WhatsApp has always been the first preference of everyone for messaging purposes. Respecting this preference and habit of users, the platform also provides timely updates to enhance the user experiences. First, the calling options, then the video calling options, money transfer options, stories, privacy settings, etc., are an example of new updates and features introduced by WhatsApp from time to time. 

The platform has taken a step ahead to enhance the user experience by rolling out its new features. The most notable feature is the time limit of “delete for all” option on WhatsApp. With the upgrade, you can now delete a message you send to anyone accidentally in a span of 60 hours, and the time span is equal to 2 and a half days. So far, this time limit was only 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. This feature significantly elevates the experience of users on the platforms. 

With another feature unveiled by WhatsApp, you can now leave any group without letting anyone know about it. The pop-up which used to inform everyone when someone leaves the group will no longer cause any bother to users while leaving the group. However, Admins of the group will still be notified if any member leaves the group. 

There might be people with whom you want to share your last seen status, while there can be just opposite people as well. No worries, you can now easily select the people who can see your last seen or active status as well as the audience which can not do the same. 

Further, WhatsApp is also planning to roll out a new feature for “View Once” option. According to this feature, the receiver of view once messages or photos can not take a screenshot of the same. So, the feature will help to deliver the core purpose of the “view once” option.

All these features are a step toward making the conversation as secure and private as face-to-face interaction. The platform is leaving no stone unturned to elevate users’ experience, and the above features are proving the statement well. 

Image Credit: TheHindu | Photo Credit: Yuthika Bhargava

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