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DATE29 – 31 May, 2024

LOCATIONMarrakech, Morocco

STAND8L-08, Hall 8

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What Can You Expect At Our Stand Let’s Unveil

Experience The Power Shift

Witness the global disruptive changeovers shortly at our stand and craft a network with industry leaders. Let’s collaborate and address challenges in retail & ecommerce, finance & banking, healthcare, food & grocery, real estate, agriculture, etc.

Walk Through Our Creations

Our experts are locked and loaded with interactive experiences to propel Africa’s digital revolutionizing journey. Join us as we walk through our digital solutions, including app and web products that contribute to strategic transformation.

Talk Over a Coffee

Join our conversation about the transfiguring technological landscape, share your business ideas, challenges to confront in your respective industry vertical, objectives to attain, and expand your business, adhering to lasting success.

Meet Our Transformational Leaders: Directing and Advancing Digital Ecosystem

Vivek Khatri

Vivek Khatri MD & Co-Founder

Craft sure-shot strategies for all-sized enterprises to capitalize on new digital prospects.

Amit Samsukha

Amit Samsukha CTO & Co-Founder

Navigate the digital commerce landscape skillfully, ensuring optimal online selling experiences.

Virendra Sharma

Virendra Sharma CEO & Co-Founder

Forge global strategic alliances with a robust IT background and deep prowess.

EmizenTech to Lead the Way to Groundbreaking Tech Innovations

  • Help businesses stay competitive and drive new customers by standing out with distinguished mobile apps and websites.
  • Assist in treating customers better online per their expectations as they attended offline, aiming to improve customer experience.
  • Grabbing customers’ attention with clean and user-friendly eCommerce solutions (app and web) that turn traffic into customers.
  • Address app and web performance issues, such as crashes, load times, and freezes, to emerge with high-level, top-performing solutions.
  • Create rightful response plans to reduce operations downtime and keep data safe and secure.
  • Ensuring future-proof expansion, we help businesses seamlessly grow and drive more users by easing increased traffic.
  • Locate the design compatibility issues to ensure flawless operations across all the relevant platforms.

Serving Varied Industry Verticals

  • Retail Retail Ed-tech & Education Ed-tech & Education
  • Food And Grocery Food And Grocery Real Estate Real Estate
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Fashion and Lifestyle Healthcare Healthcare
  • Automotive Automotive Fintech Fintech
  • Agriculture & Farming Agriculture & Farming Media & Entertainment Media & Entertainment

Skyrocket your business success with us at Gitex Africa! Get hands-on demos, attend interactive conferences, network with industry leaders, and discover powerful tools and technologies. Take your business to the next level. Don’t miss out.


8L-08, Hall 8

Partner with Global Giants

  • adobe
  • Magento
  • shopify
  • shooware
  • salesfroce
  • odoo

Enduring Global Results For Varied Business Models


With an aim to achieve unique and focused business objectives, we innovate business-to-business solutions that help organizations perform collaboratively and run their operations, which boosts growth.

  • Cost-saving approach
  • Business-focused production solutions
  • Back-office financial systems
  • Increased business revenue
  • Community/Workspace participation


We create custom enterprise-level solutions that assist businesses with automated complex processes, advanced analytics, real-time reporting, and market insights.

  • Customized business needs
  • Improved scalability and adaptability
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Improved decision making
  • Data-driven insights


We provide development services for the marketplace business model that can seamlessly connect buyers and sellers, increase profit margins, leverage the resources to meet customer needs, and ease scalability.

  • Reach wider audience
  • Effortlessly share product descriptions
  • Inventory management
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Effective marketing

Their Appreciation Fuels Our Motivation



  • 45% Audience Reach
  • 200% Growth in Revenue
  • 78% Less Cart Abandonment


  • 66% Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • 45% Less Cart Abandonment
  • 100% Increase in Website’s Responsiveness


  • 90% Improved Response Time
  • 80% Wider Clients’ Reach
  • 105% Boosted Efficiency and Profitability

Our Portfolio

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Connect with corporate market players to build strategic partnerships, unbolt infinite business prospects, discover the latest tech trends, and get access to the dynamic tech markets.