Magento Recommends 3 type of cron are introduced in Magento-2 as given below

*/1 * * * * php -c /path/to/magento2/bin/magento cron:run
*/1 * * * * php -c /path/to/magento2/bin/magento/update/cron.php
*/1 * * * * php -c /path/to/magento2/bin/magento setup:cron:run

but we do not need to configure all of them,

1st cron command will work for reindexes indexers, send automated e-mails, generates the sitemap, and so on.
rest 2 cron commands are used by the Component Manager and System Upgrade.

To configure CRON, edit crontab command line
crontab -u magento_user -e

add this line at the end of file
* * * * * php -c /path/to/magento2/bin/magento cron:run
# this will run every minute

if you do not want every minute you can set every 5 min as given below:
*/5 * * * * php -c /path/to/magento2/bin/magento cron:run

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