Vivek Khatri Director & Co-Founder EmizentechEmizentech works effortlessly to develop mobile apps with a clear vision to help clients grow their business and draw customers towards the brand. Incorporated in 2013, Emizentech is a mobile app development firm located in Jaipur, India, with multiple offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and United States. Initially, Emizentech was started as a web development company with the vision to assist clients in growing their businesses, but soon they grew to become the best information technology company. Emizentech has 8+ years of experience in this area, and till now, they have satisfied 450+ clients till date.

The firm works with a team of proactive thinkers and doers who are techno-geeks working with the latest technologies and tools to deliver the best solutions. All the solutions and services offered by Emizentech are unique because they follow their six core values: authenticity, commitment, transparency, self-improvement, team spirit, and positive results. Since Emizentech has 200+ employees where almost 50% are senior staff, they ensure all services delivered are of the highest value. Because with wisdom and understanding, they turn ideas into meaningful reality.

Emizentech’s constant progress and clientele list have grown rapidly over the years, and this progress has made GoodFirms interview the Director & Co-Founder Vivek Khatri. The GoodFirms team had questions and answer sessions in which the team got to know about the company in detail.

Starting with the interview, Vivek explained GoodFirms about his firm’s offering and the latest technologies they utilize to deliver solutions to businesses of all sizes. He also shared with the team his idea behind starting this firm. Vivek stated that he is an IT veteran and observed a massive demand for software development and app development. This realization boosted his confidence in starting his company, Emizentech.

Further in the interview, Vivek explained to the GoodFirms team how different his company is from the other competitors. He stated, his team of professional developers holds years of experience in every area. Plus, by utilizing the right methodologies, they maintain unicity in work. To help a startup or a big giant, the team excels in every area and offers the best solutions. Besides all these, they also provide post-development services to assist clients in each business step.

Emizentech consists of such talented professionals who work with a futuristic approach to provide mobile app solutions for SMEs and Fortune 500 firms. The firm, because of its professionalism and knowledge, is known for applying the best techniques that can make the app look enticing and rich. The firm works to handle clients’ businesses and turn them into a successful venture with actionable insights. By following technology stack like native mobile app development, Swift, Unity, Ionic, hybrid mobile app development, Phonegap, and various others they meet clients’ business expectations.

Any projects taken by Emizentech are performed exceptionally because they take care of minute details for working on it. Moreover, they follow these seven steps to understand the clients and their business. The seven steps are-

  • 1. Understanding customer’s need
  • 2. Considering their feedback
  • 3. Setting realistic expectation
  • 4. Keeping an eye on competitors
  • 5. Communicating with customers
  • 6. Prioritizing user experience
  • 7. Maintaining good relationships with customers

The review below by Faris A Alqarni, Head Teller at AI Rajhi Bank speaks volumes about the expertise of Emizentech in delivering mobile apps.Client review GoodFirms

Additionally, to develop apps, Emizentech’s team also takes care of the design and functionality of the app. They do this by understanding the projects, the clients and designing a scalable app by embracing interoperability. Plus, they also provide security apps with timely delivery of apps. The end-to-end mobile app solutions are of exemplary quality because before the final delivery, the team also tests the app thoroughly. Thus, maintaining the pace with clients and supporting them in their digital journey through mobile apps have made Emizentech ranked as one of the top app development companies in Jaipur, India, at GoodFirms.

Emizentech equally excels in providing web development services to niches like food, travel, banking & finance, shopping, and others when speaking of the services. The firm has developed social web applications, B2B & B2C web portal development, 3rd party API integration, and web CRM development. As a team, the web developers combine their knowledge and proficiency to craft stunning websites. Every website is built after comprehending the clients’ business ideas and their future goals. The firm does not rely on archaic tools and technologies, but they always experiment on the best possible way to develop a website.

Besides developing a website, they maintain equilibrium between them and clients by letting them share their ideas or issues. This factor also increases the trust factor between both parties. By crafting efficient website solutions, Emizentech has proven itself to be a reliable and flexible firm. The team experts are through with technologies like PHP, Java, Node, Python, JS, and more, and by leveraging these, they craft aesthetically pleasing websites. Hence, for delivering professional and reliable websites, Emizentech is ranked amongst the top web development companies in Singapore at GoodFirms.

After reading the brief interview about the CEO of Emizentech, Vivek Khatri, one can read the detailed interview at this link.

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