A part of Ki Mobility Solutions, myTVS, a multi-brand car service provider, has announced the launch of the Life360 mobile application that will go live on July 15th this year. 

myTVS Life360, the Super app, is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Acknowledged as a first connected car platform, the Life360 app offers vehicle service information, emergency help, insurance details, and accessories to all the post-warranty passenger cars, 4-meter SUVs, and above. 

Besides, it will offer a wide range of aftermarket services with value for money and transparency to customers, as the company said last Friday. 

G. Srinivasa Raghavan, the Managing Director of Ki Mobility Solutions, said,

myTVS Life 360 has many firsts to its credit in the automotive aftermarket. It is the first-of-its-kind pan-India product that connects with the aftermarket ecosystem across 1,000-plus myTV networks in real-time for all their car care, emergency, and repair needs.

Furthermore, he added,

myTVS Life360 is a total car care product that connects the customer with the vehicle and partners enabling him to enjoy hassle-free ownership and usage of his car. Along with the subscription of myTVS Life360, customers can gain access to the widest range of services at myTVS with a cashback programme.

In India, it’s for the first time that an aftermarket player will offer a ‘Super App‘ to passenger car customers, which will provide access to end-to-end service needs for vehicles ranging from collision, mechanical, and maintenance services, roadside assistance, diagnostic, accessories insurance, and more. 

G. Srinivasa Raghavan also said,

For the first time, the market will see a technology product converting car maintenance and repair into a lifestyle product

Targeting the maintenance cost, he said that the integrated telematics with AI algorithms would let customers diminish the entire maintenance cost through predictive maintenance and improve their car performance by modifying driving behaviors and enhancing cars’ quality and resale value. 

Using this ‘Super App,’ the customers can catch up with a personalized experience, and ahead it will appear to be a platform for used car sales with leasing options. 

The customers can reap the advantages of the after-services from July 15, 2022, based on a subscription model priced at ₹4,999 for a three-year subscription. 

We hope to acquire about 50,000 subscriptions this fiscal

Raghavan added.

myTVS will offer a personalized device connected with the Super app that will enable a personalized, safe experience for the car owners, including geo-fencing, driving behavior, personalized recommendations for improved engine performance, mileage, safety alarm, and notifications for the user. Moreover, it comes with a personalized travel map through which the customers can access the myTVS network, nearest police stations, fuel stations, and hospitals, making the app a complete lifestyle product. 

Ki Mobility’s annual revenue has been boosting 2x every 12-24 months, and this time it’s likely to reach ₹1,200 crores. 

The largest after-market auto service brand is successfully running 1,000+ outlets across India. 

By March 2023, the network will likely cross the figure of 1,500 and grab the tag of one of the top three service networks in the country. 

The Super App will facilitate all utility payments through myTVS Pay with reward points and cashback. Besides, the app will feature myTVS Vault allowing customers to store essential documents, such as driving licenses, insurance copies, registration certificates, and more, for easy access. 

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