In former times, people usually had to face an uphill battle to fix their plumbing issues because of the limited availability of plumbers, lots of waiting time, unpredictable costs, lack of transparency, and limited service options. 

As the market is revolutionizing, plumbing service providers must match the steps with the latest technologies to increase their customer base and improve their experience. Opting for a plumbing service app development can be a beneficial move here. 

By 2034, the expected growth for smart plumbing fixtures will likely reach $34.60 billion

Besides confronting the traditional challenges, an on-demand plumber app development can help businesses increase visibility, improve customer experience, and boost business growth and revenue. 

Whether you are a plumbing service provider or a customer looking for handyman services, a plumbing service app can be a win-win situation for both. 

But How To Build a Plumbing Service App? 

This blog post will provide all the relevant information about a plumbing service app, its workings, a monetization model to choose from, a budget to keep aside, and much more. 

Let’s get the ball rolling!

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What is a Plumbing Service App? 

A plumbing service app is an online platform connecting homeowners and businesses holding licensed plumbers. Such apps ease the way users can schedule plumbers’ appointments, get quotes, and resolve plumbing issues. 

Businesses and homeowners can submit requests describing their plumbing issues using the platform and connect with nearby available plumbers who can schedule repairs and provide estimates. 

Plumbing Services App Market Size, Share, Trends

The plumbing services market is predicted to catch up with lucrative opportunities. We will not just visualize this; let’s scan some facts and figures that can testify to this. 

  • The global plumbing market size is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.4% and more in the forecasting period of 2023 -2030. 
  • By the end of 2029, the global plumbing parts market will likely reach $84.78 billion at a CAGR of 5.42%, around $61.75 billion in 2023.
  • According to Straits Research, the global plumbing component market size is expected to be valued at $186.9 billion by 2032, which was about $114.4 billion in 2023. 
  • In 2022, the global plumbing accessories market was valued at $16510 million, and by 2028, it’s expected to touch $22620 million with a CAGR of approx. 5.4%

These numbers are enough to prove that the global plumbing market is all set to welcome a plethora of opportunities for businesses looking into investing. 

How Does a Plumbing Service App Work?

On-demand plumbing service apps perform by simplifying the process of discovering and hiring a plumber. 

Let’s talk about its working below:

1. User Requests Service:

Businesses or homeowners open the applications and describe their plumbing issues, specifying their urgency and providing relevant details with photos or videos. 

2. App Connects User with Plumbers:

Based on the user’s area and the type of problem, the plumbing service app searches the available plumbers. 

3. User Receives Quotes and Reviews:

The app showcases profiles of users’ nearby plumbers, including their experience, ratings, and availability. Users can get direct quotes for their repairs through the app. 

4. User Schedules Appointment:

After a user selects a plumber, they can schedule an appointment using the app, which offers different time slot options. 

5. Service Completion and Payment:

Upon receiving the appointment notification, the plumber arrives at the decided time, performs the required repairs, and gets payment directly or via the app. 

6. User Provides Feedback

After receiving the plumbing services, the users can share their experience, leaving feedback and reviews on the app. It helps future users to opt for the best and make well-informed decisions. 

This streamlined process of on-demand plumbing service saves plumbers and homeowners effort and time. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Plumbing Service App For Business Owners?

By building a plumbing service app, business owners can reap the following benefits: 

1. Streamlined Scheduling

With a plumbing service app, businesses can ease service scheduling and completion, which saves the staff time and effort and lets them aim at other valuable business operations. 

2. Smooth Communication

With a plumbing service app, you can witness improved communications between clients and technicians. It allows notifications to be sent to both stakeholders, avoiding any missed appointments.

3. Reduced Overhead Costs

Earlier, with traditional plumbing services, the providers were required to advertise their services that demand an amount. However, using the app can save on overhead costs as it helps reach an increased customer base with no added costs. 

4. Document Management

With the app, both parties can manage their documents online with no paperwork required, which saves time and effort and leads to productive outcomes. 

5. GPS Tracking

Businesses can seamlessly track their plumbers, ensuring their safety and efficiency, and know their availability for the next booking. 

6. Automated Invoicing and Estimation

Using such an app, businesses will find accounting systems and management easy with automated invoicing, quotes production, and more. 

7. Recurring Business Opportunity

Plumbing service providers can communicate with past customers to follow up on their maintenance services, fostering long-term customer relationships. 

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Must-Have Features In a Plumbing Servicing App

To make your app useful for users, you must include essential features that can prove it is worth it. We will consider all the users and specify features for each separately. 

1. Admin Panel

2. Customer Panel

3. Plumber Panel

How Do I Create An App For a Plumbing Service?

How do you create a plumbing service app development? You need to follow a few steps with careful planning and execution. 

1. Define the App’s Purpose and Features

Start by specifying the objectives of your app and the issues you can resolve for plumbers and users. Identify the features and functionalities you can include in the app to meet the goals considering users’ and plumbing needs. 

2. Conduct Market Research and Analysis

Perform deep research and learn from existing plumbing service apps to surface the in-demand industry trends, potential improvements required, and weaknesses and strengths. Analyze the audience to which you would target their needs, and customize your app’s functionalities accordingly. 

3. Choose Your App Development Approach

Hire a mobile app development company that can offer custom handyman app development services focusing on your project requirements. 

4. Design and User Interface (UI/UX) Development

Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users and plumbers. Aim at easy-to-use features, straightforward navigation, and an appealing design that resonates with your brand identity. 

5. Development and Testing

In this phase, developers will create your app, including the required features and functionalities, integrate essential services, and perform rigorous testing to ensure a seamless user experience. 

6. App Launch and Marketing

It’s time to submit your app to the app stores following the guidelines. Craft a marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness and number of downloads. 

7. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

The world of mobile apps is dynamic. Constant app updates with bug fixes, new features, and security patches keep users engaged and let you stay on a competitive edge. 

Following the steps above, you can make a plumbing service app to streamline business operations, drive new customers, and expand your business. 

Top Monetization Models for Plumbing Service Mobile Application

Obviously, you want to build a plumbing service mobile app to drive different revenue streams. We have discussed some core monetization models you can consider for your app. 

1. Freemium Model

You can start offering some features for free to attract a board customer base. After they become habitual to your app, ask for an amount to unlock premium features, such as real-time tracking. 

2. Transaction Fee

This is one of the standard models that app owners usually choose. Following this, the owners charge the app users a commission for completing every plumbing service booked via the platform. 

3. Lead Fees

Depending on location, project type, and urgency, the app can request a fee for every lead or provide lead packages. This lets the plumbers aim for specific customer requirements. 

4. Subscription Fees

With this monetization model, you can provide users with basic plans where they can access leads and schedule accordingly. Besides, with premium plans, the users can enjoy advanced features, such as in-app marketing tools, prioritize appointment requests, and boost visibility. 

5. In-App Advertising

You can integrate target advertising within your app, allowing local hardware or plumbing essential stores, manufacturers, or relevant businesses to display their ads. The app earns revenue depending on impressions or clicks. 

These are the best models to monetize your app based on your business objectives, competitive edge, and target audience. Even you can use a combination of these to maximize potential revenue. 

Technology Stack for Creating a Plumbing Service Mobile App

We have created a table that includes the technologies suitable for making a mobile app for plumbing services.

This is a general overview of the technologies you can use for your app development. Choosing the right ones relies on your project type, complexity, budget, and timeline you hold. 

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Top Apps for Plumbing Services in the Market

Many apps provide plumbing services worldwide; let’s talk about some that are usually chosen to give a better understanding. 

1. Taskrabbit – Handyman, Errands

Downloads: 1M+

One of the best mobile applications for getting plumbing services, Taskrabbit provides trusted and skilled local taskers for everything from plumbing to furniture assembly and cleaning. 

2. PlumbConnect

Downloads: 10K+

Also known as App Plumber, PlumbConnect is a brand-new companion in the plumbing industry. With improved features and a user-friendly interface, the app has eased professionals connecting, getting information, and staying ahead of the curve. 

3. Thumbtack for Professionals

Downloads: 1M+ 

The plumbing service app provides top-quality home care jobs in plumbing, house cleaning, general contracting, moving, and more. Thumbtack for Professionals meets the needs of customers looking to accomplish their projects. 

These are just a few; you can catch up with more apps offering handyman services, including plumbing. You can go for Handyman app development services, which aim to provide all the repair, cleaning, and fixing work. 

Cost to Build a Plumbing Service App

Well, it can be challenging to deal with the exact cost of building a plumbing service app as it demands varied relevant details for evaluation, like your app type, complexity, features, and functionalities you want to include, the development platform, and a lot more.

An estimated cost to develop a plumbing service app starts from $10,000 and goes ahead depending on the factors affecting the cost. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of App Development

  • App’s Complexity: With the increasing complexity of an app, the cost also elevates. The cost is less for a simple app, but as it becomes complex, the rates increase.
  • Development Platform: iOS app development services charge more than Android app development services. You can decide accordingly per your budget. 
  • Region of Development Team You Hire: The per-hour cost of app developers you hire varies depending on the region they belong to. You should analyze the cost of the areas you prefer and decide accordingly. 
  • Features and Functionalities: Including basic features and functionalities will cost you less than the advanced ones. You can start with the basic ones, and then once you witness increased income, you can incorporate the advanced ones as well. 
  • Design Requirements: Designing a visually appealing app demands the utilization of top tools that craft creative and engaging interfaces. The more high-level expectations you hold, the more costly they will be. 

So, before you start, keep aside the budget, considering the cost factors to avoid any hindrance during the development process. 

How Can EmizenTech Help You in Developing a Plumbing Service App?

Obviously, you should choose custom mobile app development services from an experienced Android app development company to emerge with a successful app in the market.

Concerning this, we suggest you go for EmizenTech, a leading app development company with teams of professionals, certified developers, and a proven track record of catering to global clients from varied industry verticals. 

Key Highlights of Emizentech

  • Decade years of experience
  • Follow agile approach
  • Proven track record
  • Clutch awarded
  • Domain expertise
  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-time delivery

Contact EmizenTech to build a smart plumbing service app for your business. 


A plumbing service app development can be a groundbreaking business idea for plumbing service providers who want to expand their customer base and reach a target audience for increased sales and ROI. 

We discussed every essential detail you need to kickstart your app development, including what to invest in this sector, steps to build an on-demand plumbing service app, benefits to know, monetization models to choose, top apps running successfully in the market, and the cost to build the app. 

Now, you need perfect guidance to help you with a seamless app development process with expected outcomes. Connect with A Mobile App Development Company with an engaging portfolio to make your project catch up with an anticipated competitive edge.

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