vaccination drive jaipurOn 12th June 2021, Emizentech organized a “vaccination drive” for its employees and their families at “Saket Hospital, Mansarovar, Jaipur. It ended successfully with loads of gratitude from the employees towards the company.

As the ongoing adverse pandemic situation is not new to us, we are witnessing increasing figures of COVID-infected people day by day. But with time, we got blessed with COVID-19 vaccination, which appeared as a “LIGHT IN THE DARK.”covid 19 vaccination drive emizentech

But, as we all are aware of the world’s current population, people are not getting slots to get vaccinated. Some are facing tough times and even dying because of this.

Free Vaccination Drive participants

But, as Emizentech cares not only for its employees but also their families, it emerged as an “Angel” to them and arranged a vaccination drive for them. Besides, the company hasn’t charged even a single penny from their employees. It means the employees have reaped the benefit of this vaccination drive at absolutely “free of cost.”

Emizentech is thankful to all its employees for taking a step towards their safety, and this way, the vaccination drive concluded successfully.

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