While moving as anticipated, Apple is again all set with a new and exciting kick-off of its major revision introduced to iOS at its WWDC 2020 virtual developer conference. And like always, the new iOS is overwhelmed with features, be it small or big.

Today, we all are here round the table to let you know about iOS 14, its change or addition of the new features, release date, and lots more. You will definitely witness a better experience while operating your iPhone or iPad. Let’s roll out the top features one by one that will bestow a real, improved difference while operating your iPhone.

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iOS 14 is all set to attract a fresh and fascinating gape to the things that we usually perform, making them much easier than ever.apple ios14 preview

Top Key Features & Enhancements


  • Recrafted Widgets: We will now get a new look of widgets that are recrafted beautifully holding rich data to offer us more benefits all through the day. The widgets will come with a new makeover for Calendar, Weather, News, Clock, Maps, Notes, Photos, Fitness, Stocks, Reminders, Podcasts, Music, Batteries, Tips, Files, Screen Time, Shortcuts, Siri Suggestions, and App Suggestions.
  • Widgets on Home Screen: For allowing information at glance, widgets can now be kept anywhere on the Home. So, it’s easy now to track our routine activity, news stories, calendar events, and more. This time widgets will come in distinct sizes, so now it’s our pick where we can choose the density of information that suits us.
  • Widget Gallery: The central hub for all our widgets from third parties and Apple, Widget gallery, will now exhibit the top widgets depending on the installation being done and the usability.
  • Widget Stack: We can now craft stacks of about 10 widgets to utilize the maximum space of our Home Screen that we can do just by dragging one on the top of another and end up with a swipe through.
  • Siri Suggestions Widgets: By employing the on-device intelligence, the Siri Suggestions Widgets reveals the actions we might take relying on our usage patterns, like for starting a podcast, we just need to tap the suggestion without unfolding the app.

Compact UI

  • Phone Calls & FaceTime Calls: After receiving a call, despite noticing our screen entirely covered, a banner will appear. This will aid us in keeping the track of our work mark that we are performing in real-time. Skype can also back the incoming calls with the assistance of 3rd-party VoIP calls.
  • Compact Siri: Siri will now appear with a new compact design that facilitates us to refer to details onscreen and smoothly launch into another task. As we begin a request, Siri pops at the bottom of the screen. When it becomes all set with a result for us, it comes in front of our eyes at the screen’s top, similar to a notification.
  • Compact Search: A single destination, Search, here we can initiate with all our searches from launching and finding apps, files, details, to getting reverts to common queries about places or people. We can start a web search also; only we need to type the question and get related suggestions or launch sites.
  • Picture in Picture: This time we can continue our movie or receive a FaceTime call while using another app. It’s now perfect to have a video call with our friend while catching up on a TV show or scrolling your mail. We can also resize the window of Picture in Picture just by pinching it softly. We can take the video window at the corner of the screen. Moreover, we can also minimize the window of video by moving it offscreen, offering us full access to an app while listening to the audio with no break.picture in picture apple iOS 14 review

App Library

  • App Library on Home Screen: A new space at the end of our Home Screen pages, the App Library automatically organizes all our apps into a single, easily navigable, and simple view.
  • Automatic Categorization: On our iPhone, now all our apps will be viewed automatically category-wise, like Entertainment, Social, and more.
  • Search: A search bar is there at the top of the App Library to find the app we are looking for swiftly.
  • Recently Added: Apps being downloaded recently and newly App Clips launched, go straight into the App Library automatically.


  • Top Results: The most related results, embracing knowledge, contacts, apps, websites, and more appear at the top easing the search for our needs.
  • Search Suggestions: While typing, search suggestions will appear below the field.
  • Quick Launcher: Just a few characters need to type and we can launch websites and apps quickly by just tapping Go.
  • In-app Search: We can now start our search within the apps, such as Messages, Mail, and Files.



  • New Hairstyles: We can customize our Memoji with seven new hair-patterns.
  • New Headwears: Now, reveal your profession or hobby traits with new 16 headwear styles, such as helmet, swim cap, and more.
  • New Memoji Stickers: Now, three new stickers are at your way that permits you to send a fist bump, a hug, and even a blush.
  • Enhanced Expressive Memoji: Now, Memoji and Memoji stickers will come with a new muscle and facial makeover with enhanced expressions.
  • Face Coverings: We can customize our Memoji with a new face covering.


  • Pinned Conversations: Now, we can pin our favorite conversations to the top of our conversation list. In the above pin, we will find typing indicators animate, Tapbacks, and Recent messages. Up to 9 pins can sync across Messages in iPadOS, iPhoneOS, and macOS.
  • Mentions: We can direct a message to a person in a group conversation just by typing his name. We can customize an active group also to receive notifications only when mentioned.
  • Set the Group Photo: We can set a photo for our group using Memoji, photo, or emoji that’s shared with all the members of the group.


apple ios 14 maps

  • Cycling: Now, maps route cyclists along the bike paths, bike lanes, and bike-friendly tracks. The preview of the elevation can be seen for our ride, we can also check the busy status of the streets, and can also set the routes to keep the steep inclines or the stairs far away. We can also use its custom cycling voice guidance along with a perfect experience on Apple Watch that eases the navigation.
  • Guides: It offers recommendations for the top places to visit in a city along with the Guides crafted by a pick of trusted brands. This way we get assistance in discovering the places to shop, eat, explore, and more.
  • Electric Vehicle Routing: Simply we can plan the trips with our electric vehicle. Maps append charging stops automatically along our route.
  • Congestion Zones: Maps allow us to see congestion zone tolls.
  • Speed Cameras: Maps permit us to know when we are reaching speed cameras and the red-light cameras along our route.


  • Compact UI: Siri holds a fresh compact design that facilitates to refer to the details onscreen and smoothly launches into our new task. As we start a request, Siri jumps out at the bottom of the screen. The result pops at the top of the screen similar to a notification.
  • Web Answers: Siri aids now to find the answers to a wide set of queries employing the details from the internets, so we can get the reverts without browsing the web.
  • Send the Audio Messages: Now, we can send audio messages along with Siri on CarPlay or iOS.
  • Cycling Directions: We can ask Siri for the cycling directions.
  • Share ETA: We can ask Siri to share our ETS with a contact while navigating with Apple Maps.
  • Additional Translation Language: Now, Siri can translate between various languages, with the assistance for over 65 language pairs.
  • New Voice in Enhanced Languages: The new Siri voice employs advanced neural text-to-speech technology to sound natural.


  • Conversation Mode: Conversations are now easy through design with Translate. Conversation mode performs for downloaded languages, even when we don’t hold an internet connection.
  • Voice Translation: The latest on-device intelligence permits us to translate our voice from one language to another. The app examines our language and offers translated audio and text in the target language.
  • Text Translation: All the languages hold their keyboards embracing translating text, so we don’t need to download keyboards separately. We can also save the phrases that we just translated as our favorite.
  • Attention Mode: It enlarges the translated text in the landscape to make it simple to read and more affection to grab the attention.
  • On-Device Mode: Allow a comprehensive offline experience for Translate.
  • Dictionary: We need to tap a word in a translation to see the definition in the dictionary that’s built-in.
  • Support Languages: Translate, currently backs the translation between any combination of 11 languages.


  • Suggested Automations: When we append a new accessory, the Home app will be there to suggest to us the useful ways for it to automatically run. We can do things like allow our porch lights to turn on every evening, and more.
  • Home Controls: Now, in the Control Center, Home Controls suggests dynamically the most related scenes and accessories we will likely want to handle based on the time of the day and how often we normally employ them.
  • Home Status: At the top of the Home app, a fresh visual status will offer us a summary of accessories that need our attention, hold important status changes to share, or can be controlled quickly.
  • Adaptive Lighting for The Smart Light Bulbs: Light bulbs that alter color can be adjusted automatically throughout the day to raise productivity and comfort.
  • Face Recognition for the Video Cameras & the Doorbells: Along with animal, person, and vehicle detection, the security cameras can recognize people we have tagged in the Photos app for best activity notifications.
  • Activity Zones for The Video Cameras & the Doorbells: By the assistance of HomeKit Secure Video, we can define the Activity Zones within a view of the camera to take video or receive the notifications only when the motion is detected in those locations.


  • New App Categories: CarPlay backs 3rd-party parking, rapid food-ordering, and EV charging apps. App developers hold access to discrete tools and templates that allow them to offer a safer, smarter way to employ the iPhone in the car.
  • Wallpaper: The assimilation of wallpaper to our CarPlay Dashboard & Home Screen offers a fresh and new look and the caliber to customize our CarPlay experience.
  • Chinese & Japanese Keyboards: CarPlay supports Japanese and Chinese keyboards, allowing the users with an extra intuitive pick to search for the points of interest.
  • Share ETA with Siri: Easily ask Siri to share our ETA with our loved ones or friends, and they will be kept updated with our status.
  • Send Audio Messages with Siri: We can craft an audio message or revert to an audio message with ours in CarPlay.

Car Keys

Unlock and start your car with iPhone

  • Unlock Your Car: We need to tap the door handle of our car and the door will be unlocked with NFC.
  • Start Your Car: We can start our vehicle by placing our iPhone on a reader or the wireless charger kept inside the car.
  • Share with the Messages: Appending car keys to the Wallet allows potentials ahead of the physical keys. With Messages, we can share our keys with our friends and family easily.
  • Set Types of Car Keys: We can set the keys to Unlock and Drive to hold full access to our car. Or we can pick Restricted Drive, allowing them to unlock and start the car, but with restrictions that can affect acceleration, traction control, top speed, and even the stereo volume, that’s perfect for a teen driver.
  • Remove the Key Access: We can take our shared keys back by removing the key access given earlier.
  • Power Reserve: When our iPhone battery runs out, we will be able to access and even start our vehicle for up to 5 hours.


  • Web Page Translation: Simply we can translate whole web pages in Safari.
  • Website Privacy Report: We just need to tap the Privacy Report to access a Privacy Report revealing to us all the cross-site trackers that Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari has blocked.
  • Password Monitoring: Safari securely observes our saved passwords, keeping an eye on our passwords automatically that may have been embraced in a data breach. If Safari catches up a breach, it can assist us to automatically generate a new and secure password or upgrade to Sign-in with Apple when it becomes available.


ios 14 AirPods

  • Spatial Audio: Spatial audio along with the dynamic head tracking attracts the movie theater experience right to our AirPods Pro.
  • Headphone Accommodations: This fresh accessibility feature is crafted to enhance soft sounds and also adjust certain frequencies for a single person’s hearing, to aid music, phone calls, movies, and podcasts sound be more clear and crisp. It also backs Transparency mode on AirPods Pro.
  • Automatic Device Switching: AirPods switch between your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch paired to the exact iCloud account, making it easier to employ your AirPods with our Apple Devices.
  • AirPods Pro Motion API: The Motion API offers the developers access to user acceleration, rotational rates, orientation for AirPods Pro.
  • Battery Notifications: It allows us to know if we require to charge our AirPods before jumping on our next call or beginning a new movie.


  • Privacy Detail on the App Store: A new, fresh section on every product page on the App Store assists us to see a brief of the privacy practices of the app prior we download it.
  • App Tracking Transparency & Controls: Developers are now needed to get our consent before tracking us, so we can pick which applications hold the tracking permission.
  • Approximate Location: A new, fresh setting allows us to select to share your approximate area, despite your precise area, with an app.
  • Record Indicator: iOS reveals an indicator whenever an application is employing the camera or mic, both in Control Center, and the app.
  • Limited access to Photo Library: We can select to share only chosen items with a developer who wants access to our photos, or we can offer access to our entire library.

iOS 14 – Releasing Date

Right now, no official date has been decided as a release for iOS 14, which’s going to reach later, this year. Well, because of COVID-19 there’s nothing to be surprised at all if iOS 14 is taking time to unfold. However, we anticipate every release of Apple in the month of September every year. So, let’s just be excited to own iOS 14 just after a few months. Also, if you are planning to build an iOS app then hire a good iOS 14 application development team.

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