Emizentech, a widely-recognized eCommerce development company is known for its team of professionals who attempt hard to meet the emerging demands of its clients. The team offers distinct web development, eCommerce development, website designing, mobile app development, and more services. Apart from enhanced traffic, the company has gained the trust of its repetitive clients from all over the globe. Lately, a leading app review and rating agency, Appstory has brought into the spotlight the interview of our CEO Vivek Khatri. It shares the story of apps, reviews, ratings, and is a notable platform for app startups and app entrepreneurs relevant tales. Besides, Appstory exhibits innovative information about IoT apps, AR-VR, Cryptocurrency, watch apps, etc.Appstory_ CEO-Emizen-Tech-Pvt-Ltd

In his interview with the App Story, Mr. Vivek Katri has shared about the services his company offers, the technologies it uses to be ahead of the curve, and more.

Being a CEO of such a widely-accepted ecommerce development firm, he believes in making his clients satisfied by offering the services they expect holding top-quality, following the best practices, and using the latest strategies, tools, and technologies.

Furthermore, when asked about the customer services that Emizentech provides its clients, he revealed that apart from offering 24*7 services to its customers, the company ensures that it also takes care of the post-development services. The main target of the brand is to make its clients’ projects, up and running successfully.

Emizentech also admitted that its team of creative and artistic designers crafts engaging websites that may enhance the website traffic and thereby the revenue. The professionals at Emizentech say that an engaging website assists in increasing the user experience also.

Moreover, the CEO of the company said that apart from just using the in-trend and in-demand tools and technologies, the company uses them wisely to catch up with the expected outcomes.

In fact, Mr. Vivek also shared his secret about how he maintained a perfect balance between his social and personal life being a well-known entrepreneur.

Also, when interviewed by Appstory, Emizentech’s CEO let it know about his biggest motivator. In his revert, he showed all his gratitude to his family for being with him in every moment of his pathway towards success and for motivating him at every edge of his life. He gave the entire credit of his in-spotlight position to his family only.

While sharing his hobbies with App Story, he told that he is much fond of various adventurous activities, like bungee jumping, underwater diving, sky diving, and more. He admitted that apart from taking such activities as his hobbies, he does learn much from them, like falling without any fear, exploring the water life, and more. Most importantly, he spends his non-work time with his family to get the most out of it and make his time a precious piece of his life.

Ahead, Mr. Vivek added that initially, Emizentech was nothing. His teamwork with the professionals, their determination, and dedication strengthened the roots of Emizentech and made it a giant with no help from third-party funds.

While wrapping up his interview, he uncovered a key to success, including his vision, hard work, and a few points that would help not only the entrepreneurs but the startups to reach the goals of their business successfully.

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CTO at Emizentech and a member of the Forbes technology council, Amit Samsukha, is acknowledged by the Indian tech world as an innovator and community builder. He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry. He directs all product initiatives, worldwide sales and marketing, and business enablement. He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S.