Popular software solution osCommerce is all set to make a comeback in the online market with version 4.0 full of new features 

We are delighted to release osCommerce v4! osCommerce is a free shopping cart, and is back to being a mainstream Ecommerce platform, well equipped to support your business and help it develop faster, and be more cost-efficient than your competition. We urge existing users of old osCommerce (or its forks) to upgrade as soon as possible, and always welcome new users

With this statement, Vadym Gurevych, Co-CEO of osCommerce announced the release of their latest version i.e. 4.0. 

The company’s first version was released on 12th March 2000 with the name “The Exchange Project Preview Release 1.0,” and now, after a long wait of years, osCommerce has launched its latest version 4.0 on 25th July 2022. The new version is a marvelous upgrade from its previous version. The new version provides a seamless experience to its users with all the equipped features and tools. Version 4.0 is designed to support and transfigure the business process of small, medium, large, or even global-scale firms. 

osCommerce v4 is SEO friendly and comes with a range of features like multiple sales channels, design themes, visual editors, CMS, product management features, open API, advanced stocks, and much more. The following features make v4 a better, more functional, upgraded version of osCommerce 2.0.

  • The modern server software has been used (like PHP 7.3+ and mySQL 8.0+)
  • Use of development framework YII2 has been ensured 
  • A new version is mobile-friendly as well as SEO friendly 
  • Multiple sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, extra sites, etc. 
  • In-built integration with App Shop
  • Opportunity for osCommerce developers to create and sell their apps 
  • Complete support for template design
  • In-built extensive CMS
  • Better features in advanced sales, marketing, and inventory management 
oscommerce demo
osCommerce Admin Dashboard

osCommerce v4 packs in 20+ years of our Ecommerce development experience. Free and open-source, it represents modern technology. It is a fast, robust, scalable Ecommerce platform built to support online businesses of any size, topped with the App shop with free and paid Apps. We welcome shop owners, designers, and developers to move to osCommerce to start benefiting from its features, apps, safety, and security, and customize it in any way necessary

Vlad Malyshev, Co-CEO and Product Owner

With its new version, osCommerce has also designed a Demo page where users can feel everything about how their new online store is going to look and what leverage they are going to get with the latest version. Follow the link to have a look at the to-be online store.

osCommerce demo furniture store
osCommerce demo furniture store

osCommerce v4 streamlines the process of making small websites as well as complex and fully integrated ecommerce systems. Moreover, the platform is cheaper when compared to its alternatives such as Adobe Commerce, Shopware. The vision of osCommerce is to help businesses save ecommerce development costs and receive reliable featured ecommerce solutions. 

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Shankar Jangid has worked with Emizentech for over a decade and oversees eCommerce's overall strategic and operational development. He is a seasoned professional capable of offering stringent standards, team leadership, and on-time, within-budget projects.