The Client wants a perfect E-commerce website made in Magento.

Project Information


Industry: Security Products & Services

Location: New Jersey, USA

Work – Website Development

ControlTek USA Case Study


CONTROLTEK was started by Jon Diplock with the vision of making the world secure by providing high-security products and services. Soon after the launch, CONTROLTEK had paved its path towards success and now it is one of the best security products suppliers in the financial industry, with over 41 years of mastered excellence in the field. CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security packaging helps the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers, and retailers transport cash safely and securely. Their inventory protection and visibility solutions help retailers protect their merchandise better and run their operations more efficiently.

As a second-generation family owned business, with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK wanted to move a step forward. After conquering the offline market, they wanted to acquire the online market. For this, they have trusted Emizentech, we are challenged to create their store in Magento, and they wanted us to display their products and ensure innovative service quality for their customer every day.

The Challenge

For Emizen a Challenge means, another opportunity to prove yourself

CONTROLTEK is an excellent multi-financial products powerhouse company that really needs to be stand out of the crowd as their concept is one of a kind. They have given us the opportunity to build a classic E-commerce platform for them on Magento, which is a proficient website building platform, to serve their customers online.


CONTROLTEK offers security products and service, hence they want their website to be highly secured, and this can only be achieved by Magento. It is one of the best E-commerce platforms that has abundant features, great support and is highly secured. Our highly capable Magento developers discussed all the aspects needed by the client and soon made a perfect milestone to reach.


Doing research is the first step of success, our researchers thoroughly started studying all the important and relevant contents and structures throughout the internet. Later on, the research result was grabbed by the developer, so they will understand the conceptual design of the website and implement on Magento.


An E-commerce shopping theme was introduced by the owner to us from Magento market, which is a versatile place of some amazing and convenient themes. Our team wire framed every section built a smooth navigational system, and easy to access products inventory system. We have customized the whole website to make it compatible and responsive for every platform and device.

The client wants booking and delivery process customization in the website, we have to build two different gateway stores from which purchasing and addressing of a product will be done, and the bill of the product with mentioned details will be conducted to the nearest to the customer`s personal bank address.

Our developers have installed the beneficial plugins and searching functionalities of products for an easy shopping experience. All the products are listed correctly in their categories, managed an easy bulk buy-in process and cart handling. The two gateway stores are highly secured for purchases from anywhere in the marketing circle.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a halfway ticket to be a trusted company in any field.

The testing team checked the health of the website, all the errors, and bugs, connectivity to the servers, loading time of the website, the purchasing and cart experience, and all the necessary check-ups. After checking each and every aspect of the quality, then after, we have asked the Client to do a practical check to gain full satisfaction.


CONTROLTEK is one of a kind project, we have learned a lot during the venture, and the decision of taking this idea online helped client and customers, the website helped in generating more revenue. The sales of the products and quality helped CONTROLTEK to become the best online market to sell the product of the financial industry.

The Results

Here, you want to describe in detail how your solution helped the client reach their goal (you'll want to check back a few months after the project finished to see where the company stands and get more detailed results data). How well did the solution address the initial challenge? Did it address any secondary objectives? Did it have any unexpected positive results?

Happy Customer

"I was keen to develop a highly secured website for my security product and services business, Emizentech gave me the best solution for my business, easy to use and easy to navigate yet secure website, this is all I wanted for my customers. I am happy with the services"

Director of CONTROLTEK Client Name