eCommerce stores are the primary focus of the hackers and targets of malware, digital skimming, and other cyber threats. In an ecommerce store, not only your site data but also the financial data of your customers is also at risk. If your store gets hacked you will not only lose your reputation but in case of data theft, you may be held liable for the data breaches. Thus, it is highly essential to protect your ecommerce store at any cost.

Fortunately, Magento comes with a high level of security which eliminates such threats to a great extent.  It protects your business from hackers and digital skimming attempts. However, you should also take responsibility for your site security and do best security practices. One such practice is to use the Magento Security Scan tool. In this article, we will go through all the different aspects of the Magento Security Scan tool and how it can protect your Magento store from cyber threats.

Magento Security Scan Tool

The Magento Security Scan Tool is a service offered by Adobe to the users of both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source. The Magento store owners can use this tool to check their store for any unauthorized access and other security threats. Using this tool for regular monitoring is a great practice in your ecommerce security campaign since the sooner you can detect and resolve security threats, they will be able to cause less damage. This tool is able to find any threat which may have been missed by the development or maintenance team.

Now you must be thinking about how much does it cost to use this tool? Here comes the best part. If you are a Magento merchant you can use this tool for free of cost. Also, the tool is not limited to be used by only Magento store owners; authorized developers can also access the service directly within their Magento account. If you are looking for developers who can use this Magento security scan tool, you can directly contact us. We are having an outstanding team of certified Magento developers who are having expertise in Magento security and this tool.

This tool is regularly updated, so keeping your site secure has never been easier. You can be proactive about securing your customers’ vital information using this tool. It will also tell the security issue of your PWA, patch updates, and security notifications.

  • Gain insight into the real-time security status of the store
  • Get suggestions to resolve the security issues through best practices
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or on-demand security scans.
  • 21,000 security tests to identify a malware threat
  • Access to historical security reports for monitoring and track the site progress
  • Access the scan report that shows successful and failed checks, with any recommended actions.

Compatibility Of The Magento Security Scan Tool

If you are using Magento storefront then you can use this tool as it is compatible to:

  • Magento Commerce (now Adobe Commerce)
  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Commerce Cloud

Run a Security Scan

Navigate to the Commerce home page. Log in to your Magento Commerce account, and then follow these steps:

  • Choose Security Scan in the left panel
  • Click on Go To Security Scan
  • Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Agree to continue
  • On the Monitored Websites page, click +Add Site. If you have multiple sites with different domains, you must configure a separate scan for each domain.

To verify the ownership of your site domain by using a confirmation code, you can do any one of these steps:

  • Enter the URL & Name of the site
  • Click on Generate Confirmation Code
  • Click Copy to copy your confirmation code to the clipboard

Now login to the Admin Panel of your Magento store with full Admin permissions, and then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Content > Design > Configuration
  • In the list, find your site and click Edit
  • Expand the HTML Head section
  • Find the Scripts and Style Sheets section and click in the text box at the end of any existing code and paste that code into the text box.
  • Click Save Configuration.
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Adobe Partnership With Sansec

Sansec is a highly reputed ecommerce malware and cyber threat detection provider across the world. It having a database of nearly 9000  malware and vulnerability signatures. After the partnership with Adobe, Magento merchants will be benefitted from Sansec’s expertise in data skimming prevention.

This partnership also enhanced the features of the Magento Security Scan Tool. It gives access to more threat signatures than ever. These signatures are analyzed every week, updating the tool regularly, adding hundreds of threats each month. Thus, the merchants are safer from even the latest threats present out there.

Increase The Security Of Your Magento Store

Using the Magento Security Scan Tool is a great practice but you can’t just limit the security of the Magento store to only one tool. Instead, you must follow the best practices for ensuring the highest level of security of your store. Here are some suggestions:

  • Update the Magento version to the latest
  • Create a custom admin path
  • Take regular use for malware detection
  • Detect any file changes in your database
  • Track the users with the data collected on your site
  • Disable directory indexing
  • Secure Admin RSS Feeds
  • Magento Extension Security
  • Check Unprotected Credit Cardholder data
  • Use a Firewall

How We Can Help?

To perform all these tasks regularly you may require a maintenance team. expert Magento developers from a top-notch Magento development company like emizentech will help you in monitoring your ecommerce store. We will give you the utmost security, best speed, and regular updates. Regardless of your industry niche or business type, our Magento developers can help you with the right help. We take a complete guarantee of our services and ensure to provide nothing less than the best.



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