Today, the world is not ordinary anymore as everything is digital now, from the virtual connection to online shopping, payment modes, and more. There’s hardly anyone who’s left untouched by digitization. If you are among them, you are on the shore where you may lose various opportunities. 

The birth of every-changing technology has changed almost everything. Everyone is joining the digital-herd to look alike, to look digital. 

The entire globe, including India, is running on a pathway towards accomplishing the tag of “Digital India.” 

While talking about the digital world, some terms usually strike our head, like online shopping, online payment, online games, etc. We are not new to such words, but today we will discuss a Super App to take one step toward digitization. 

We have come up with this piece to put forward the thoughts about a super app, its introduction, features, working, top examples, costing, and much more. 

We will also focus on the most-awaited Super App in India, Tata Neu, which has been in the headlines since the birth of its idea. 

So, the wait is over now. Tata neu, a Tata product, has unfolded its wings to fly high, grabbing a big slice of success worldwide.

The Tata group has set up Tata Digital to craft digital businesses that can meet every need of Indian customers and businesses. 

Let’s take the discussion ahead.

Tata Super App Launch (Tata Super App Parent Company)

Tata neu mega App screens

Recently, the Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairperson of the Tata Group launched an app, namely ‘Neu,’ on 7th April and it will emerge in the market, uniting its various digital services and the apps on a single platform. The super app concept launched by Tata is somewhat similar to China’s WeChat and Alibaba app.

Tata Neu is a one-stop shop to get a seamless shopping and payments experience. 

This app aims to stop distinct loyalty programs from BigBasket and 1mg and blend them with ‘NeuCoins’ being tested with its employees sometime earlier. 

Tata Neu will allow you to enjoy exclusive benefits and offers. You can shop at Tata Neu and pay for things you need to buy. You can pay utility bills using Tata Pay. 

What Is Tata Neu?

tata neu app logo
Tata Neu – Your Super app From the Tata Group

Tata Neu, a super app, is an application that offers a plethora of services that every human uses. It includes varied services of different apps on a single platform that will free up your device storage that’s usually occupied by separate apps for other uses. 

Using just a single app, a super app, one can shop, get his financial transactions done, chat, and even book his ride. 

With the release of a Super App for Android and iOS users, Tata Neu, Tata group has started its journey to making the country digitally strong. 

This app has integrated every major service into the super app framework. This “digital loyalty app” is crafted to prove rewarding for its customers across the Tata brands and make them earn various reward points and redeem them. 

What to Expect From a Super App?

Being identified as a Super App, an app should ensure the offerings of specific services on a single platform. It needs to include some of the below features:

1. Social networking platform with interactive features

Such an app should include an interactive social platform where one can communicate, share media stuff, connect with other persons, stay updated with news, make friends, advertise, etc. This feature can help build a strong community. 

2. Services related to e-Commerce

In this digital age, online shopping has become a trend. So, it would be great if a super app could include a platform where people can shop and even sell goods and services or transmit data or funds. Moreover, an eCommerce platform is a must-have feature while developing a super app. 

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3. The transport sector

One more important feature that will grant life to a super app is transportation services. It would be fantastic if your app would offer bike and car ride services, book air tickets and bus tickets, and provide relevant services.

4. Food delivery service

Today, as customers’ shopping habits have transformed to online mode, on-demand food delivery services are also a part of their preferred online services. So, it would be best if you include a food delivery service in your super app. 

5. Payment of a bill

Today, as we have fast lives, we fail to spare some time for our essential chores, like electricity and water bill payments and other bills. Here, an online bill payment service included in a super app emerges as a savior that saves you from penalties for late payments. It would be better to add such a service to your app. 

6. Services related to finance

Financial services in an app will ensure domestic and foreign trade promotion. Furthermore, one can conduct any kind of online transaction with the help of such a feature. 

7. Insurance and Health Services

Including insurance and healthcare services in a super app would make your app a handy tool that will increase its usage for purchasing and renewing insurance and health policies, easy payment options, easy appointment bookings, symptom checkers, etc.

How Does Tata Neu Works?

The super app that integrates a stack of Tata Group’s services under one roof is Tata Neu. You can download Tata Neu from the Google Play Store or the App Store

  • Post the installation, when you open up the app, it will request your mobile no. 
  • After you input your mobile number, it will send an OTP on that number. 
  • When you fill out the OTP, the app will ask you to input your details, including your name, DOB, email ID, etc. 
  • After that, a package of varied features will open up on your screen, including exclusive offers and different categories for which you shop, like electronics, clothing, groceries, beauty, smartphones, and more. The hotels and ticket booking options are also available on the app. 
  • The app will redirect you to Tata’s cross-linked app by clicking such features. For example, when you click on electronics, you will land on to electronics retailing company Croma; on clicking grocery, you will land on BigBasket. 
  • Also, you don’t need to go on other apps to pay for the products and services you purchase as the super app integrates such payment processing services within. 

Besides, the other verticals such as clothing chains, like Westside, airline brands, such as AirAsia, and more are integrated into this super app. 

What Financial and Payment Services Does Tata Neu Offer?

Tata Neu gives an opportunity to its users to earn rewards on all credit card expenditures and get immediate access to funds, such as credit lines and personal loans.

Furthermore, it allows them to safeguard their assets and raise their wealth through customized insurance plans crafted specifically for them.

Bill payments have never been more manageable, as we can witness with Tata Neu. Using Tata Pay UPI, users can also send money to their family members, friends, or whosoever they want to, directly to their bank accounts.

What are Neu Coins?

The rewards a customer earns while transacting with the Tata Neu app, site, or any hotel or brand store, are NeuCoins. They can redeem these coins when making future purchases. There’s no limit when it comes to earning and usage of NeuCoins.

1 NeuCoin = Rupee 1.

tata neu coins feature

What is NeuPass?

An upcoming membership service by Tata Neu, NeuPass, is for its subscribers. It offers its members a minimum of about 5% extra NeuCoins for every purchase on the app and other benefits that the app will reveal soon.

neu pass

What is ‘Stories’?

The in-house digital magazine of Tata Neu, ‘Stories,’ targets crafting lifestyle-targeted articles and videos of exceptional quality. It looks to educate, entertain, and inspire readers. Right now, targeting the themes of fashion, technology, travel, and food, Stories’ high-quality content makes it stand uniquely in the crowd.

stories in tata neu app

Future Plans For Tata Neu?

As per reports, Tata Sons Ltd is preparing to invest about $2 billion and raise the profit to approximately $5 billion by selling the shares to external investors for the digital journey ahead. 

Tata plans to provide its customers “NeuCoins” as a reward to incentivize them. Here, one NeuCoin will be equal to one Indian rupee. 

Besides, the company intends to drop out distinct loyalty offerings by 1mg, BigBasket, and other services and prefers the usage of NeuCoins globally across all its services. 

Besides other targets, Tata Group will focus on the rewards as it tries to develop a “connective layer” for its varied services that operate in a broad range of categories. If it succeeds, this 154-year-old giant will likely produce the country’s most extensive loyalty program and make customers earn points that they can use in further shopping on the app. 

tata stock information after tata neu app launch
Tata stock information after Tata Neu app launch Dated: 8th April 2022

Five Things You Should Know About the Tata Neu App

Let’s now check the top facts about the Tata Neu app:

  • Tata Neu, a super app, emerged with varied offerings, from daily essentials shopping to electronics, ticket booking, holiday packages, etc. 
  • Every time the customers purchase, the app will reward Neu Coins that they can redeem on purchasing the services the app offers, ensuring limitless opportunities to earn anywhere and increase their savings. 
  • The app’s design looks fascinating with a black background and separate icons. The app’s digital magazine holds a unique look where you can read about all the latest trends in technology, fashion, food, and travel.
  • Tata Neu permits consumers to make payments across various Tata brand sites, apps, and in-store using cards, NeuCoins, EMI, UPI, etc.
  • On Tata Neu, you will get short-term credit, personal loans, insurance services, and the facility of bill payments. You can even track and quickly pay your mobile, electricity, broadband, DTH bills, recharges, and more, all in a one-stop shop. 

Are there Other Super Apps in India?

Yes, there’s a list of super apps belonging to the Indian banking sector. Let’s check out a few:

HDFC Bank-PayZapp

HDFC Bank PayZapp

A purchase and digital payment solution from HDFC Bank, Pay Zapp claims to be a one-stop online portal that offers customers great deals in one spot. 

Besides, you can connect your credit or debit card to the app and conduct multiple transactions. Plus, a customer can recharge his mobile, transfer funds, make travel bookings, pay bills, order food, and book movie tickets. Apart from that, users can apply for loans and purchase insurance. 



Yono, You Only Need One is a digital banking app by SBI. You will catch up with various offers from Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, BigBasket, OYO, RedBus, Tata CLiQ, and FirstCry, on the Yono app, including the services from Ferns N Petals and Pepperfry. Soon, it’s going to announce its next version. 

ICICI Bank’s iMobile

ICICI Bank’s iMobile

‘iMobile Pay’ by ICICI Bank is a mobile banking app that offers banking and payment services to customers of any bank. This app provides a blend of payment app services, like allowing customers to pay to any Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID or merchants, recharge online, and pay bills. 

Besides, using this app, the users can transfer funds to any bank account, digital wallet, and payment app. 

Kotak Mahindra Bank-KayMall

Kotak Mahindra Bank-KayMall

KayMall by Kotak Mahindra Bank is a one-stop online mall that is best at meeting shopping and travel needs. Moreover, it permits customers to book bus tickets, flight tickets, and hotel rooms from Goibibo. You can book train tickets also from IRCTC. 

Besides, customers can shop online from Amazon and Flipkart and avail of offers. Customers can also subscribe to magazines via Indiamags. 

How To Download Tata Neu App?

We can download the Tata Neu app in three ways:

Download tata neu app with QR code

What People Are Saying About Tata Neu App?

On #TataNeu : Pratik Pal, CEO, Tata Digital ,The journey of Tata Neu has begun with a cumulative consumer base of 120 million users, 2,500 offline stores, along with an 80 million app footprint across our digital assets.

Bismah Malik
Chairperson of the Tata Group said about tata neu

Bad first impression. I had to kill the app a dozen times already. Maybe because it cannot take the initial customer volumes. @TataCompanies#TataNeu

Sreejith Panickar

On its first day, the Tata Neu app faced a lot of glitches that flooded social media.

tata neu app error

Downloaded about five lakh times and even more on the day one on Google Play Store:

The app worked slower than Flipkart or Amazon. Moreover, users faced an issue while signing up as during the on-boarding process, while inputting the OTP asked, the app failed to take the user to its home page. The app took too long to open up and asked to retry after some time.

Obviously, Tata Neu needs to run a long way to earn the tag of a successful super app. But, we know, Tata holds a cream of proficient developers and resources that will go long with ultimate dedication and sleepless nights to make the app catch up to its desired end.

Why do Indian Companies Want to Build Super Apps?

India is running on the pathway towards becoming a home of rising super apps because of the rising interest of the leading Indian businesses in super app platforms. 

So, what factors are magnetizing their interest in super app development? 

Let’s know the reasons. 

  • When the population of a country or a region increasingly prefers smartphones despite desktops and finds them more affordable, more and more people are becoming digital and getting attracted to super apps.
  • The pandemic lockdown changed customers’ shopping behavior, making people shop online again; this gives a widespread space for super apps to acquire. 
  • The apps’ ecosystem customized to local needs is becoming a priority they can experience on a super app.
  • Most Indians are first-time internet users and experience it on their mobile phones, becoming more dependent on smartphones, giving super apps an expansive stage to get in. 

On these grounds, Indian companies are coming forward to build super apps. 

Future of Super Apps Worldwide

Well, after reading various facts about a super app, you can envision its bright future whether we witness it from the business corner or the consumer side.

Business Outlook

  • By meeting almost all the online shopping requirements under one roof, like daily essentials, lifestyle products, gadgets, etc., a platform can become one of the most valuable brands in the eCommerce market. 
  • By aggregating various services in a single app, business persons can catch up with enhanced revenue from every service they offer on a single platform. 
  • Even domestic and foreign retailers can access the market quickly. 

Customers’ Outlook

  • They can free up or save their mobile or device storage by downloading just a single app for various offerings despite separate apps for individual services. 
  • Users can reap the benefits of varieties of services under a single umbrella.
  • Users experience the ease of shopping for anything they want using a single app and paying for it under one roof.

How to Develop a Super App like Tata Neu?

Well, mobile app development demands relevant knowledge, skills, and experience to emerge with a user-friendly application. 

Super app development also goes through various phases to emerge with the desired application. 

Let’s check out the steps involved in developing a super app. 

Step 1: Choosing a Platform

Making the right decision regarding choosing the best platform for your mobile app development is also essential. You can choose from the below three options:

  • Native App: If you want to develop a native app, you need to pick platforms, like Android or iOS. 
  • Hybrid App or Cross-Platform App: You can also develop an app that can run on multiple platforms.
  • HTML5 Web App: You can also prefer developing an optimized mobile site that emerges like a native app and runs on the mobile browser. This web app is platform-independent.

Step 2: Features List

Next, you need to choose the features you want to include in your app. It depends on your budget for developing an app and the need of your business. An app with the basic features will cost you less than an app with advanced-level features. 

Step 3: Tech Stack

A tech stack combines programming languages and software products that one can use to develop a mobile or web app. 

You can choose the technology stack for your app development considering the size and complexity of your project, its functionality and specification, load requirements, scalability and flexibility, and more. 

Step 4: Design and Development

Next, it comes to the design and development of an app. 

The design of your app will help you understand the look and feel of your app. 

Post that, the development phase starts that includes various activities, such as crafting an apt development environment, coding, testing, and more. 

Step 5: Testing and Going Live

Before making your super app live, you need to ensure that your app is bug-free and runs flawlessly. 

For that, your testing team needs to conduct your app testing, locate the bugs, and resolve them to make your app release-ready.

How to Make a Super App Successful?

The primary selling point of a super app is its convenience and ease. Developers need to consider this and make sure the app they develop is easy to use. 

Besides, one can consider the below points to make a super app successful:

One-stop Shopping Destination

A super app aggregates varied services under one roof to offer the users a complete shopping experience and meet all their shopping needs. So, you need to make sure that you develop a super app that offers all the products and services a customer expects from a super app to make them engaged and loyal. 

Ease the Integration

Your app should allow independent vendors to easily integrate their products and services through mini-apps to reduce their development costs and bring more traffic to the app.

Ease Onboarding

The key to the success of a super app is its ease of use. So, you need to ensure that your app allows easy user sign-up, makes them effortless on board, streamlines the add-to-cart process, permits a quick payment process, and more.

Cost For Developing A Super App Like Tata Neu?

There’s no fixed price for developing an app as it depends on various factors.

Let’s check out various factors affecting the cost of a super app:

  • Type of business model you choose to run your app.
  • The mobile app development team you choose, its experience, location, and more. 
  • The app development platform for developing your app.
  • The design and functionality you want for your app.
  • The features you want to include in your project.
  • App testing process to make your app flawless.
  • App maintenance and updates that will make your app run successfully.


The super app will benefit you whether you are a business owner or a consumer. 

Super apps aggregate various apps into one seamlessly and in a meaningful way. It efficiently meets all your online shopping needs, from shopping to payment, without taking up much of your device storage. 

In simple words, the users get varied services from separate apps through a single service app. 

The super apps will surely succeed as they are well aware of the user preferences and emerge to meet them conveniently under one roof. 

Super apps are the future and will bring a revolutionary change in technology globally. 

So, if you are also making up your mind to develop a super app, you should catch up soon as we can predict the future of super apps is exceptionally bright. Moreover, by rolling out a super app in the market, you will make yourself all set to grab a significant portion of market revenue by providing varied services under a single umbrella.

App development demands technical knowledge and skills to attain the desired end, so you can hire a mobile app development company to get your job done. Such companies help with all the aspects of app development, from consultation to design, development, testing, maintenance, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Neu App Launch

  1. Who is making the Tata Super App?

    Tata Digital

  2. What is the super app concept?

    A mobile or web app that can offer many services, including ticket booking, travel booking, food delivery, shopping, payment processing, bill payment, and more, is a super app. 

  3. Why do people use Super Apps?

    Using a super app, people can reap the benefits of varied services through a single app. Moreover, it would become more accessible for users to open a single app to meet different shopping needs. 
    That’s why people prefer using a super app despite opening different apps to take advantage of various services. 

  4. Why are Super Apps popular?

    Super apps diminish the need for downloading and maintaining numerous apps by offering various services in one spot. 
    It’s the main reason why super apps are popular. 

  5. How much is Tata planning to invest in Tata Neu?

    Tata Sons Ltd plans to spend at least $2 billion. Reports say they are also planning to earn a profit of around $5 billion by selling the stakes to external investors for the digital venture. 

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