Doller Store

One of the best online and offline products store fulfilling its customer needs with 24/7 support.

Project Information

Name: Dollar Store

Industry: Online Discount Chain Store

Location: Sweden

Work – Website Development

DollerStore Case Study


Dollar Store was started in 1999 at Billsta in Sweden, the store initially sale kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, etc. shortly after the success of the first store, they started their second store established in a big area and showcasing a vivid range of products. Today, DollarStore is Sweden's fastest growing discount chain with 81 stores throughout Sweden. Today Dollar Store has more than 2000 happy customers with 20 years of success. Dollar Store has 81 stores in Sweden. It is one of the best online and offline products store fulfilling its customer needs with 24/7 support.

Challenges we faced

After Serving tremendously in offline stores of Sweden, Dollar Store wanted to serve their customers online, to make their shopping experience easy and efficient. Dollar store assigned this task to us, to make their online appearance, that is their e-commerce website. We started the work with priority, the challenge is to create an excellent, efficient, quality and highly user-friendly online marketplace, because the ultimate goal of the dollar store is to convert website visitors into potentials customers. So making the process as smooth as possible was essential to drive more sales for the business ultimately.

The milestone we covered

Making a perfect strategy is the key of success for every business, so we asked the owner of Dollar store about the recommendations for the website so that we can know what is the exact requirement of the client. We researched all the competitive online markets & decided the important goals to achieve with a good strategy to make “Dollar Store” one in a million.


Our professional team visited every corner to understand the need for an e-commerce website. Our team crawled every top online website and studied them for days keeping an eye on the main concept and then gave a full report to the developers so they can create a development base.


The website is built on Magento 2, which is the best platform for an e-shopping website, due to this it is used by top online shopping brands around the world. We have handcrafted the high-quality custom theme. The website is framed perfectly, and each section is interlinked with each other. The complete design of the website is based on the logo “Dollar store” as recommended by the client, so we just made it more premium, because we have created the whole website according to the logo.


Centering customers online shopping experience on the website. Products of the page are lined and categorized perfectly for this we have integrated customized buy-in and check out the process for customers. Easy cart handling for shopping of products, and customers emailing system is also managed really well.

Quality Assurance

Before the release of the website we cross-checked the website, to make sure that there will be no bugs and errors, our testers re-checked the health of the website, server strong connectivity, loading time, coding of each and every page. We have also checked the customer's buy-in and orders experience and repeated the process 100 times as our quality policy says “we don’t believe in losing our customer, our quality service is the first thing we think about”.


We don’t accept thanks until we don`t get the results

The hard work of 7 months and Emizen passion for making this website gives out an outstanding result, the Dollar Store has gained more happy customers landing for shopping on the website. Got a tremendous increase in sales of the products, Dollar Store is flying without fear in every continent, grabbing happy customer online, the customer website experience is easy and compatible, the website has many loving reviews, and more are coming.

The Results

Here, you want to describe in detail how your solution helped the client reach their goal (you'll want to check back a few months after the project finished to see where the company stands and get more detailed results data). How well did the solution address the initial challenge? Did it address any secondary objectives? Did it have any unexpected positive results?

Happy Customer

"With dollar store i wanted to get my offline business to online, which was a big decision, so I decided to award this business to someone professional. I gave this to emizentech and I got the desired result before the timeline"

Director of Doller Store Client Name