PayPal urges the merchants to pick a migration to Magento 2 and see-off Magento 1. PayPal decided to declare this in the context of an announcement made by Magento, which affirms that after 30 June 2020, it’s not going to support any versions of the Magento 1 eCommerce platform, embracing all the future security patches and quality fixes.


If the PayPal merchants don’t want to lose the PCI compliance and e-Payment processors, they should take this as a final warning for saving the reputation of their brand. Besides PayPal merchants, this is going to affect all the payment processing brands.

Now, the on-going pandemic situation, Covid-19 will also not be a defender for any sort of negligence or ignorance of such a statement, as the extended deadline by Magento is coming to an end, which kicked-off from November 2018, 18 months from then. Magento is strictly standing with its declaration and will definitely stop all the support for Magento 1 after 30 June 2020.

In fact, even after outsourcing PCI DSS compliance to PayPal, the person is obligatory to install the security patches within 30 days of the release, which will not be available after the end of the month, June, this year. Along with these patches, merchants are also liable for attaining all the needs of their PCI DSS compliance.

Visa has also informed that urgent action is compulsory for merchants to migrate from Magento 1 and counseled online stores to be attentive to their responsibilities in securing their environment to assist avert the loss of payment card data.

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Upshots If Fail to Migrate

Let’s make it clearer. Check out the following consequences that are going to fall out if you continue to run with Magento 1:

  • You are not going to gain any platform upgrades or security that will lead you to be a security target with enhanced exposure.
  • Besides, you will also be deprived of technical assistance.
  • Your eStore will be at risk and will be more prone to a data breach easily that will lead to affect badly the fame of your brand.
  • Also, the current extensions of Magento 1 will no longer perform as anticipated.
  • As Magento 2 comes with the latest features, your store being ruled by Magento 1, will lack all those fascinating features, which will influence the consumers’ pick. It may also end up with a reduced conversion rate.
  • Eventually, you will face an adverse degrade in the performance of your eStore over time.

Perks for Moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 1 to magento 2 migration benefits

  • Rapid load time
  • Better e-shopping on mobile
  • Improved admin interface
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Become PCI compliant
  • Get e-payment processors, and more

So, allow Magento 2 to run your business empire, as it assists in building trust among your customers, which will reflect that:

  • You hold a secure system and network that is well-maintained
  • Cardholder data is safe at your end
  • Moreover, you handle a vulnerability management program
  • You regularly test and monitor networks
  • Additionally, you are good at implementing the measures of strong access and control
  • You carry out an information security policy

Hence, running your business on Magento 2 enhances the trust level of your customers, as they get to know about your obvious nature towards security maintenance. This locus at the ultimate security of their sensitive data.

What to do Next?

If you are still surviving on Magento 1, then it’s high time now, you should migrate to Magento 2 Platform (Know here – How to migrate), and safeguard the prestige of your brand.

Or for ease, get in touch with us for a consultation of eCommerce options to back your website rise ahead of Magento 1.

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