonyms of relevant products or famous words to the site database with Einstein Search Dictionaries
  • accumulate data about the shoppers
  • Craft a consistent customer experience across various platforms
  • Provide smart search suggestions

3. Powerful Growth Strategies

Digital commerce is elevating at the rate of around 17% every year. Nowadays, eCommerce is attracting business for the top leading brands around the globe. To expand companies, we need to apply robust growth strategies and continue that to boost profitability. 

SFCC can assist businesses

  • Optimize the messaging and provides personalized customer touchpoints
  • Target responsive design for mobile shoppers
  • Smoothen check-out process drive traffic using content marketing
  • Recognize industry benchmarks and trends
  • Utilize AI to catch up with data-driven insights into customer behaviors.
  • Increase sales by implementing automated upselling and cross-selling strategies
  • Retarget campaigns by implementing abandoned cart
  • Boost customer conversion rates and traffic quality

4. Enhanced Scalability

Today, the big brands need the caliber to handle sudden traffic spikes, high traffic, mass inventory, and high transaction volumes. As businesses grow and demand modifications, the eCommerce platform demands to scale accordingly. 

Businesses can do the below using SFCC:

  • Ensure secure transactions
  • Expand based on shopper needs 
  • Ensure operations comply with industry and regulatory standards
  • Build, edit, and handle content easily with Page Designer
  • Handle Traffic spikes on the right spot
  • Quickly implement new technology
  • Build fast loading fast
  • Scale automatically
  • Increase website functionality using Salesforce’s network of about 250+ technology partners
  • Customize and deploy pre-built storefront templates easily
  • Cope up with massive orders and high traffic volumes

5. Speed

As shoppers hold short attention spans, the online shopping experience should be convenient, flawless, and flexible. Sites need to offer customers what they are looking for quickly. 

You can lose sales even with a tiny delay in the loading pages. Also, rapidly connecting customers with product catalog and inventory data, MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud produces:

  • Robust storefront presentation
  • Real-time data delivery
  • Fast load times on mobile and desktop

6. Comprehensive, Continuous Support

For all concerns and issues, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud support team and resource library are always available to assist promptly.

  • Adoption programs: Like Circles of Success, Accelerators, and webinars
  • Advisory services: Embracing Readiness Assessment and Commerce architects
  • 24/7 support resources: Available through Help Portal and Trailblazer

7. Robust Marketing Tools

SFCC’s marketing toolkit allows customers to efficiently and quickly find the right products to boost conversions and sales. Also, it permits businesses to craft, manage, and share optimized, engaging content in all the right spots to assist individuals in emerging with educated buying decisions. 

Below Is a Few of Sfcc’s Marketing Tool Potentials:

  • Craft personalized shopping experiences for all the customers
  • Automate merchandising tasks
  • Recommend the best products for all the customers at any phase of the buyer’s journey
  • Run reports
  • Run successful promotions
  • Share optimized content across various sites and in multiple languages
  • Analyze data-based commerce insights to boost conversions
  • Generate 1-to-1 predictions for shoppers
  • Run A/B tests
  • Handle social media profiles
  • Lanch email, paid advertising, and social media campaigns

8. A Unified Shopping Experience

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can link every digital and physical channel to craft a cohesive customer journey. Specifically, it follows customers on their travels and connects all touchpoints to offer retailers a complete image. 

Endless Aisle functionality of Commerce Cloud strengthens associates to increase customer expectations by:

  • Appending products to wish lists of shoppers online
  • Reducing lost sales
  • Offering associates a comprehensive view of every customer’s shopping activity
  • Crafting customized mobile apps
  • Accessing product details easily and quickly
  • In real-time accessing inventory
  • Strengthening associates to complete in-store and online purchases

9. Multitenant Cloud Platform

SFCC is a cloud-based, multitenant platform, which means each user shares the same software infrastructure and access to the same benefits, services, website maintenance, and updates. Salesforce Commerce Cloud also offers an essential set of services and automatically upgrades them thrice a year, avoiding the need for manual updates installation.

The multitenant architecture permits businesses to change, grow, and scale. Below are a few advantages that cover come along with this feature:

  • Innovative features delivered yearly
  • Seamless upgrade process
  • Less service disruption
  • Quick deployment
  • Greater stability
  • Fewer bug fixes

10. Management for Multiple Stores

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, brands can handle various brands or storefronts from a single platform. SFCC offers the best solutions for the brands spanning varied time zones, currencies, countries, and languages. 

Multistore management opportunities of Commerce Cloud incorporate:

  • Optimal content that goes with the language and culture
  • Different sites for every country
  • Localization and multisite management

11. Mobile-First Capabilities

Around 73% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, and about 55% of orders are placed on the same device. Having a responsive site that prioritizes mobile users is not optional anymore. SFCC provides users a rich mobile experience making purchases and shopping cohesive and quick for buyers. 

SFCC’s mobile commerce features are:

  • Online community and social channel integration features
  • Accordion layouts and auto-population features for easy checkout
  • Predictive sorting
  • Mobile apps for in-store use
  • Innovative conversion experiences
  • Reporting
  • Express, one-touch, and guest payment options at checkout
  • Personalized searches
  • One-to-one product recommendations
  • Optimized micromoments
  • Inventory management

How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Beneficial for eCommerce Business

Previously known as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a robust SaaS commerce solution for emerging brands and enterprises. Especially fashion, sports, and outdoor brands usually use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to back their digital transformation. Moreover, it offers a complete set of features to personalize and scale the customer experience.

1. Multi-Site Management Eases Multi-Brand Management and Expands Globally

SFCC facilitates the brands to develop country-specific websites or sites for distinct brands quickly. 

Brands are free to use a different currency, pricing, and content on country-specific websites.

Moreover, brands can use the same codebase, but while using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they can craft storefronts for different brands, product lines, branding, and categories. 

2. Page Designer Saves Brands Money and Admins Time from Design

Page Designer of Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows business users and marketers to craft personalized, unique, branded content without technical resources or coding. 

Business practitioners or users can design and schedule dynamic and branded content on customer segments, saving the agency’s working hours. 

3. 360 Personalization Assists Brands in Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Sales

Salesforce holds a robust in-built personalized feature, Einstein, which empowers the brand growth through personalized storefront features, AI-powered product recommendations, and dynamic blocks based on customer location, segment, purchase history, and other attributes. 

SLCC holds a predictive product search power that assists in discovering products and searchability based on the visitors’ interests. 

4. Order Management Assists the Brand in Delivering, Capturing, Serving, and Fulfill

SFCC’s order management is best at building a better customer experience through a complete in-built feature set. Brands can transform their stores into distribution centers, ship smarter and faster with order routing algorithms, handle and track order lifecycle, or seamlessly share essential commerce data. 

5. Build Personalized Promotions and Campaigns

Order Management of SFCC also attracts intelligent promotion tools that use brand promotion possibilities. Marketers and Merchandisers can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud order management to craft exceptional order-product-and shipping level promotions that assist brands on varied sales events or campaigns. 

6. A Native Single Store with A Multi-Currency Feature

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can sell quickly internationally. Multi-currency website of SFCC allows brands to sell their products in various regions and countries and supports up to 150 currencies. 

When brands use the multi-currency feature of Salesforce, they facilitate their customers to browse products and checkout carts in the purchase currencies they prefer. 

7. The Analytics Dashboard

It assists the technical team in recognizing their performance gaps and brands in analyzing their marketing performance

The analytics dashboard is crucial for the entire team: managers, directors, customer service, and developers. Additionally, it analyzes and synthesizes data and configures it into logical data sets. 

Brands can use the Reports & Dashboards portal to review the websites’ sales, promotions, products, etc. Every dashboard reveals trends. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Licensing Model

The New Pricing Model Is Applied for Smaller Retailers as Below:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Starter Tier – 1 website/store and two price books – ~1% GMV
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Growth Tier – 5 websites/stores and ten price books – ~1-2%
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Unlimited Tier – Pricing lowers as you expand or for higher GMV retailers, but expected to be near the 2% region.

The Future Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is beneficial for the retailers as it emerges with the best B2B and B2C Cloud solutions. It’s a single software that runs on a server and serves various customers simultaneously. 

Besides, Sfcc Bestows Various Key Features Like: 

  • In-store extension
  • Multi-site management
  • Product Management
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Social media integration
  • Recommendation based on AI
  • Real-time reports 

More benefits come with SFCC to craft an innovative and straightforward commerce experience through all the channels. This way, the company gets a chance to expand and engage more and more customers. 

Obviously, every company looks to increase its customer retention and revenue. So, with the needs, the demand for Salesforce Commerce Cloud will increase. It states that SFCC holds a bright future ahead.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations

An eCommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud arrives with various advanced features. Besides the built-in capabilities, this platform provides varied integrations that help enrich the platform with extra functionality. 

Such integrations are further divided into various categories, embracing analytics, payment processing, marketing, content management, order management, localization, and product information management. 

  • Payment Processing Integrations
  • Content Management System Integrations
  • Analytics Integrations
  • Order Management Integrations
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Localization Integrations
  • Product Information Management (PIM) Integrations

Example of Websites Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Let’s know the names of top companies reaping the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and expanding well with time. 

  • Arlo Technologies Inc
  • Corp
  • Ellos
  • Scrubs AC Inc
  • Melissa & Doug LLC


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the best eCommerce platform choices for the brands that demand more scalability, personalization, and better customer experience or are looking for worldwide expansion.

International selling is easy with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. SFCC multi-currency websites allow selling products in multiple countries and regions and back up to 150 currencies. 

So, if your business requirements match what SFCC grants, you can give it a try today!

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